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This post is a continuation of Running Routes Series (#RRS)
The first part you can read here -> RUNNING IN MILAN
The second part you can read here -> RUNNING IN LONDON

I am writing this post while I am seating on the plane, on my way back to Europe. My time in Chile has finished. I have spent there almost 6 weeks which is long enough to run around and get to know the city quite well 😎

Hence that, today I am sharing with you my running routes in Santiago de Chile (with extra bonus). I hope you will find it helpful when you ever get a chance to visit this city 😊 (I am lucky to writing about this now, since I take it as a good sign that I am slowly back on track with my running and I have really healed my injured leg!)

  • Sanhattan

It sounds really funny, but Santiago indeed has its own Manhattan! And there is nothing to be ashamed of! It is nice and safe area to run around and explore some skyscrapers while running (in the morning you can notice real traffic going on there!) and…. Alpacas 😊

  • River Walkaway/Cycleway

I was lucky to stay in Santiago very close to the River (although it is hard for me to name it ‘river’ as this stream was basically luck of water. I think it changes during Fall/Winter time there). Along it there is a great cycle path and running path. Really good for these both sports! I used It a lot! As a runner – going all the way north and as a cyclist – going south in order to reach city center and other suburbs in Santiago 😊.

! Disclaimer
The path looks relatively straight but it is actually hilly! You can feel it while cycling/running north! But then you are soooo smooth when it comes to head south! 😎

  • Park Bicenario

This is a great park located next to the River Path. About 2 kilometers up north from the Sanhattan. Very nice place for a morning shake off and pleasant jog around the park… WITH FLAMINGOS INCLUDED! 😊

  • Park Parquemet

Probably the best spot to go for a real (sweaty) workout! For everyone who loves hills and to get tired in such a way, this is definitely a place to go! You do not need to go all the way up (6kms!), however when you reach the top you will be pleased with the lovely view over Santiago from San Cristobal. What else do you need in the morning 😊 ?
There are many cyclist training over there, be aware of that as when they are going down…

  • Discover (almost all) city and sign up for Santiago Marathon/Half Marathon 10 km race !

This is probably the most rewarding run that you can do in Santiago!
To do that, you must sign up for the race that happens, as far as I know, in the first weeks of April!

I participated in 10k race which was a “test” for myself after injury and I passed it 😊 My time 42m:45s was beyond my expectations, since I only started my trainings after injury in March.

The 10k race course run through the city center – Plaza de Armas, Andres Bello Promenade, Santa Lucia hill.

For more brave and trained people – you can choose also Half Marathon or make it big during Marathon! It is a really big event! During this edition there were over 30.000 participants ! :O

  • Make it wild and go to Atacama!

In the end of March, I decided to explore Atacama end spent few days around San Pedro, exploring beauty of the nature.

Between my day trips I was jogging around this little village that seemed to be lost in time… Small, wooden houses, settled down in the middle of desert, pure hippie lifestyle, ! with many dogs (they seemed to be friendly ad behaved but… I am always scared of dogs while running :/). However, I must say that running at the altitude of over 2000m beyond sea level…. Definitely, makes a difference in running! (:

At this point I want to make a note that I made vlogs from my trip to Atacama!
Watch Episode 4 – that shows the most important spots including: Lagoonas Altiplanicas, El Tatio Geysers, Valley of the Moon and much more!
Watch Episode 5 – that shows my thrilling cycle trip around San Pedro landmarks. Actually that was a real adventure, including lots of bike, climbing and hike!
Check out my youtube channel and give me a shout! 😊

As usual, in case of any questions, please do not be afraid to ask some questions. I will be happy to help you 😊

HAPPY Monday! <3


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September 30th

Tomorrow, it is going to be exactly 4 weeks since September 30th. The day that I will remember forever.

I am writing about this only now as I needed time, I still need time to digest and understand what happened in my life recently.

That was the day I had been waiting for… I was anxious, nervous. The day which I would never have expected to come… My Marathon Debut!

I always thought that this distance is magical, requires a lot of courage, patience and strength. One, two, three years ago I called it ‘crazy’ and incapable to have run 42,195 km. People who run them I referred as ‘super humans’, ‘aliens’. Because you know, everyone says “OMG, Marathon! This is impossible”, “Over 42kms of running?!”, “You are crazy!”, “This is not healthy for your heart, for your joint!”

Ok… Yes, I agree with that (a little bit), I won’t never say that Marathon is for everyone and you can do it easily. You cannot say “I want do Marathon” just out of a sudden and decide to run it in few weeks. I am taking into consideration the fact that most people commute to work, sit at work, rarely further than from/to the desk and car/public transport. That is sad, but this is how it is nowadays.

In my opinion to run Marathon you should be active, having some solid fitness level, developed endurance. Why? Simply, to not just SURVIVE the race ending up with lingo down and completely tuckered. But to enjoy it, experience it from the beginning to the end to the fullest.

But this is not the topic of this post. I am not writing about this racing preparations and training today.

I only decided to race it and signed for Marathon 10 days before it. Having my half-marathon raced on September 16th, I felt my mind my body and mind especially(!) are ready for real challenge.

For me this Marathon was important, for personal issues… It was not just another ‘fun’ race for me, trying to get new PB and make the best out of it. I wanted to run it not only for myself, I wanted to prove that impossible is nothing, to run it, help and heal that way… my sick Mom.

This is my real reason and story behind Marathon debut.

Without diving into many details. My life has changed on May 29th. I remember when I arrived (on Monday, May 28th) to Rome for job, texted my mom as usual on Whatsapp. The next day, on Tuesday I went to work, had lunch with whole team (photographer, stylist, makeup artist), beautiful day. Shoot was very nice. In the evening we went also to swimming pool. Perfect afternoon. After swim we were supposed to have dinner together in nice restaurant in local seafood restaurant.

I was leaving the swimming pool when I saw message on my phone from my Dad “Ola call me urgently”. I had no clue what is going on. My first thought was that maybe he needs some IT help, or having my email checked… But unfortunately no… I called him back and the message I got was:

“Mom is at hospital. She has cancer. You need to come back home”

I cried. With broken voice said to him I will be home ASAP. I flew home with the earliest possible flight following morning.

