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After spending over 10 days in Chile already, I am able to write a little bit about my first experience here in Santiago de Chile.


It took me over 26 hours door-to-door from my home town (Lodz) to get here to Santiago. My trip included: train from Lodz do Warsaw, fight Warsaw-Paris and second leg Paris-Santiago, which was over 14 hours long! It was the longest flight in my life. Surprisingly the flight went faster than I expected, and those 14 hours did not feel that long!

If you are curious about this travel, I encourage you to watch -> this episode on my youtube channel 😊


People are very, very nice! Open-minded and friendly. Also, the fact that Chile is a Spanish-speaking country, makes me to love people even more here. 😎


Santiago de Chile…

…is SUPER BUSY Since it is one of the largest cities in South America with over 7 millions population! It is visible especially during rush-hours. Whoever complains about traffic in Europe, probably has not experienced the REAL traffic here!

…is a VERY MIXED city. Modern, laid-back, gray, green, poor and rich… Santiago has it all! There are many neighborhoods (barrios) that differ a lot between each other. BELLAVISTA – is very easy going, pleasant area with lots of art, murals, beautiful houses, small bars and stores.

SANHATTAN – (yes, Santiago has its own MANHATTAN 😉 ) is a very modern district, with sky scrapers, high buildings and lots of white-collars people walking around.

PLAZA DE ARMAS – one of the main plazas in the city, Surrounding the square are some historic buildings, including the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago, Central Post Office Building. It is full of tourists, locals, restaurants, shops as well.

…has wonderful urban park – called PARQUEMET. It is placed in the north part of the city. Within Parquemet area is located the second highest hill of Santiago called Cerro San Cristóbal (San Cristobal Hill), Japanese Garden, numerous routes for runners/hikers/cyclists. You can discover the parc from the higher perspective – taking a cable car that links the base of the hill with the top.

…has the craziest street market! MERCADO DE LA VEGA is a huge market located in the heart of Santiago. You can find everything there, food, fruits, vegetables for much lower prices than in average supermarkets, as well as, textiles, bars, restaurants. Its vibe is totally uncomparable, you must watch my vlog from my visit there last week

…has amazing WEATHER. I am lucky to be there now at the end of the Summer and beginning of Autumn. The weather is fantastic. Fresh, chilly mornings (with average 12-14 Celsius) and 26-28 degrees during the day, without humidity and wind, this simply makes a perfect time of the year to visit Santiago!


To my surprise, it is not that cheap as I expected. The prices are rather high and like in some European cities such as Milan/Berlin/Barcelona

Local currency is Chilean pesos. 1 American Dollar = +/- 660 Chilean Pesos

To have a better understanding, here is a list of some basic grocery and bar prices:

1.5l of water – 800 pesos
1kg of bread – 1,500 pesos
1kg of cheese – 6,000 pesos
Lunch at restaurant 5,000-9,000 pesos
Espresso at bar – 1,200 pesos


Santiago has a lot of cute outdoors bars which are perfect for study/work

By walking around the city, I discovered few coffee bars / local restaurants that I would definitely recommend to anyone who visits Santiago: café Beppo – located close to the Shopping Mall in quiet street of nearby residential area. Has a lovely patio and smart menu with reasonable prices.

La Maison Nice – I discovered it by accident, on my way to casting, it is a colorful bar/restaurant with mosaic tables and shadowy area, perfect for drink/lunch/weekend brunch.

Espeacio Diana – this is really a jaw-dropping place! One of the most atmospherical restaurants I have seen in my life. This place is a must if you want to experience a magical evening! It is located on the backyards of the old church. Its interior and design amazes, “the mess” and “disorganization” makes such a charm here, there is everything mirrors, old staircase, rustic beds in the dining areas…. And vine… yes do not forget about Chilean vine! It is simply the best 😊



  • If you are sensitive to change of water and different bacterial flora, you may suffer due to Traveler’s Diarrhea. Unfortunately, ☹ I was unlucky to get poisoned from the ice cubes from the fresh juice I ordered during 2nd day of my arrival here…. Afterwards I spent 40 hours in bad, poisoned, with fever as well… I did not expect it may happen to me here but it did. (Similarly like in Turkey/ Israel) Be prepared and take some medicines with you, electrolytes in powder to dissolve in water. In local pharmacies look for DIAREN (this drug helped me to recover!)
  • Drivers are crazy 😉The like too (over)use their car horns. With or without any reason, simply be careful when you are crossing the street, especially in the city center!

