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Races, races on my mind :)

Time flies!

It is almost mid of March and I cannot believe that I haven’t post anything about my races I participated in during last 3 months! Oh, okay, I put blame on busy time during New York Fashion Week, Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, my school, vlogging and blogging…
So let me tell you now a little bit about it 🙂 As I run 3 races!

Ted Corbitt 10k, New York, December 9, 2017

I raced it with Roberto (my great friend and NYRR coach) who was pacing me. The goal was to run it better than in 2016 when I finished it with 1h5m28s

It felt strong and solid during whole run. Just at around 10′ km I was asking myself ‘what am I running for? Damn.. there is still 2/3 loop of Central Park to run before I finish. Ok, come on, you can do it’ Roberto was running along me, motivating and shouting to me ‘Go, Go! Ola! You are doing great!’ I trusted him and followed/ The last 2 kms were the most difficult on the course. Running as fast as I can my last 400… 300… 200… 100m I finally crossed the finished line!
Yes I made it! Final time 1:02:47 could not be any better!

That was a race! I was so happy as also my friends Ann and Barbara from my NYRR GT (who finished it few seconds faster than me) were racing it and later on regardless the nasty weather we were celebrating our final race of the season 🙂

Actually, no I am wrong. It was not a final race of the season, in NY yes, but week later I came back home for my Christmas break, nestling myself and warming with my family during Holidays. It was peaceful time and I needed to have few days off not only because my body needed that after whole year of running but also I needed to remove my wisdom teeth.
Few days of laziness felt good, but after not even one week I really needed to go for run and jog as my leg were pulling me out of home. Slowly and carefully I was jogging around my neighborhood where I grew up.

So Christmas time I treated as my recovery. However, few days later I made my last minute decision and finally signed up for the race I had been following for last 2 years – local New Year’s Eve race – 10km Łódzki Bieg Sylwestrowy – that was supposed to be my first ever cross race.
I did not want to race it but just to enjoy and experience it.

Łódzki Bieg Sylwestrowy, Łódź, December 31, 2017

That they weather and conditions were very poor. Actually not, weather was not that bad but day before it had been snowing and raining all day so all runners needed to run in deep mud, on slippery, leafy paths in forest. That was not easy!
But I was super happy to finish 2017 in such a way, racing my very first cross 10k with final result 44:19. I was happy considering that was a difficult course 🙂

I think everyone makes Neew Year’s Resolution, the same I did. My wish was (and still is) for this year to have 365 days without injuries, many kilometers run freely and cheerfully with gradual progression. To keep it always as a positive and ‘my way’ to shout out to world and feel free and strong.

I started 2018 with will of running at least SAME GOOD as 2017.
Beginning of the year I was travelling between Portugal, NYC, Paris. I was running without any specific plan, 3-4 times per week,  intervals while I was in NY, long runs and easy runs. Still learning and discovering myself as a runner. I did also my very first tempo run with Roberto and my GT friend Jess and companied her during her last long-run before Tokyo Marathon that she crushed! Congrats, girl!

After running like crazy between castings, runway and fittings during NY Fashion Week I booked my ticket to Paris where I was heading to for 2 weeks for work. Than my friend told me ‘Ola! There is HalfMarathon in Paris in March’.

Fitbit Semi de Paris, Paris, March 4, 2018

My first thought was ‘That is great! I wanna make it’ And indeed, I signed like 10 days before the actual race…
I went to Paris a bit anxious, ‘ohlala, this is really going to happen soon. I should get ready.’ So yes, I was thinking about that race almost everyday. Asking about ‘stupid’ things such as ‘what should I wear in case of the rain? (As it was primarly forecasted)’ I learnt that garbage bag works perfectly, thank you folks!
Actually the worst part of it was waiting and thinking about it, I wanted to speed up the time to limit waiting in corrals and all this preparations.