Hard to explain how I felt that moment. It is impossible to describe… One phone call that changes your life completely. I was speechless… I am still speechless writing about that…

I won’t dive in details what was happening in our family since that day for the next 4 months. But I must say it was very hard time for me, my dad, my brother, my mom especially. For every one of us it was the biggest battle we have ever had to face with.

We had so many ups and downs, good and bad moments, time with lots of love, hope, trust included. Any little positive change made us growing and on the other hand any other bad one made us scared.

That was difficult time for everyone, for my mom who suffered, and for me it was the most painful part of this. I could not help her. Of course, we all from family tried and did our bests, we helped her the most what we could, but I still felt , I had this awful feeling that I have no heal power to get her 100% better, all I could do was to believe, hope, pray that everything would be ok!

That is why I decided to run Marathon, I wanted to make it not only for myself to prove that I can really do it but also somewhere deep in my soul, heart I believed that it can help, it will cure, heal, make my mom feeling better. Maybe this sounds weird to you but this is what I felt and needed to do.

The day before the race (Saturday, September 29th) I was talking to my mom, taking care of her as usual. Made her favorite beetroot soup for lunch and I was ready to go. ‘Bye Mom, see you tomorrow. Will call you after the race”.

Last words I told her. Remember these words very well.

Then I left, went to Warsaw. Arrive safely and picked up my BIP at Expo. I had a nice dinner with my friend. I could not believe what is going on. Could not believe that in less than 12 hours I will be racing my very first Marathon.

But, yes I really wanted to do it, I really wanted to make it for MY MOM!

I woke up the following day. Sunday, lovely morning, little chilly but with forecasted sun. It was going to be perfect weather for upcoming 42.195kms I was about to run.

I arrived at the start area. At the beginning I felt lost “What the hell am I doing here?!”. But the more and more runners were coming, less and less time was left till start, the more I wanted to give do it!

Just before the first whistle me, and other 8000 runners listened to the song “Sen o Warszawie” by Czesław Niemen (played from loudspeakers). Truly touching moment.

9:00 AM my Marathon was about to start.

Once I started to run I was so happy and sure that this the place I should be right now. The atmosphere was amazing, supporters, weather everything was on just perfect.
My strategy for the race according to the talk I had with my friends Roberto prior that was pacing myself carefully till 30 – 32km. And that is what I did. It was a bit awkward and challenging for me to keep myself calm and slower than usual, but I understood that this race is different, and I must be careful as I was not even aware how it is to run for that long. (The longest long run I did this summer was only spontaneous 27km long – as I mentioned earlier, I did not have a proper marathon training this season.)

For the first 2-3 kilometers I was pushing and running between runners, once my pace got finally steady. Around 4:35-4:40. I had homemade bracelet made prior the race with the pace and distance marked for every 5km split, so I had some plan and guideline.

After first 10km I started to snack bananas and sip water at every 5km food and drink station. I did not use any gels or isotonic. I never use them, also I knew that bananas and water is the kind of nutrition I always do for my runs, so I believed that this would work for me, and actually it did.

Believe me or not but after crossing half-marathon marker I still had energy and did not feel tired. Opposite, I felt good and ready for another over 21 kilometers. Till that moment I was following the pacemaker with 3:20 flag, after that I decided to run slightly faster and passed him.

25km, I still felt good. I catched up some guy, his name was Hubert. We got good pace together and we run together for few kilometers. Around 27-28km I saw first ‘stereotypical marathon runners seen on Internet – limping, stopping, walking. I thought “Oops, so this is it the famous WALL”. But I did not feel bad, I felt ok. But subconsciously my mind started to make up some stories and trying to find some issues, pain in ankle, lazy legs. However, that was more imaginary than real.

Once I crossed 30km marker, I felt automatically even better and speeded up. Saw my friends cheering up on the street and screaming ‘GO OLA!’. That felt great.

I went faster. I started to enjoy Marathon. This is the moment I have been waiting for. My friends and fellas from NY were right saying me few days before “keep is peaceful and consistent will 32 km, then you will enjoy the last 10km”. This was exactly what was happening. I got only 10km more to go and started to believe to enjoy it that it is true. I was cruising to the finish line!

The 35km was the most difficult for me. Mind was getting tired, anxious, impatient, thinking that there are still ONLY but SO MUCH 7km ahead. I kept my quicker pace, but my head started to think ‘7 kilometers more, 6, 5, 4, 3…’

Finally, I made it, I passed 40 kilometer marker. Only 2 kilometers to go! Run through the bridge over Vistula River. I was about to get it, to finish it. 41 km ‘Only over 1 km!’ A bit more than 1000m straight to the finish line. Last try of acceleration. My legs were tired but tried to run a bit faster. I looked at my watch. Was happy, was proud, ‘This is going to happen! I will do it! I can do it! Everything is going to be ok (MOM!)’.

I remember I crossed the finish line, saw the first unofficial time – slight more than 1h16m. I was super happy, I was touched, my emotions were all the kinds. With tears in my eyes I got the medal…

Official time 3h16m27s! Wow!

I must have called my parents.
Shortly after I phoned my father ‘I made it! 3h16m!’… poor connection disconnected us. In few minutes I got call back from my dad ‘Mom passed away tonight at 2.50am…’


Could not believe it… Was speechless… I am still speechless…

I headed back home directly straight after.

It was beautiful race, beautiful Marathon.

I would never understand why and how quickly it all happened. When I was leaving home the day before I would not think it would be the last moment I see my Mom.

She passed away the night when I out of home. She was at her home that she cared a lot and loved so much. In company of her beloved husband and my beloved dad. She sneaked out so quiet, she knew I wanted to run this Marathon. She always wanted to keep me safe and not aware of her problems…

I cannot explain my emotions and feeling. This is still very fresh and comes back and will be back to me very often.

This day, this Marathon, all circumstances… It will always stay in my mind and heart, forever.
I made it for Her. I dedicate it to the best Mom ever. To My Mom.

<3 <3 <3
I love You and always will. You know it. You always wanted me to be happy and I promise you I will.