I hope that this guide will help you to get to know Santiago a little bit. More posts are coming soon but in case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to help you. 🙂

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Yes! Yes! Yes!
We are in STRAWBERRY 🍓🍓🍓 season now! 😀
That means lots of them in my daily diet, especially in the morning as a addition to oatmeal 🤗
But they are good not only for breakfast but also for desserts and baking!🍰
This cake that I made yesterday is an example of tasty and easy recipe! All you need is 15 minutes to prepare it!🙄😘 Are you ready? 😀


👉100g wheat flour
👉70g butter
👉4 tsp sugar

👉2 cups wheat flour
👉2 tsp baking powder
👉2 eggs
👉2/3 cup fine sugar
👉1 cup natural yogurt
👉50 grams butter
👉1 tsp cinnamon
🍓🍓🍓300g strawberries


👉Preheat oven at 180°C

👉Mix in bowl flour with cubes of butter and sugar together (prefferably by hands)
👉Once you get mass, wrap it with foil and put in the refrigerator for the moment while you will prepare the dough.

👉Mix dry ingredients: flour with baking soda. In seperate bowl beat eggs with sugar until it gets foamy and even. Add melted butter, yogurt and cinnamon and stir together. Add it to other bowl and mix it evenly with dry ingredients.
👉Put prepared dough in cake pan. Slice strawberries and put pieces on top. Take crumble topping out from refrigerator and sprinkle over the dough.
👉Put into oven and bake for approximately 45-50 minutes.

After that… ENJOY! 😁🤗🙌🍰 ❤💙💚💛💜
ENJOY! And check my blog for more recipes and culinary inspirations 😁

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Yes! Yes! Yes! We are in STRAWBERRY 🍓🍓🍓 season now! 😀 That means lots of them in my daily diet, especially in the morning as a addition to oatmeal 🤗 But they are good not only for breakfast but also for desserts and baking!🍰 This cake that I made yesterday is an example of tasty and easy recipe! All you need is 15 minutes to prepare it!🙄😘 Are you ready? 😀 ☆☆☆INGREDIENTS☆☆☆ °°°CRUMBLE TOPPING°°° 👉100g wheat flour 👉70g butter 👉4 tsp sugar °°°DOUGH°°° 👉2 cups wheat flour 👉2 tsp baking powder 👉2 eggs 👉2/3 cup fine sugar 👉1 cup natural yogurt 👉50 grams butter 👉1 tsp cinnamon 🍓🍓🍓300g strawberries ☆☆☆DIRECTIONS☆☆☆ 👉Preheat oven at 180°C 👉°°°CRUMBLE TOPPING°°° Mix in bowl flour with cubes of butter and sugar together (prefferably by hands) Once you get mass, wrap it with foil and put in the refrigerator for the moment while you will prepare the dough. 👉°°°DOUGH°°° Mix dry ingredients: flour with baking soda. In seperate bowl beat eggs with sugar until it gets foamy and even. Add melted butter, yogurt and cinnamon and stir together. Add it to other bowl and mix it evenly with dry ingredients. 👉Put prepared dough in cake pan. Slice strawberries and put pieces on top. Take crumble topping out from refrigerator and sprinkle over the dough. 👉Put into oven and bake for approximately 45-50 minutes. After that… ENJOY! 😁🤗🙌🍰 ❤💙💚💛💜 ENJOY! And check my blog for more recipes and culinary inspirations 🙄😁 #bioola #olazieminska #strawberries #recipe #cake #summer #season #inspiration #motivation #kitchen #food #foodie #fruits #bake #bakery #home #tasty #lunch #breakfast

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Speed Trigger

In my previous update about my races you could read about my winter races.

In this post I am gonna tell you a bit the following ones.

