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After spending over 10 days in Chile already, I am able to write a little bit about my first experience here in Santiago de Chile.


It took me over 26 hours door-to-door from my home town (Lodz) to get here to Santiago. My trip included: train from Lodz do Warsaw, fight Warsaw-Paris and second leg Paris-Santiago, which was over 14 hours long! It was the longest flight in my life. Surprisingly the flight went faster than I expected, and those 14 hours did not feel that long!

If you are curious about this travel, I encourage you to watch -> this episode on my youtube channel 😊


People are very, very nice! Open-minded and friendly. Also, the fact that Chile is a Spanish-speaking country, makes me to love people even more here. 😎


Santiago de Chile…

…is SUPER BUSY Since it is one of the largest cities in South America with over 7 millions population! It is visible especially during rush-hours. Whoever complains about traffic in Europe, probably has not experienced the REAL traffic here!

…is a VERY MIXED city. Modern, laid-back, gray, green, poor and rich… Santiago has it all! There are many neighborhoods (barrios) that differ a lot between each other. BELLAVISTA – is very easy going, pleasant area with lots of art, murals, beautiful houses, small bars and stores.

SANHATTAN – (yes, Santiago has its own MANHATTAN 😉 ) is a very modern district, with sky scrapers, high buildings and lots of white-collars people walking around.

PLAZA DE ARMAS – one of the main plazas in the city, Surrounding the square are some historic buildings, including the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago, Central Post Office Building. It is full of tourists, locals, restaurants, shops as well.

…has wonderful urban park – called PARQUEMET. It is placed in the north part of the city. Within Parquemet area is located the second highest hill of Santiago called Cerro San Cristóbal (San Cristobal Hill), Japanese Garden, numerous routes for runners/hikers/cyclists. You can discover the parc from the higher perspective – taking a cable car that links the base of the hill with the top.

…has the craziest street market! MERCADO DE LA VEGA is a huge market located in the heart of Santiago. You can find everything there, food, fruits, vegetables for much lower prices than in average supermarkets, as well as, textiles, bars, restaurants. Its vibe is totally uncomparable, you must watch my vlog from my visit there last week

…has amazing WEATHER. I am lucky to be there now at the end of the Summer and beginning of Autumn. The weather is fantastic. Fresh, chilly mornings (with average 12-14 Celsius) and 26-28 degrees during the day, without humidity and wind, this simply makes a perfect time of the year to visit Santiago!


To my surprise, it is not that cheap as I expected. The prices are rather high and like in some European cities such as Milan/Berlin/Barcelona

Local currency is Chilean pesos. 1 American Dollar = +/- 660 Chilean Pesos

To have a better understanding, here is a list of some basic grocery and bar prices:

1.5l of water – 800 pesos
1kg of bread – 1,500 pesos
1kg of cheese – 6,000 pesos
Lunch at restaurant 5,000-9,000 pesos
Espresso at bar – 1,200 pesos


Santiago has a lot of cute outdoors bars which are perfect for study/work

By walking around the city, I discovered few coffee bars / local restaurants that I would definitely recommend to anyone who visits Santiago: café Beppo – located close to the Shopping Mall in quiet street of nearby residential area. Has a lovely patio and smart menu with reasonable prices.

La Maison Nice – I discovered it by accident, on my way to casting, it is a colorful bar/restaurant with mosaic tables and shadowy area, perfect for drink/lunch/weekend brunch.

Espeacio Diana – this is really a jaw-dropping place! One of the most atmospherical restaurants I have seen in my life. This place is a must if you want to experience a magical evening! It is located on the backyards of the old church. Its interior and design amazes, “the mess” and “disorganization” makes such a charm here, there is everything mirrors, old staircase, rustic beds in the dining areas…. And vine… yes do not forget about Chilean vine! It is simply the best 😊



  • If you are sensitive to change of water and different bacterial flora, you may suffer due to Traveler’s Diarrhea. Unfortunately, ☹ I was unlucky to get poisoned from the ice cubes from the fresh juice I ordered during 2nd day of my arrival here…. Afterwards I spent 40 hours in bad, poisoned, with fever as well… I did not expect it may happen to me here but it did. (Similarly like in Turkey/ Israel) Be prepared and take some medicines with you, electrolytes in powder to dissolve in water. In local pharmacies look for DIAREN (this drug helped me to recover!)
  • Drivers are crazy 😉The like too (over)use their car horns. With or without any reason, simply be careful when you are crossing the street, especially in the city center!

I hope that this guide will help you to get to know Santiago a little bit. More posts are coming soon but in case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to help you. 🙂

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Hope you are enjoying beautiful weekend!