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Every time I start to write some posts to sum up things I cannot believe how fast time goes… and now happens the same.

September is finishing, Summer officially ended, and we are already in Fall. Yes, today is the first day of Fall! For me it is hard to realize that it has been almost 5 months I have spent in Milan, in Italy.

I remember my very first day when I arrived here in May, my travel to apartment, my visit at agency. Everything seemed to be new and fresh I was excited and thrilled what the city will bring me following weeks (months!). I asked myself who am I going to meet, how is it going to be with jobs.

Even though I had been in Milan earlier, 4 years ago, the city has changed a lot. It seemed to be a difference place for me – buzzing and with lots of noticeable changes. I was shocked with its recent progress!

In terms of running, I needed to take easy and first week of May was not training as I suffered for peroneal tendonitis (tendinitis) [inflammation of the peroneal tendons located on the outside of ankle] so I needed to slow down with workouts. Not only my injury but also the memory from past of running in Milan put me off a bit, I was skeptic if I would manage to have good days for running. I had the picture of crowded city, with not many parks and areas to run…

But, luckily soon I got recovered and second week I was able to start first training in Milan. Pain and injury was gone, so I decided to begin new chapter and find my own way to like it here. Now I can say,
I succeeded, you can run and enjoy it in Milan, definitely!

I found new places, new routes also participated in 2 races here! One for 10 km and another half-marathon (in Monza – located 30km Northeast of Milan)

Below you can see some of the places and areas I discovered that I can recommend for running:

  • Porta Genova and Parco Sempione 
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Porta Genova has changed a lot since I was here last time 4 years ago! Now it is important landmark on the map of Milan, new and modern, looks great during the day, but for me even better during the night or early mornings when it is still dark, but it is lighten up with lights 😉

Parco Sempione is obviously a must to visit not only for runners but also for everyone who visits Milan. I think It is the most famous spot in the city for outdoors activities, many runner, cyclists love this place. (Just be careful with bloody mosquitoes which can ruin pleasure during summer nights 😉

  • Porta Genova – Duomo – Parco Sempione 
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I discovered this route myself and I think it is one of the best way to sightsee the city, cruising through the city center, almost without any traffic (especially in the mornings!). Simply, run to Porta Genova, take an overpass to Porto Nuova and continue underneath little bridge, you will be able to run through beautiful street San Marco that brings you to legendary Brera district, La Scala and Duomo. From there you should pass by PIAZZA MERCATO and head towards Castello Sempione (and make another loop around the Park)!

Simply great route to begin your day, with lots of history included! 😊

Are you looking for another long run destination? I needed to find some ‘BIG, GREEN, SPOT’ on the map – that was my thought when I was searching on map new area for long weekend runs. And I got it!

Parco Nord – as name suggests is located in North Milan. There is lots of space to discover and get lost between numerous paths. There are also little hills, and streams, so you should not get bored. On top of this I spotted quite enough water fountains in park, so you do not need to worry about carrying extra bottles of water.

I found it accidentally looking at Google Maps and I would really recommend it for speed trainings. This is the area I made most of my interval workouts. This is a pedestrian path running for almost 24 miles along the Naviglio Maresana (river), connecting Milan with the Adda river. One can certainly do any portion of the 24 miles, especially since the path starts in central Milan. It Is also very popular among the runners training for Marathons in Milan. Note that the Naviglio Martesana runs parallel to the M2 line, which makes it easy to run one way and hop the train back.

On top of this I managed to run not only in Milan but also in other cities, thanks to my job and travels.

  • ROMA – Always pretty and stunning (city 😉 )  
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  • CARPI – little town in mid Italy
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    (typo with bike/run 😉 )
  • MARCHE – beautiful landscapes and valleys
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  • UMBRIA – hills and tiny streets make it lovely and hard! 😉 
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  • TOSKANY – not the longest run but at least I marked it with my running shoe! 
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  • VENICE – morning jog around canals, and watching sunrise over the bridge will stay in my memory 😉
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  • CALABRIA – one of the best experience for me, I think it was time I really needed this calm, Italian villages surrounded with hills and nothing else, literally NOTHING endomondowp type=’workout’ workout_id=’1190564705′ ]

Whoops! Seems like I can write and write about running all the time…
In the next post you will get know about my races I participated while I was here – 10km and half-marathon… Both successful with PB’s! 😉

#happy weekend

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Speed Trigger

In my previous update about my races you could read about my winter races.

In this post I am gonna tell you a bit the following ones.

United Airlines NYC Half 2018, New York, March 18, 2018

This was very unexpected race for me a I was not able to sign for this race prior it and couple days before it when I arrived to NYC there were no more spots I was very regretting that I had not signed up for it as it is one of the most popular Half Marathons in NYC!

Few days before the race my last hope was destroyed since special invitation from one of the NYRR coaches was not valid impossible to transfer on me name.
I put this race aside wishing I could do it next year…

But then miracle happened, on Friday evening, at 7 pm (12 hours before the start!) my coach Roberto called me saying that there is one free spot and asked whether I wanted to jump into the race. My answer was ‘YES!’

Straight after phone call I needed to prepare all my racing clothes, breakfast for next day and… go to sleep :D.

The next day I woke up before 5 am, as at 6 am the latest we needed to leave our things in deposit and we were supposed to meet altogether with NYRR crew, apart from me I was racing with Barbara, Jessica, Ali, Roberto, Ann and other runners.
Intentionally I did not want to race this race for real as I still had my PB race from 2 weeks earlier in my legs and my mind did not want to switch on #speedmode this time :D.

My aim was to enjoy this race and have fun among other 22k runners! :O
Especially it was very first time of this half marathon with completely new route that in past years.

Start line was at Brooklyn (Prospect Park) – Manhattan Bridge (they closed one side of the road FOR US! CRAZY RUNNERS! :D) – Chinatown – FDR DRIVE up to 42 street – Times Square – 7 Avenue – Central Park (Finish line)

I took this race quite easy till we got to FDR x 42 street then my mind switched and wanted to cruise this race! The feeling of running through Times Square lighted with countless billboards and neons was incredible. From there I was heading up to Central Park where just before ‘famous’ Cat Hill our amazing NYRR Group Training team was cheering us up. From there there was only 3 miles to go and finish this race.