United Airlines NYC Half 2018, New York, March 18, 2018

This was very unexpected race for me a I was not able to sign for this race prior it and couple days before it when I arrived to NYC there were no more spots I was very regretting that I had not signed up for it as it is one of the most popular Half Marathons in NYC!

Few days before the race my last hope was destroyed since special invitation from one of the NYRR coaches was not valid impossible to transfer on me name.
I put this race aside wishing I could do it next year…

But then miracle happened, on Friday evening, at 7 pm (12 hours before the start!) my coach Roberto called me saying that there is one free spot and asked whether I wanted to jump into the race. My answer was ‘YES!’

Straight after phone call I needed to prepare all my racing clothes, breakfast for next day and… go to sleep :D.

The next day I woke up before 5 am, as at 6 am the latest we needed to leave our things in deposit and we were supposed to meet altogether with NYRR crew, apart from me I was racing with Barbara, Jessica, Ali, Roberto, Ann and other runners.
Intentionally I did not want to race this race for real as I still had my PB race from 2 weeks earlier in my legs and my mind did not want to switch on #speedmode this time :D.

My aim was to enjoy this race and have fun among other 22k runners! :O
Especially it was very first time of this half marathon with completely new route that in past years.

Start line was at Brooklyn (Prospect Park) – Manhattan Bridge (they closed one side of the road FOR US! CRAZY RUNNERS! :D) – Chinatown – FDR DRIVE up to 42 street – Times Square – 7 Avenue – Central Park (Finish line)

I took this race quite easy till we got to FDR x 42 street then my mind switched and wanted to cruise this race! The feeling of running through Times Square lighted with countless billboards and neons was incredible. From there I was heading up to Central Park where just before ‘famous’ Cat Hill our amazing NYRR Group Training team was cheering us up. From there there was only 3 miles to go and finish this race.

In total I finished this race in 1h30m36s – improving my last year’s half marathon time from Shape Women’s Half Marathon 2017.

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My goal for 2018 "Gotta collect them all" 😃😂 Another medal to my collection 😎 So lucky to have jumped into and run #UnitedNYCHalf today ! 1h30m36s 🏃💪🏆 little slower than 2 weeks ago in Paris but still better than last year during 13.1miler.💪🔫👊 it is ok! You do not need to race every race, that was my kinda 'long weekend run'. But most important ⚠⚠⚠ enjoy the journey and have fun! Thank you @nyrr for your support and cheerleading! Congratulations to everybody and especially to my folks @mann.barbara @jessnachman @annaerobicann @robertomandje @moazzambrohi #zoomzoom #nyrr #runforlife #runforrestrun #motivation #inspiration #weekend #halfmarathon #training #goal #endorphin #spring #newyork #sunday #friends #biegamzRW @runnersworldpolska

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DOZ 5km, Łódź, April 14, 2018

In the beginning of April I came back to Poland for Easter break and my final exams at school.
Checking local newspaper I have encountered the advert about upcoming 5km race within Marathon that would take place on the second weekend of April in my hometown.
I was in! Not in the Marathon 😉 but in the 5km !
I have never raced any short distance and I wanted to check myself if I am able to break 20 minutes… that was my goal!

I picked up my BIP the day before and on Saturday morning I was ready to go.

The race was supposed to start at midday so I had plenty of time to arrive earlier, leave my bag and warm-up.
Luckily my brother came to support me (and what was the most fun was the fact that he even manage to follow me during over 80% of the race along me cycling while I was racing!)

Focused and a bit nervous I started the race in first row of corral. All I knew was only that I should keep my legs on hold and do not let myself fly too early with others… What a surprise I had when I saw on my watch after 1st km pace 3:50.
I did not expect that my 1st km would go that fast already… but I felt good and wanted to keep this pace as long as possible to not get crazy.

After passing 3km in less than 12 minutes I had only 2 km to go, deep in my head I knew that the final result below 20 minutes is possible now everything was only in my legs and mind to keep it strong to the finish line.

After 4km my brother shouted to me ‘Go Ola, Go! No pain! No tireness! Go Go!’ what was actually kinda funny as deep in my head I wanted to kill him at the same time 😀 But I really appreciated my brother’s support ;).