Overall my prep for SemiMarathon looked like this:
(After plenty messages, phone calls with Robert. Oh boy, thank you for this! :D) :

  • Sunday, February 25th – I went to Chateau de Vincennes to explore area and the course. 16,21 km | 1h16m52s | 04:45 min/km
  • Monday, February 26th – gym – mobility + upper body + streching
  • Tuesday, February 27th – easy run 10,88km | 48m28s | 04:27 min/km
  • Wednesday, February 28th – gym – lower body + streching
  • Thursday, March 1st – run workout 2km warm up + 4×1 kms HM pace (4:18, 4:11, 4:19, 4:01) + 3km jog back home
  • Friday, March 2nd – gym – mobility + streching + roller
  • Saturday, March 3rd – easy, short run – 7,49km | 32m20s | 04:20 min/km + roller
  • Sunday , March 4th – RACE DAY!

I was ready for that day, subconsciously I had inner voice saying me I will hit the finish line with 1h28mins..
Now everything was in my hand, whether I make it or not. But having support of Roberto and his words ‘You will be flying!’ Kept me strong and convinced that I really may beat my goal – sub 90mins.

The weather was not that bad as predicted, cloudy, 4-5 oC at 8 am when I got to the area of race. I left my bag in drop-box around 8:15 AM, did 15-20mins warm up,  some drills, dynamic streches, little jog and at 8:40 AM I was already in my corral waiting for the start.

As soon as we started at 9AM (I was n the 2nd wave) it started to rain a little bit, but it was kinda nice and refreshening, later on it started pour for real but while you are at 15-16kms of your race, you really do not care 😉

I was surprised when I saw my watch after my 1st km, showing me me pace. I started really fast, faster than I planned. But I felt good and wanted to keep it and try if can I maintain for the over 20kms left.

Eventualy I made it, yes! Even hills on the way did not feel that bad, I had in my mind picture of Cat Hills from Central Park, that I made them and these one in Paris are piece of cake’ comparing to New York!

Till 15-16km I felt really good and on fire. But then I got to the point that there are still over 6kms to go ahead of me. I was a little bit tired, however not physcially but mentally. Luckily these state did not last for long and after passing 18 kms, I looked at my watch and I was almost sure that I would reach my goal and hit the finish line under 90 mins!

From 18km I became impatient, I wanted to cross these line as soon as possibile to proof finally I really made it. I was running gradually faster, moving towards 21,197m of my course and finally… YES! YES! i MADE IT!

1 hour 28min 12 sec !!!

 My Personal Best on this distance! Over 3 minutes better then my Shape Half Marathon I races in April 2017!
Such a great feeling!

I was so, so happy, forgot about the tiredness and soaked clothes from rain. Surrounded at finish line by my family who came to cheer me up at finish line 🙂 As soon as I run, my friends and coach texted me ‘You made it!’ ‘You did it!’ , as they were following me on online tracker during my race.

On top of this, my result is a Women’s Record at this distance of my NYRR Group Training!
Wow! That is exciting! And thrilling, cannot wait to push the limits and go and run even better.

But the most important thing, as Roberto says is ‘Enjoy the journey!’.
Oh yes I will, so many exciting things are coming and I hope that my sub 90mins in Half Marathon will motivate me and keep on going not only in my running.

And you? What is your goal ;)?
Have you run today already?

Do not wait, give yourself a try and do it! 🙂

Time to end this post, I am getting ready for my casting now and heading for my GT Interval Training tonight at 6PM in Central Park, are we seeing there ;)?

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NYRR Final Countdown 2017

Cannot believe that this is the end of the year and I am on my way back home right now. Another fall in NYC has just gone and it is time to celebrate Christmas with my family!
Time flies, I remember like yesterday the first day in September back to NYC and now I am here again, on the plane, flying to Poland for holidays.

That was great time for me as a runner, I had more time for myself to train really conscientiously and hard, I have done 2 sessions of Group Training with NYRR (in total 15 workouts, I missed 2 of them while I was away in Paris in September).
Today was the final interval workout and I am already missing YOU GUYS and my alarm clock at 5 a.m. on Tuesday morning to get on time!