In total I finished this race in 1h30m36s – improving my last year’s half marathon time from Shape Women’s Half Marathon 2017.

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My goal for 2018 "Gotta collect them all" 😃😂 Another medal to my collection 😎 So lucky to have jumped into and run #UnitedNYCHalf today ! 1h30m36s 🏃💪🏆 little slower than 2 weeks ago in Paris but still better than last year during 13.1miler.💪🔫👊 it is ok! You do not need to race every race, that was my kinda 'long weekend run'. But most important ⚠⚠⚠ enjoy the journey and have fun! Thank you @nyrr for your support and cheerleading! Congratulations to everybody and especially to my folks @mann.barbara @jessnachman @annaerobicann @robertomandje @moazzambrohi #zoomzoom #nyrr #runforlife #runforrestrun #motivation #inspiration #weekend #halfmarathon #training #goal #endorphin #spring #newyork #sunday #friends #biegamzRW @runnersworldpolska

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DOZ 5km, Łódź, April 14, 2018

In the beginning of April I came back to Poland for Easter break and my final exams at school.
Checking local newspaper I have encountered the advert about upcoming 5km race within Marathon that would take place on the second weekend of April in my hometown.
I was in! Not in the Marathon 😉 but in the 5km !
I have never raced any short distance and I wanted to check myself if I am able to break 20 minutes… that was my goal!

I picked up my BIP the day before and on Saturday morning I was ready to go.

The race was supposed to start at midday so I had plenty of time to arrive earlier, leave my bag and warm-up.
Luckily my brother came to support me (and what was the most fun was the fact that he even manage to follow me during over 80% of the race along me cycling while I was racing!)

Focused and a bit nervous I started the race in first row of corral. All I knew was only that I should keep my legs on hold and do not let myself fly too early with others… What a surprise I had when I saw on my watch after 1st km pace 3:50.
I did not expect that my 1st km would go that fast already… but I felt good and wanted to keep this pace as long as possible to not get crazy.

After passing 3km in less than 12 minutes I had only 2 km to go, deep in my head I knew that the final result below 20 minutes is possible now everything was only in my legs and mind to keep it strong to the finish line.

After 4km my brother shouted to me ‘Go Ola, Go! No pain! No tireness! Go Go!’ what was actually kinda funny as deep in my head I wanted to kill him at the same time 😀 But I really appreciated my brother’s support ;).

Last 800m after right turn I run to area of Atlas Arena, after 300m SHARP turn-around was awaiting on me and then all the way down to the end, running to Atlas Arena Stadium inside.

powered by EndomondoWPlogo

The feeling when I saw 19 minutes on watch was awesome. Now everything depended on me how quick would I cross the finish line.
Eventually I accomplished this race with result 19m30s ! YES YES YES! 5 km and sub 20 minutes felt greatttttt 😎

#POLIMIRUN 10km, Milan, May 20, 2018

This is the most random history in racing ever.
I am in Milano now, since the begining of May. When I got my flight ticket to Milano in April, I started to look for by curiosity, any races in Milano.
When I found #POLIMIRUN I was positively oriented as it was supposed to 10km race and I wanted to check myself on this distance because I have not done any of them since May 2016 – my very first 10 km race in London!

I tried to reach the organizer through email and facebook to get BIP for the race but it was fully booked since last month and 2 weeks before the event seemed to be too late :(.
I really regretted as I wanted to make it not only for training purposes but also to get another city to my list of cities I have raced in ;).
But I had nothing to do and needed to accept that, shortly after I forgot about this.

Then, believe me or not, on Saturday evening 9.30 pm when my and my roommates were so lazy to do anything and we decided to spend the evening on sofa and ice-creams, I checked my inbox on facebook and I saw the message from some man texting me that he can give me his BIP as he would not be able to race it.

It was so, so random! I had only 12 hours to go for the race and I was not prepared for this at all :O
I as not sure whether to do it or not, as that day I did some interval training and I did not know if I would be sharp on Sunday morning to race, but I decided to go for if as nothing ventured, nothing gained 😉

I was also lucky as the start of the race was not far from the place there I stay now in Milano, on top of that its course was passing by my place.

The start was planned at 9.30 AM, I met before that with friend of my facebook’s runner friend (:D) to get my number. I got some advise and tips about the course as I completely did not know what to expect and its profile, hills etc.

Before 9.30 I went to corral to get into my position as there were over 12 000 runners that day! :O
I managed to jump to the 3rd wave as the 1st was reserved for who had signed as competitive runners, 2nd wave for only for #addidasrunners and then finally I could line up myself in the 3rd wave that was the 1st corral of non-competitive runners at the same time.

We needed to wait for the first two waves to start running before as so eventually around 9.40 AM I have started to run! It started to get very hot on top of this, it was high time to crush these 10 kms.
It was very crowded and tight in the beginning of course, needed to jump through many people. My watch showed me pace around 4:10 at 1st kilometer, I thought it would not be able to make 10kms under 40 minutes as I wanted to make that day. But I decided to not be focused on my watch especially it was not working properly for last couple of days.

powered by EndomondoWPlogo

Following only my feelings and strength of my legs on that day I wanted to make the best out of it.
Suddenly after 2-3 kilometers my watch showed me pace below 4:00 km/min… I was curious ‘what the hell is going on’.. ‘maybe my pace is actually below 4:00’…

I really felt that the watch must be wrong and its records cannot be taken seriously so I just kept my pace, trying to keep it strong and slowly passing by other runners (who made it too quickly at the beginning of race). * This is actually one of the best feeling during races, when you are chasing all other people who fired up too much*

At point of 8th kilometer I was thinking deep in my head ‘what am I doing here? It is not easy… Damn.. still 2 more kilometers’.
Luckily, at this moment some very fast guy passed me and I started to chase him “If he is still going, I can do it too!” so I kept my pace in hope of gradual acceleration.