Last 800m after right turn I run to area of Atlas Arena, after 300m SHARP turn-around was awaiting on me and then all the way down to the end, running to Atlas Arena Stadium inside.

powered by EndomondoWPlogo

The feeling when I saw 19 minutes on watch was awesome. Now everything depended on me how quick would I cross the finish line.
Eventually I accomplished this race with result 19m30s ! YES YES YES! 5 km and sub 20 minutes felt greatttttt 😎

#POLIMIRUN 10km, Milan, May 20, 2018

This is the most random history in racing ever.
I am in Milano now, since the begining of May. When I got my flight ticket to Milano in April, I started to look for by curiosity, any races in Milano.
When I found #POLIMIRUN I was positively oriented as it was supposed to 10km race and I wanted to check myself on this distance because I have not done any of them since May 2016 – my very first 10 km race in London!

I tried to reach the organizer through email and facebook to get BIP for the race but it was fully booked since last month and 2 weeks before the event seemed to be too late :(.
I really regretted as I wanted to make it not only for training purposes but also to get another city to my list of cities I have raced in ;).
But I had nothing to do and needed to accept that, shortly after I forgot about this.

Then, believe me or not, on Saturday evening 9.30 pm when my and my roommates were so lazy to do anything and we decided to spend the evening on sofa and ice-creams, I checked my inbox on facebook and I saw the message from some man texting me that he can give me his BIP as he would not be able to race it.

It was so, so random! I had only 12 hours to go for the race and I was not prepared for this at all :O
I as not sure whether to do it or not, as that day I did some interval training and I did not know if I would be sharp on Sunday morning to race, but I decided to go for if as nothing ventured, nothing gained 😉

I was also lucky as the start of the race was not far from the place there I stay now in Milano, on top of that its course was passing by my place.

The start was planned at 9.30 AM, I met before that with friend of my facebook’s runner friend (:D) to get my number. I got some advise and tips about the course as I completely did not know what to expect and its profile, hills etc.

Before 9.30 I went to corral to get into my position as there were over 12 000 runners that day! :O
I managed to jump to the 3rd wave as the 1st was reserved for who had signed as competitive runners, 2nd wave for only for #addidasrunners and then finally I could line up myself in the 3rd wave that was the 1st corral of non-competitive runners at the same time.

We needed to wait for the first two waves to start running before as so eventually around 9.40 AM I have started to run! It started to get very hot on top of this, it was high time to crush these 10 kms.
It was very crowded and tight in the beginning of course, needed to jump through many people. My watch showed me pace around 4:10 at 1st kilometer, I thought it would not be able to make 10kms under 40 minutes as I wanted to make that day. But I decided to not be focused on my watch especially it was not working properly for last couple of days.

powered by EndomondoWPlogo

Following only my feelings and strength of my legs on that day I wanted to make the best out of it.
Suddenly after 2-3 kilometers my watch showed me pace below 4:00 km/min… I was curious ‘what the hell is going on’.. ‘maybe my pace is actually below 4:00’…

I really felt that the watch must be wrong and its records cannot be taken seriously so I just kept my pace, trying to keep it strong and slowly passing by other runners (who made it too quickly at the beginning of race). * This is actually one of the best feeling during races, when you are chasing all other people who fired up too much*

At point of 8th kilometer I was thinking deep in my head ‘what am I doing here? It is not easy… Damn.. still 2 more kilometers’.
Luckily, at this moment some very fast guy passed me and I started to chase him “If he is still going, I can do it too!” so I kept my pace in hope of gradual acceleration.

After 9km I really wanted to have this finish line but I did not know when and where is gonna happen, I was running just as fast as possible to get it finally.
Turn after turn, we run into Campus of Polytechnic University of Leonardo da Vinci the finish line was still not seen…!
I was so surprised when after my 3rd right turn the finish line was in less then 100meters away from me.
‘Here you are! I am coming.!!’ That was my thought.

I passed the finish line, looked at my watch and it showed me time below 39m:30s ! :O
I was amazed, wow! Still did not trust it especially my watch worked funky recently. However deep in my head I got a feeling that could be possible.

Shortly after I saw the official time 39m26s I was astonished and proud as never before :D!