Today I am happy to share with you my latest VLOG from my trip to Resegone – mountain of the Bergamasque Prealps in Lombardy.
I have been there with my friend month ago while I was in Milan.
It takes only one hour by train to get from Milan to Lecco and enjoy mountains! So you should definitely go and hike yourself to Mount Resegone.

I hope that you will enjoy this VLOG!

Below you can also see little gallery from this trip 😉

Stay tuned as other vlogs are coming soon! 😎


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Hello Guys!

Here we are! 🤗
My latest vlog has just arrived 💣💣💣
Special edition of #beautyvlog 😅 with extra bonus #CHARCOALMASKCHALLENGE☻☻☻
You can watch full recap and review of my cosmetics that I like and experience how beauty hurts 😅
So you can see that ‘beauty tricks and tips’ for models are not always so fabulous 🤣
The last but not the least I want to challenge my friend @zosianowak_official to do her #CHARCOALMASK 🤓
And you guys watch out 🆘 as you might be the next ones 🤣
👉👉👉 full video is just here 😙

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Ladies & Gentlemens !

I am so happy and excited to share with you my latest VLOG that I posted 2 weeks ago about recent New York Fashion Week!

This is my full diary from that crazy week, full of insights that I hope you will find interesting!

Have you ever wonder how to prepare for castings?
How do they look like actually?

After castings, comes time for callback, fittings and finally fashion shows!
So many things happen before model hits the runway, walking down the catwalk takes only few seconds for us but before that there are much more preparations! Early call times, make up, hair styling, rehearsals…
All this things happens so fast and are intense!

Have a look below and watch my VLOG to experience New York Fashion Week from scratch!

P. S.
This is just beginning more videos and vlogs are coming soon!
I am struggling recently with my school duties and they are my main concern at the moment but I promise you won’t be disappointed later.
Stay tuned ! 🙂

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NYRR Final Countdown 2017

Cannot believe that this is the end of the year and I am on my way back home right now. Another fall in NYC has just gone and it is time to celebrate Christmas with my family!
Time flies, I remember like yesterday the first day in September back to NYC and now I am here again, on the plane, flying to Poland for holidays.

That was great time for me as a runner, I had more time for myself to train really conscientiously and hard, I have done 2 sessions of Group Training with NYRR (in total 15 workouts, I missed 2 of them while I was away in Paris in September).
Today was the final interval workout and I am already missing YOU GUYS and my alarm clock at 5 a.m. on Tuesday morning to get on time!

Apart from running and training I have also launched my VLOG series showing our ‘sweaty’ mornings. I was trying to capture and catch the best moments, whenever you have some questions, feel fre to ask me, I would be more than happy to replay to you.
On my YOU TUBE CHANNEL you can see many videos from my GoPRO camera.
There are not only NYRR videos but also #RUNTALK series episodes! This is my new personal project, that I really want to develop and enlarge. Against the casual ‘coffee’ talks I want to interview amazing people who I encounter on my way travelling and working around the world, including fashion people, sportsmen, celebrities and interesting personas. Because, I believe that running can be real fun and there is nothing better than jogging together and getting to know each other!
In this link you can see the #RUNTALK #EPISODE01 with @zosianowak_official , my friend and great model who works literally all around the world. Did you know that only this year she has flied over 115 times (!)

The guest of #RUNTALK #EPISODE02 is @geomendes , the executive chef of Michelin starred @aldeanyc in NYC !

To sum up, each training and workout was great, I feel much faster and self-cofident as a runner.
To prove it to myself I have run #TEDCORBIT15k race 12/09/2017 and bet my time from the last year with final result 62:47 ! (last year 65:28). I have raced it with my great friend and coach @robertomandje who I am very thankful for his support and push to the LITERALLY last meters of this 15k course!

Today we had the last workout of this year and I am preparing special video, so be ready and check my youtube channel very soon!
While I am gonna be at home now, I need to have a little break from the running as I have to remove my wisdom teeth. But, also I came to the concluion that after 1 year of constant running I deserve some break. I feel that mentally and physically my body needs some detox to come back to it with dual power. 🙂 I know it is gonna be hard for me, as legs would be very anxious during Christmas time, but for my better futher performance I will recover for around 7 days. Trying to do some easy exercises at home, streching, massaging and preparing these legs and body for upcoming season.
Many things are in my mind I would love to beat my personal best at 10k, half-marathon and… last but not the least run NYC MARATHON ! Damn… this is gonna be a year!
So excited, hopefully I will manage to keep it up and make it between my work, studies (that I should graduate in June, finally! 😀 yey ) and personal-life.
2018… do not know why but I am sooo… happy and ready for it!
#zoomzoom #runforlife