After 9km I really wanted to have this finish line but I did not know when and where is gonna happen, I was running just as fast as possible to get it finally.
Turn after turn, we run into Campus of Polytechnic University of Leonardo da Vinci the finish line was still not seen…!
I was so surprised when after my 3rd right turn the finish line was in less then 100meters away from me.
‘Here you are! I am coming.!!’ That was my thought.

I passed the finish line, looked at my watch and it showed me time below 39m:30s ! :O
I was amazed, wow! Still did not trust it especially my watch worked funky recently. However deep in my head I got a feeling that could be possible.

Shortly after I saw the official time 39m26s I was astonished and proud as never before :D!

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Yesterday night at 9.30. PM I got message on FB that I can jump into @polimisport #polimirun10k Exactly 12 hours before the start 😄 My decision was fast – YES But still not sure how would I perform today… And now after racing through not known course, with 22°C and sun, I have made it… New Personal Best – 10km 39m:26s 💪🏃 That means sub 40 that I wanted to break since last year!! I am sooo happy… ✌ It was my first 10km race since May 2016 in London where I started racing for real… MILANO got to my list of cities I have raced in 😎 So happy and satissfied… Walking /crawling/cycling home now to get well deserved rest, strech, foam roll and… more foccacia & paninis I have been eating since Friday 😂 #run #milano #race #personalbest #personalrecord #10km #motivation #inspiration #fun #race #speed #fast #sub40

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All I can say that bananas I ate after my race tasted like never before 😀

=== === === === ===

Overall I am so, so happy about my recent races and results.
I hope that my fitness level will stay on that level for long time.

I think during summer time I would not be participating in any races as hot temperatures are not not my favorite and I am keep on learning to not struggle with them. But… who knows… never say never… Maybe I will get a chance for some crazy race last minute and then I will jump into it ;D

For sure, I will do my best to keep on working on my technique of running and enjoying it and being grateful for every kilometer that I run <3 just to keep it simple and happy as long as possible.

Happy weekend! <3

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In previous post you could read about Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week that I experienced as a model. Here you can see how I discovered city in the meanwhile as a runner and traveler. There was not much free time but you should already know, that I good organisation is a key 8-). And if you can you can do it.


I must say that coming back to Barcelona was personal as it was the city and place where I started my journey and adventure as a runner. Yes! Exactly here in fall 2015 I started making my first steps as a runner. This coming back there was refreshing and reenergizing!

Early call times and late end of shows made me well organised in order to sleep and recover enough after work and still being able to run. For most of people early mornings are hard but I am glad I made it and do not regret any minute and any kilometer I spent on running instead of sleeping. They totally woke me up better than any coffee (even this good one here in Spain ;))

Sunday – Hola, Barcelona!
My first run in the morning after arrival to Barcelona.
Route: Pl. Espana – W Hotel – Barceloneta – Casino – Sagrada Familia – Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes – Pl. Espana

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Sagrada Familia on Sunday run

Tuesday – Jog&hike on Montujic Castle and Olympics Stadium
Route: Pl. Espana – Montjuic Hill – Castel de Montjuic – Mirador del Migdia – Olympic Stadium – Museum of Catalunian Art – Pl. Espana

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View from Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

Thursday – Intervals at Barceloneta Beach
Route: Pl. Espana – Barceloneta Beach – Pl. Espana

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Training inspired by NYRR workout: 1 mile(1.6km) – 2x800m – 6x400m
It was good training but not the greatest. It is hard to make GOOD intervals on your own especially when you still control watch and tracking distance. I was quite happy with my 1 mile repetition, 800 meters should be faster, first 400 meter was good, the rest I could puch more but I needed to avoid traffic and so on. My only excuse can be only the fact that it was first interval since 2 weeks.

Saturday – Weekend long run
Route: Pl. Espana – Barceloneta – Forum – Parc de la Ciutadella – Arc Triumph (Arc de Triomf) – Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes  – Pl. Espana

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Arc de Triomf


Sant Jordi + Casa Battló

Sant Jordi, or Saint George’s Day is much more than a simple feast day in Barcelona. It is the Catalan equivalent to Valentine’s Day and love is in the air!
I was lucky to have that day free (April 23) so I could explore this special day in Barcelona.
The basic idea for Sant Jordi is that men give women roses and women give men books. And it can be anybody, not necessarily your partner or somebody who you have taken a liking to. Also, in today’s forward thinking society the rules are no longer set regarding who gets what. A girl is just as likely to receive a book and vice versa.

The streets and squares of Barcelona are filled with stalls selling books and roses. It is a picturesque sight in the Spring sunshine. Couples walk hand in hand clutching roses.

The story of Sant Jordi is the same as the one that is known worldwide. Saint George was a hero – he saved a beautiful Princess who was about to come to a sticky end at the hands of a dragon who had been terrorising a village. There are various versions of the story but these facts always remain the same. Sant Jordi is the Patron Saint of Catalunya and his tale is well-known throughout the city.

Casa Battló

On that special day, you should also see Casa Batlló – one of the building and treasure left in Barcelona by its truly amazing architect Antoni Gaudi, who worked there and lived. Gaudi was one of the greatest innovators of his time. Casa Battló is one of the example of his greatness.
The building itself symbolizes the legend about Saint George with its design, inside and outside the building.
On Sant Jordi building is specially decorated with roses that appeals and brings many tourist to come.

Casa Batlló is located at number 43 on Paseo de Gracia, a street that, in the past, connected the city to Villa de Gracia.

Sant Pau

I was lucky to explore this place during Rosa Clara show that took place over there. This location is truly jaw-dropping!

Sant Pau

The Modernista Sant Pau Complex was built between 1905 and 1930 and designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner as a garden city for nursing the sick. After being used as a public hospital for a century, its newly refurbished pavilions shine again in all their splendour. A visit to this exceptional architectural ensemble is a unique experience.

Sant Pau

By the late 19th century, the old Hospital de la Santa Creu in Barcelona’s Raval neighbourhood needed to be relocated because it had become obsolete and too small. The result was an ambitious project inspired by the breakthroughs in health and hygiene at the time. This is Europe’s foremost art-nouveau complex and an icon among Barcelona’s dazzling array of landmarks which embodies the city’s innovative spirit. It was awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO in 1997.