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Yesterday night at 9.30. PM I got message on FB that I can jump into @polimisport #polimirun10k Exactly 12 hours before the start 😄 My decision was fast – YES But still not sure how would I perform today… And now after racing through not known course, with 22°C and sun, I have made it… New Personal Best – 10km 39m:26s 💪🏃 That means sub 40 that I wanted to break since last year!! I am sooo happy… ✌ It was my first 10km race since May 2016 in London where I started racing for real… MILANO got to my list of cities I have raced in 😎 So happy and satissfied… Walking /crawling/cycling home now to get well deserved rest, strech, foam roll and… more foccacia & paninis I have been eating since Friday 😂 #run #milano #race #personalbest #personalrecord #10km #motivation #inspiration #fun #race #speed #fast #sub40

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All I can say that bananas I ate after my race tasted like never before 😀

=== === === === ===

Overall I am so, so happy about my recent races and results.
I hope that my fitness level will stay on that level for long time.

I think during summer time I would not be participating in any races as hot temperatures are not not my favorite and I am keep on learning to not struggle with them. But… who knows… never say never… Maybe I will get a chance for some crazy race last minute and then I will jump into it ;D

For sure, I will do my best to keep on working on my technique of running and enjoying it and being grateful for every kilometer that I run <3 just to keep it simple and happy as long as possible.

Happy weekend! <3



Hello Everyone!
I want to share with you my latest project called #RUNTALK that I want to fully engage in and develop to its greatness.
As you (already) know I am crazy about running and I want to pass my hobby on and share it with others. Because I believe that being active nowadays in crucial to keep healthy and enjoy life to fullest!

Every episode, you can watch on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL, against to regular ‘coffee talk’ I run & talk and interview fascinating people from different areas such as FASHION/MUSIC/SPORTS/CULTURE. Because there is no better way to meet new people than running and having fun together!
Hopefully we will visit together with my guest amazing places, inspiring others to follow us!
I want to prove that running itself is such a great activity that not only improves your fitness level but also allows to meet people and making new relationships!
There are already 4 episodes of my series:

Episode #01 – ZOSIA NOWAK (en)

Polish model who lives in NYC. Spending many, many hours at the airports, planes, studios. She traveled to many places, such as (Bali, Chile, California, Miami, Europe). Face of latest KIKO Milano campaign, AA Cosmetics, Kazaar, Parker NYC. Covers many magazines such as: Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Glamour.

Episode #02 – GEORGE MENDES (en)

Born and raised in Portuguese. He is the executive chef of Aldea, a Michelin starred restaurant in New York City. He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1992, and later worked at Bouley under the instruction of chef David Bouley. Now he creates amazing meals bringing Portuguese flavor in Manhattan. Passionate runner, belongs to NYRR. Currently participated and finished Boston Marathon 2018.

Episode #03 – ROBERTO MANDJE (en)

Roberto Mandje is an Olympic distance runner, a fitness model, and the manager of runner training, education & products at New York Road Runners. Born in Spain, he’s also lived in Germany, Mali, Egypt, Swaziland, South Africa, France, Belgium, New Zealand, Equatorial Guinea, Australia, and Colorado (among other places) and currently lives in NYC. An early exposure to different cultures and languages ignited his love of traveling, the arts, and sports. He speaks Spanish, English, French, German, and some Italian.

Roberto competed in the 1500 meters at the 2004 Olympics for Equatorial Guinea

Episode #04 – SŁAWEK UNIATOWSKI (pl)

Polish vocalist, musician and multi-instrumentalist known from IDOL (music TV show) who just released his very first album that already hit chart list in Poland. His new single ‘Honolulu’ is definitely hit of this Spring. His tour concert is just around the corner. Check out when you can meet him soon!
en/pl – langague version
So are you ready for #RUNTALK ? Be ready to expirence it and who knows… maybe YOU are going to be my next guest :>?