Apart from running and training I have also launched my VLOG series showing our ‘sweaty’ mornings. I was trying to capture and catch the best moments, whenever you have some questions, feel fre to ask me, I would be more than happy to replay to you.
On my YOU TUBE CHANNEL you can see many videos from my GoPRO camera.
There are not only NYRR videos but also #RUNTALK series episodes! This is my new personal project, that I really want to develop and enlarge. Against the casual ‘coffee’ talks I want to interview amazing people who I encounter on my way travelling and working around the world, including fashion people, sportsmen, celebrities and interesting personas. Because, I believe that running can be real fun and there is nothing better than jogging together and getting to know each other!
In this link you can see the #RUNTALK #EPISODE01 with @zosianowak_official , my friend and great model who works literally all around the world. Did you know that only this year she has flied over 115 times (!)

The guest of #RUNTALK #EPISODE02 is @geomendes , the executive chef of Michelin starred @aldeanyc in NYC !

To sum up, each training and workout was great, I feel much faster and self-cofident as a runner.
To prove it to myself I have run #TEDCORBIT15k race 12/09/2017 and bet my time from the last year with final result 62:47 ! (last year 65:28). I have raced it with my great friend and coach @robertomandje who I am very thankful for his support and push to the LITERALLY last meters of this 15k course!

Today we had the last workout of this year and I am preparing special video, so be ready and check my youtube channel very soon!
While I am gonna be at home now, I need to have a little break from the running as I have to remove my wisdom teeth. But, also I came to the concluion that after 1 year of constant running I deserve some break. I feel that mentally and physically my body needs some detox to come back to it with dual power. 🙂 I know it is gonna be hard for me, as legs would be very anxious during Christmas time, but for my better futher performance I will recover for around 7 days. Trying to do some easy exercises at home, streching, massaging and preparing these legs and body for upcoming season.
Many things are in my mind I would love to beat my personal best at 10k, half-marathon and… last but not the least run NYC MARATHON ! Damn… this is gonna be a year!
So excited, hopefully I will manage to keep it up and make it between my work, studies (that I should graduate in June, finally! 😀 yey ) and personal-life.
2018… do not know why but I am sooo… happy and ready for it!
#zoomzoom #runforlife

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Group Training NYRR | Treningi z NYRR

Here we are! It has been over 2 weeks since I arrived in NYC. It was busy due to the Fashion Week that finished last Thursday.

But apart from my modelling duties and very busy time I managed to reunite with my mates at NYRR.

Today we had already 3rd session of this season. I want to summarize the trainings we did so far together during Group Training.

1) First training, September 5th. After my summer break and not doing any proper interval workouts during July and August, I was a bit anxious how I am gonna deal with this interval. This wast based on 400m splits and 200m recovery. (8 times)

Unexpectedly I did it pretty well!

The last one I run with time 74s!

I remember that my very first 400m interval training I did in Spring I ran with a result of 83 seconds! Obviously, I was completely new and a bit insecure that time, but running with such an improvement was a really nice surprise, especially after a break!

2) 2nd week, September 12th, 800m.

Training based on 5 repetitions of 800m with my final results as follow: 3:01 2:57 2:58 2:57 2:54.


3) And today was the workout I really liked when we did it in Spring. It was based on time and effort. The result was shown by the distance. With 1-2-3-4-3-2-1 mins of sprint run and the same time of recovery in the meanwhile.

My pace at each segment: 3:56 4:02 4:02 3:58 3:47 3:56 (unlucky Pier! more info below) 3:36

Pretty good run! The first 3 mins seemed to be lasting forever but after running the middle segment (4 minutes peak) I totally had fun! [ I wish that pier would not finish (unexpectedly) in the last seconds of the second-last 2 min workout so I could flyyyy (I mean run) and accelarate more   😉 ]

Additionally, this time we went for our workout all the way to the most western side of 59th street just along the Hudson River. Great spot for morning run at dawn!

After training, I managed to pick up my race number and t-shirt for upcoming Bronx 10 miles race. I was supposed to run it this Sunday, September 24th but I am gonna be away so I can’t make it. I wish I could teleport! I wish good luck to every runners who participate in this race. Zoom zoom!

I will be back to NYC shortly. Now I am at the airport waiting for boarding as I am flying tonight to Paris. I am excited about this trip as it has been a while since I was there last time. Especially I am going there now with the new agency – Metropolitan Management. I can’t wait to meet them! Ready for new adventure ahead of me. Parison Fashion Week is calling 🙂

I’II keep you posted!