Parc Guell

Unique and pictoresque garden designed by Antoni Gaudi for his patron, the industrialist Eusebi Güell, acquired the terrain on a mountain ridge, with a fantastic view of Barcelona in last years of XIX century. In 1984, the park was included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage.

Alley inside Parc Guell

From the park you have a great view of the city all the way to the sea. In the Monumental Zone you will find landmarks of Barcelona with the friendly dragon, the market hall and the winding bank. With Park Güell you will experience a fantastic park that is fun and in which you can discover a lot.

View from hill at Parc Guell

About 95% of the park area is accessible free of charge, only the monumental zone isn’t. This zone covers the entrance area with the dragon, the curved bench and the market hall.

Bottom of Parc Guell and its famous steps

All I can say now, is that I love Barcelona and every time I come there I am falling in love more and more…
City of Gaudi will be always on top of my list of cities I could live in, whenever I would be able to settle down (finally) 😀
¡Hasta pronto!

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Races, races on my mind :)

Time flies!

It is almost mid of March and I cannot believe that I haven’t post anything about my races I participated in during last 3 months! Oh, okay, I put blame on busy time during New York Fashion Week, Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, my school, vlogging and blogging…
So let me tell you now a little bit about it 🙂 As I run 3 races!

Ted Corbitt 10k, New York, December 9, 2017

I raced it with Roberto (my great friend and NYRR coach) who was pacing me. The goal was to run it better than in 2016 when I finished it with 1h5m28s

It felt strong and solid during whole run. Just at around 10′ km I was asking myself ‘what am I running for? Damn.. there is still 2/3 loop of Central Park to run before I finish. Ok, come on, you can do it’ Roberto was running along me, motivating and shouting to me ‘Go, Go! Ola! You are doing great!’ I trusted him and followed/ The last 2 kms were the most difficult on the course. Running as fast as I can my last 400… 300… 200… 100m I finally crossed the finished line!
Yes I made it! Final time 1:02:47 could not be any better!

That was a race! I was so happy as also my friends Ann and Barbara from my NYRR GT (who finished it few seconds faster than me) were racing it and later on regardless the nasty weather we were celebrating our final race of the season 🙂

Actually, no I am wrong. It was not a final race of the season, in NY yes, but week later I came back home for my Christmas break, nestling myself and warming with my family during Holidays. It was peaceful time and I needed to have few days off not only because my body needed that after whole year of running but also I needed to remove my wisdom teeth.
Few days of laziness felt good, but after not even one week I really needed to go for run and jog as my leg were pulling me out of home. Slowly and carefully I was jogging around my neighborhood where I grew up.

So Christmas time I treated as my recovery. However, few days later I made my last minute decision and finally signed up for the race I had been following for last 2 years – local New Year’s Eve race – 10km Łódzki Bieg Sylwestrowy – that was supposed to be my first ever cross race.
I did not want to race it but just to enjoy and experience it.

Łódzki Bieg Sylwestrowy, Łódź, December 31, 2017

That they weather and conditions were very poor. Actually not, weather was not that bad but day before it had been snowing and raining all day so all runners needed to run in deep mud, on slippery, leafy paths in forest. That was not easy!
But I was super happy to finish 2017 in such a way, racing my very first cross 10k with final result 44:19. I was happy considering that was a difficult course 🙂

I think everyone makes Neew Year’s Resolution, the same I did. My wish was (and still is) for this year to have 365 days without injuries, many kilometers run freely and cheerfully with gradual progression. To keep it always as a positive and ‘my way’ to shout out to world and feel free and strong.

I started 2018 with will of running at least SAME GOOD as 2017.
Beginning of the year I was travelling between Portugal, NYC, Paris. I was running without any specific plan, 3-4 times per week,  intervals while I was in NY, long runs and easy runs. Still learning and discovering myself as a runner. I did also my very first tempo run with Roberto and my GT friend Jess and companied her during her last long-run before Tokyo Marathon that she crushed! Congrats, girl!

After running like crazy between castings, runway and fittings during NY Fashion Week I booked my ticket to Paris where I was heading to for 2 weeks for work. Than my friend told me ‘Ola! There is HalfMarathon in Paris in March’.

Fitbit Semi de Paris, Paris, March 4, 2018

My first thought was ‘That is great! I wanna make it’ And indeed, I signed like 10 days before the actual race…
I went to Paris a bit anxious, ‘ohlala, this is really going to happen soon. I should get ready.’ So yes, I was thinking about that race almost everyday. Asking about ‘stupid’ things such as ‘what should I wear in case of the rain? (As it was primarly forecasted)’ I learnt that garbage bag works perfectly, thank you folks!
Actually the worst part of it was waiting and thinking about it, I wanted to speed up the time to limit waiting in corrals and all this preparations.

Overall my prep for SemiMarathon looked like this:
(After plenty messages, phone calls with Robert. Oh boy, thank you for this! :D) :

  • Sunday, February 25th – I went to Chateau de Vincennes to explore area and the course. 16,21 km | 1h16m52s | 04:45 min/km
  • Monday, February 26th – gym – mobility + upper body + streching
  • Tuesday, February 27th – easy run 10,88km | 48m28s | 04:27 min/km
  • Wednesday, February 28th – gym – lower body + streching
  • Thursday, March 1st – run workout 2km warm up + 4×1 kms HM pace (4:18, 4:11, 4:19, 4:01) + 3km jog back home
  • Friday, March 2nd – gym – mobility + streching + roller
  • Saturday, March 3rd – easy, short run – 7,49km | 32m20s | 04:20 min/km + roller
  • Sunday , March 4th – RACE DAY!

I was ready for that day, subconsciously I had inner voice saying me I will hit the finish line with 1h28mins..
Now everything was in my hand, whether I make it or not. But having support of Roberto and his words ‘You will be flying!’ Kept me strong and convinced that I really may beat my goal – sub 90mins.

The weather was not that bad as predicted, cloudy, 4-5 oC at 8 am when I got to the area of race. I left my bag in drop-box around 8:15 AM, did 15-20mins warm up,  some drills, dynamic streches, little jog and at 8:40 AM I was already in my corral waiting for the start.