Witam Wszystkich! 🙂
Niezmiernie cieszę się móc podzielić się z Wami moim najnowszym projektem o nazwie #RUNTALK! Któremu chce się w pełni poświęcić.
Jak (już) wiecie uwielbiam biegać, w związku z tym pragnę ‘zarazić’ innych moim bzikiem. Wierzę że bycie aktywnym w dzisiejszych czasach jest isotne by być zdrowym i cieszyć się życiem w pełni.
Koncepcja programu jest banalnie prosta – przeciwnie do sztampowego ‘coffee talk’ zabieram swojego gościa na RUN & TALK (Bieg i rozmowę), co pozwoli mi poznać i przeprowadzić wywiad z ciekawymi ludźmi z przeróżnych dziedzin życia oraz innych światów – MODY, MUZYKI, SPORTU, KULTURY.
Ponieważ nie ma nic lepszego jak wspólny bieg i szczera rozmowa!
Mam nadzieję, że uda mi się zwiedzić z moimi gośćmi niezwykłe miejsca, co również zainspiruje innych do podążania naszymi szlakami.
Chcę udowodnić że bieganie nie tylko poprawia zdrowie i kondycję, ale jest również super alternatywą do odkrywania świata i spędzania wolnego czasu z innymi.
Dotychczas ukazały się 4 odcinki mojej serii #RUNTALK, które możecie oglądać na kanale YOUTUBE

Odcinek #01 – Zosia Nowak (ang.) – międzynarodowa modelka, urodzona i wychowana w Gnieźne. Od kilku lat spędza najwięcej czasu na lotniskach, sesjach zdjęciowych i pakowaniu walizek. Obecnie mieszka w Nowym Jorku. Zosia, znana w branży jako ‘Zo’ jest twarzą najnowszej kampanii KIKO Milano, Kosmetyki AA, Kazar, Parker NY, pojawiła się na okładkach wielu pism Elle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar.

Odcinek #02 – George Mendes (ang.) – szef kuchni i właściciel nowojorskiej restuarancji ALDEA, nagrodzonej gwiazdką MICHELIN. Pochodzi z Portugalii, gdzie się wychował. Pracował ze znakomitośćiami świata kuchni – z David’em Bouley w Paryżu. Nieustatnnie rozwija się i pobudza kubki smakowe gości swojej restauracji. Członek NYRR. Entuzjasta biegania, wystartował i ukończył kultowy Maraton w Bostonie w 2018 roku.

Odcinek #03 – Roberto Mandje (ang.) – Olimpijczyk, urodzony w Gwinei Równikowej. Od dziecka żyjący w ciągłej podróży, mówi biegle w 6 językach. Jako zawodowy biegacz, uczestniczył w Olimpiadzie 2004 w Atenach. Obecnie mieszka ze swoją rodziną w Nowym Jorku, gdzie jest naczelnym trenerem nowojorskiej organizacji NYRR – najwięszkej organizacji biegaczy zrzeszających entuzastów tego sportu na świecie.

Odcinek #04 – Sławek Uniatowski (pl.) – multiinstrumentalista, wokalista, autor tekstów piosenek. Zaledwie tydzień temu wydał swój debiutancki album METAMORPHOSIS, na który fani czekali od wielu lat (od czasu niezapomnianych występów w polskiej edcyji programu IDOL w 2005 roku). Jego najnowszy singiel ‘HONOLULU’ oraz płyta już podbijają listy przebojów!

ang./pl. – wersja językowa

Jesteście gotowi? Zapraszam do oglądania i doświadczenia #RUNTALK na własnej skórze!
Kto wie? Może któryś/któraś z Was będzie moim kolejnym gościem programu? :>

Miłego weekendu,

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Ladies & Gentlemens !

I am so happy and excited to share with you my latest VLOG that I posted 2 weeks ago about recent New York Fashion Week!

This is my full diary from that crazy week, full of insights that I hope you will find interesting!

Have you ever wonder how to prepare for castings?
How do they look like actually?

After castings, comes time for callback, fittings and finally fashion shows!
So many things happen before model hits the runway, walking down the catwalk takes only few seconds for us but before that there are much more preparations! Early call times, make up, hair styling, rehearsals…
All this things happens so fast and are intense!

Have a look below and watch my VLOG to experience New York Fashion Week from scratch!

P. S.
This is just beginning more videos and vlogs are coming soon!
I am struggling recently with my school duties and they are my main concern at the moment but I promise you won’t be disappointed later.
Stay tuned ! 🙂