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My NYRR experience | Moje doświadczenie z NYRR

That’s a wrap! It is hard to believe but 7 weeks (out of 8 weeks) of NYRR Group Training Sessions have just gone! Time is flying… and so are New Yorker runners 😉

Few weeks ago I wrote about my SHAPE Women’s Half-Marathon I participated in and I mentioned that I was invited to join NYRR and encouraged to take part in their Group Training by Roberto Mandje (NYRR’s coach,
Olympic Runner and also my best friend now! :)). After all I can say that these sessions were the best running experience in my life.

NYRR organize this Group Trainings Tuesdays (Interval workout) and Thursdays (Tempo workout) for early birds at 6.30 am and evening people at 6.30 pm. (at Central Park in Manhattan, Astoria Park in Queens and at Prospect Park for Brooklyn Group).
I have been taking part in the morning Tuesday sessions in Central Park. Each Tuesday, at 6.30 am (except the first one that I could do only in the evening) I gathered with all other runners in New York Road Runner’s RunCentre located at 57th West Street x 7 Avenue (nearby Columbus Circus) to run, train and have fun together. (The NYRR RUNCENTER serves many purposes. It is NYRR’s location for race number pickup, it showcases the latest in education, training, innovation, and it serves as a meeting place …)

Every week, each workout was different but all of them were full of positive energy and speed! And waking up at 5.20 a.m. (that might sound crazy to most of you) to get there on time, was not a problem at all ;).

I was a little bit nervous and thrilled before the first session, as I hadn’t included many interval training into my running before so I was anxious whether I would be able to catch up with these fast runners! That day after arrival to RunCentre we met all together to got to know our names and coaches. We had been divided into 4 groups (according to the average pace). I got into the fastest group due to my half-marathon race time.   Then each session began with similar scenario: all  4 met at NYRR RunCentre, listened to the general speech of Stuart Calderwood (main trainer, great runner, coach and personality who really helped me a lot during these weeks, THANK YOU!) about the purpose and plan for the workout of that day (as each training was different!). Then we proceeded from NewYorkRoadRunner’s RunCentre location towards Central Park South-West corner (just at Columbus Circus) to kick off our training.

Then warm-up as follows: high-knees, butt-kicks, high jumps drills, quick feet etc. and few strides (mix of short, slower jogs and faster ones) to get our body and legs ready for the main training, which every week was different. They combined typical interval workouts, speed trainings, hill runnings, relays and much more! It was always exciting to experience different kind of approach of training.


Every day and training were fun! Completely new and absolutely amazing experience for me! Surrounded with amazing people, all around the world, German, French, Spanish, American men and women. I really felt that we are a group and unity so we can do our workouts in the best possible way, smashing it and supporting each other. SKY IS THE LIMIT!

The workouts gave me not only more experience and speed as a runner but also belief in myself, each word heard from coaches (Stuart and Roberto) made me very happy and positive about the running. I totally fell in love with these trainings and people. I miss them so much already. I can’t wait to be back on track in Central Park in September! (I am already counting the days down 🙂 )

Moje doświadczenie z NYRR

Ciężko uwierzyć, ale 7 tygodni wspólnych treningów z NYRR minął jak z bata strzelił.

Poprzednio w moim poście o Półmaratonie SHAPE Half-Marathon, wspomniałam, że po zakończeniu zawodów otrzymałam zaproszenie do przystąpienia do NYRR oraz wzięcia udziału we wspólnych sesjach treningowych od Roberto Mandje (trenera NYRR, byłego olimipijczyka a obecnie również mojego przyjaciela 😉 ).
Teraz, po upływie tego czasu moge śmiało powiedzieć, że było to najlepsze doświadczenie biegowe w moim życiu!

NYRR organizuje te treningi regularnie, wtorki to interwały zaś czwartki do dzień treningu tempowego, dla porannych ptaszków o godzinie 6.30 oraz wieczorami o 18.30 w różnych lokalizacjach (Central Park na Manhattanie, Prospect Park na Brooklynie oraz Astoria Park w dzielnicy Queens).
Ja brałam udział w sesjach porannych, o 6.30 w Central Parku, stawiając się co wtorek w centrum NYRR – RunCentre zlokalizowanym przy ulicy 57th Werst x 7 Avenue, biegając, wspólnie trenując oraz mieć frajdę z innymi! (NewYorkRoadRunner’s RunCentre  – służy jako miejsce spotkań biegaczy, to tutaj można odbierać numery startowe do wszystkich imprez biegowych organizowanych przez to stowarzyszenie. Organizuje również szereg szkoleń i konferencji dla zainteresowanych).