As soon as we started at 9AM (I was n the 2nd wave) it started to rain a little bit, but it was kinda nice and refreshening, later on it started pour for real but while you are at 15-16kms of your race, you really do not care 😉

I was surprised when I saw my watch after my 1st km, showing me me pace. I started really fast, faster than I planned. But I felt good and wanted to keep it and try if can I maintain for the over 20kms left.

Eventualy I made it, yes! Even hills on the way did not feel that bad, I had in my mind picture of Cat Hills from Central Park, that I made them and these one in Paris are piece of cake’ comparing to New York!

Till 15-16km I felt really good and on fire. But then I got to the point that there are still over 6kms to go ahead of me. I was a little bit tired, however not physcially but mentally. Luckily these state did not last for long and after passing 18 kms, I looked at my watch and I was almost sure that I would reach my goal and hit the finish line under 90 mins!

From 18km I became impatient, I wanted to cross these line as soon as possibile to proof finally I really made it. I was running gradually faster, moving towards 21,197m of my course and finally… YES! YES! i MADE IT!

1 hour 28min 12 sec !!!

 My Personal Best on this distance! Over 3 minutes better then my Shape Half Marathon I races in April 2017!
Such a great feeling!

I was so, so happy, forgot about the tiredness and soaked clothes from rain. Surrounded at finish line by my family who came to cheer me up at finish line 🙂 As soon as I run, my friends and coach texted me ‘You made it!’ ‘You did it!’ , as they were following me on online tracker during my race.

On top of this, my result is a Women’s Record at this distance of my NYRR Group Training!
Wow! That is exciting! And thrilling, cannot wait to push the limits and go and run even better.

But the most important thing, as Roberto says is ‘Enjoy the journey!’.
Oh yes I will, so many exciting things are coming and I hope that my sub 90mins in Half Marathon will motivate me and keep on going not only in my running.

And you? What is your goal ;)?
Have you run today already?

Do not wait, give yourself a try and do it! 🙂

Time to end this post, I am getting ready for my casting now and heading for my GT Interval Training tonight at 6PM in Central Park, are we seeing there ;)?

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Group Training NYRR | Treningi z NYRR

Here we are! It has been over 2 weeks since I arrived in NYC. It was busy due to the Fashion Week that finished last Thursday.

But apart from my modelling duties and very busy time I managed to reunite with my mates at NYRR.

Today we had already 3rd session of this season. I want to summarize the trainings we did so far together during Group Training.

1) First training, September 5th. After my summer break and not doing any proper interval workouts during July and August, I was a bit anxious how I am gonna deal with this interval. This wast based on 400m splits and 200m recovery. (8 times)

Unexpectedly I did it pretty well!

The last one I run with time 74s!

I remember that my very first 400m interval training I did in Spring I ran with a result of 83 seconds! Obviously, I was completely new and a bit insecure that time, but running with such an improvement was a really nice surprise, especially after a break!

2) 2nd week, September 12th, 800m.

Training based on 5 repetitions of 800m with my final results as follow: 3:01 2:57 2:58 2:57 2:54.


3) And today was the workout I really liked when we did it in Spring. It was based on time and effort. The result was shown by the distance. With 1-2-3-4-3-2-1 mins of sprint run and the same time of recovery in the meanwhile.

My pace at each segment: 3:56 4:02 4:02 3:58 3:47 3:56 (unlucky Pier! more info below) 3:36

Pretty good run! The first 3 mins seemed to be lasting forever but after running the middle segment (4 minutes peak) I totally had fun! [ I wish that pier would not finish (unexpectedly) in the last seconds of the second-last 2 min workout so I could flyyyy (I mean run) and accelarate more   😉 ]

Additionally, this time we went for our workout all the way to the most western side of 59th street just along the Hudson River. Great spot for morning run at dawn!

After training, I managed to pick up my race number and t-shirt for upcoming Bronx 10 miles race. I was supposed to run it this Sunday, September 24th but I am gonna be away so I can’t make it. I wish I could teleport! I wish good luck to every runners who participate in this race. Zoom zoom!

I will be back to NYC shortly. Now I am at the airport waiting for boarding as I am flying tonight to Paris. I am excited about this trip as it has been a while since I was there last time. Especially I am going there now with the new agency – Metropolitan Management. I can’t wait to meet them! Ready for new adventure ahead of me. Parison Fashion Week is calling 🙂

I’II keep you posted!

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Global Running Day | Światowy Dzień Biegania


Global Running Day is a day for people around the world to celebrate the joys of running. Participation is easy—just pledge to take part in some type of running activity on June 7, 2017. It can be a solo lap around the block, a long run with friends, or even a game of tag with your kids. The key is to share your passion for the sport and inspire others to get moving.Over two million runners from across the globe, in 164 countries, have pledged to get up, get out, and go for a run. Don’t worry if you haven’t made plans yet. There are many activities across the world, so you can join in wherever you are.

Check the official website of the event and go for it, RUN!


Światowy dzień biegania jest dniem, w którym wszyscy ludzie dookoła świata celebrują przyjemność płynącą z biegania. Udział w nim jest bardzo prosty – wystarczy zadeklarować się na oficjalnej stronie wydarzenia!, że wieźmie się udział w jednej z aktywności związanej z bieganiem 7 czerwca 2017r. Może być to krótki bieg dookoła osiedla, długie wybieganie z przyjaciółmi , bądź biegowa zabawa  z dziećmi. Myślą przewodnią jest szerzenie pasji do sportu i inspirowanir innych o aktywnego trybu życia. Ponad 2 miliony biegaczy dookoła świata w 164 państwach zadeklarowało podnieść się, wyjść z domu i biegać! Nie martw się jeśli nie masz jeszcze żadnych planów, jest wiele wydarzeń w związku z tym dniem w niemal każym zakątku świata. Odważ się  podejmij wyzwanie! 🙂

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Do not give up and… run! | Nie daj się i… biegaj!


This is one of the most popular sports, I am sure that most of you have tried at least once in your life to ‘get fit’ and the most common idea was thus running.
‘I will be sporty, fast and slim’ – usually, this is our goal. ‘Running, this can’t be difficult!’
OK, the decision has been made.

The first day, you put your sneakers on (very often inappropriate), go outside and the danger is already awaiting for you:
THE WEATHER… You start to think:
“Oh… it’s too cold”
“Damn… too hot”
“Maybe tomorrow…”

In this case:
1) Some of you go back home, leave the shoes in the far corner (and forgetting about them for the next couple of days/weeks), sit down next to the computer or TV snacking another package of favorite cookies.

2) A little bit stronger ones don’t give up and despite the weather start to run. However, after 2 mins the first thought appears “such a boredom”, after 5 mins “I am running so long and it’s been not even 1km!”, after 10 mins “I am done, I can barely breathe and my knees hurt”.These guys come back home unsatisfied, angry and frustrated looking for another activity ‘ making believe that running is not for them…

3) The strongest ones despite not the easiest beginning start to ‘get the vibe’ and understand the whole idea of running ;). Although they get tired and run with slow pace, they try to go 100, 500, 1000 meters more. They discover their neighbourhood, explore nearby little streets they haven’t seen before, listening to the world (either singing birds or traffic jams), their thoughts or favourite music in the earphones. Whatever it is, minute by minute, they get more and more excited and they come back home with huge excitement and smile, endorphines and serotine made their job and encourage these people for more trainings to run more, faster, further!
This group is the most likely to become a great, true runners.

Who is a real runner?
For me this a person who is able to motivate him/herself (and others also!), regardless daily the circumstances, the weather, is able to go out for run and enjoy it. He truly likes it and doesn’t do it because of the constraints, he likes to explore new places and routes, isn’t afraid to put new goals on his running list. He understands that not every run can be equal, there are days better and worse for running, he knows and get the real joy just from the fact of running itself. He is aware also that there are some days and situations when there is simply no possibility for run, also after a long break he feels that ‘something’ is missing, and then he realizes this something are these magical 30-60 minutes when Mr. Smith becomes a true hero on his running trail.
In my opinion, this is exactly what running is about. You create your own world, leave all your problems behind, you start to think smarter, see the solutions for everyday problems… And just after having your training done you come back home stronger physically and mentally.

Do you think I am crazy? Maybe, but you should give yourself a chance and try to run. Then read this post one more time. Believe in yourself, everyone can do it and have a big satisfaction out of it. I am not kidding ;).


W rankingach jest to jeden z najbardziej popularnych sportów, wielu z Was na pewno próbowało nieraz ‘wziac sie’ za siebie i najczestszym pomyslem, ktory pojawil sie bylo, właśnie bieganie.
‘Bede zwinny, szybki i szczuply’ taki cel stawiamy sobie zazwyczaj. ‘Bieganie, To takie proste!’

Ok, decyzja zapadla, pierwszego dnia po ochoczym zalozeniu adidasow (najczesciej nieodpowiednich) i wyjsciu na dwor czycha juz pierwsze niebezpieczenstwo:

Pogoda “ojej za zimno”
“Ojej za goraco”
“Moze jednak jutro”..

W tej sytuacji:

1)Część z ludzi zawraca do domu, porzucając buty w kąt, (o których najprawdopodobniej zapomina przez najbliższe kilka dni, tygodni do czasu kolejnej próby.), siadając przy komputerze lub telewizorze z paczką ulubionych ciasteczek.

2)Nieco ‘mocniejsi’ zawodnicy nie poddają się i pomimo pogody zaczynają biec, jednak już po 2 minutach myślą ‘ale nuda’, po 5 ‘tyle czasu już biegnę, a to nawet nie kilometr!’,  po 10 ‘mam dość ledwo dyszę i do tego bolą mnie kolana’…
Wracają do domu… zniechęceni, zniesmaczeni i poszukując nowych zajęć dla poprawy kondycji WMAWIAJĄC sobie ‘bieganie nie jest dla mnie’

3)Najsilniejsi zaś, wbrew pogodzie i trudnym początkom zaczynają ‘łapać’ o co w tym bieganiu tak naprawdę chodzi ;). Pomimo zmęczenia i nienajszybszego (zazwyczaj) tempa próbują przebiec dodatkowe 100, 500, 1000m. Odkrywają okoliczne uliczki, w swojej dzielnicy, o których wcześniej nie słyszeli, wsłuchują się w otaczający świat (niezależnie czy jest to cichy park, ruchliwa droga w centrum miasta) lub swoje myśli (słuchając muzyki), minuta po minucie coraz bardziej zakręceni wracają do domu szczęśliwi, jakby na ‘chaju’, endorfiny i serotonina zaczynają działać i motywują do kolejnych treningów, aby przebiec szybciej, dalej…!
Ludzie z tej grupy mają największe prawdopodobieństwo zostania prawdziwym biegaczem.

Kim jest prawdziwy biegacz?

Potrafi biegać bez względu na pogodę, potrafi się zmotywować, stawia sobie nowe cele, PO PROSTU LUBI BIEGAĆ i nie robi tego z przymusu, lubi odkrywać nowe miejsca i nie boi się wyzwań, potrafi zrozumieć, że nie każdy bieg jest równie udany, czasem pogoda nie dopisuje lub ciało jest zmęczona i wie, że tego dnia nie pobije czasu z ostatniego tygodnia, mimo to lubi czerpie z tego radość, a kiedy trafi się dłuższa przerwa zwyczajnie czuje, że ‘czegoś’ mu brak, okazuje się, że tym czymś tym jest te magiczne 30, 60 minut kiedy ze zwykłego kowalskiego staje się super bohaterem.

Bo o to tak naprawdę w tym chodzi, według mnie biegając tworzysz swój własny świat, pozostawiasz wszelkie troski za sobą, zaczynasz myśleć bystrzej, rozwiązujesz problemy tworzysz nowe rozwiązania do wcielenia w życie zada po skończeniu biegania a, wracając do domu stajesz się silniejszy zarówno fizycznie jak i psychicznie :).

Brzmi szalenie? Byc może, ale spróbujcie i uwierzcie w siebie, każdy może biegać i czerpać z tego satysfakcję.