Co tydzień, każda sesja był inna i różniła się pod względem treningowym, ale każda z nich była pełna pozytywnej energii i… prędkości! Zaś pobudka o godzinie 5.20 aby stawić się na czas (co będzie wydawać się szalone dla wielu z Was), nie sprawiało mi żadnego problemu, a wręcz przeciwnie, zawsze nie mogłam się doczekać wtorkowego poranka! 😉

Na początku byłam nieco zestresowana, przed pierwszą sesją, jako, że wcześniej nie wplatałam w swoje treningi biegowe typowych dni z interwałami, dlatego też denerwowałam się czy podołam nadążyć za najszybszymi biegaczami w mieście!
Tuż przed pierwszym treningiem podzielono nas na grupy, zgodnie z tempem poszczególnego biegacza, ja zostałam przydzielona do tej najszybszej (grupy nr 1) oraz zaznajomiliśmy się wspólnie ze sobą oraz z trenerami.

Następnie zawsze zaczynaliśmy sesje według podobnego scenariusza, wszystkie 4 grupy zbierały się w NYRR RunCentre, aby wysłuchać słów trenera Stuart’a Calderwood’a (niesamowitego biegacza, trenera oraz osobowości) na temat treningu w danym dniu. Później ruszaliśmy w kierunku Columbus Circus, 2 przecznice nieopodal, na połudnowo-zachodnim krańcu Central Parku, aby rozpocząć rozgrzewkę.

Wyglądała ona mniej więcej podobnie – serie skipów, wyskoków, przeplatanek, przebieżek, wszystko po to, aby rozgrzać ciało i nogi przed właściwym treningiem, który co tydzień wyglądało inaczej: miałam okazję doświaczyć rozmaite podejście oraz wiele różnych typów jednostek treningowych. Były dni z typowymi interwałami 8x400m, jak i również podbiegi, sztafety oraz dużo, dużo więcej!

Każdy dzień i trening był niezwykły i sprawiał mi dużo frajdy. To było całkowicie nowe i naprawdę super doświadczenie. Otoczona ludźmi z całego świata, Niemcy, Francuzi, Amerykanie, Hiszpanie o wspólnej biegowej pasji. Zdecydowanie było czuć, że tworzymy grupę oraz jesteśmy jednością, wspierając się wzajemnie w pokonywaniu własnych słabości i ustalaniu coraz to lepszych wyników.

Treningi dały mi bardzo dużo, nie tylko wzmocniły mnie i wpłynęły na moją szybkość, ale wzmocniły wiarę w mnie samą jako biegacza, każde słowo z ust Stuart’a, Roberto czy też innego trenera sprawiły, że chcę biegać jeszcze bardziej.
Śmiało mogę powiedzieć, że zwariowałam i zakochałam się w tych treningach oraz ludziach, których tam spotkałam. Bardzo już za nimi tęsknię i nie mogę się doczekać powrotu do Central Parku (już odliczam dni po cichy, bo powrócić pełną parą tam na koniec lata 😉 )!

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SHAPE Women’s Half Marathon 2017 | Kobiecy Półmaraton SHAPE 2017

SHAPE Women’s Half Marathon 2017

Last Sunday (April 30th) was a BIG day for me as I have finally participated in my first ever half marathon race – SHAPE Women’s Half-Marathon organized by NYRR (New York Road Runners is a non-profit running organization based in New York City whose mission is to help and inspire people through running. It was founded in 1958 by Ted Corbitt with 47 members and has since grown to a membership of more than 60,000).

This was my 3rd race ever in my life and I couldn’t have imagined my half-marathon debut to be any better! I have finished it with the time 1h31min16sec and 23rd place out of 6983 finishers (4th place within my age group)! I must say that this is such a great feeling and motivation for further training and races! 🙂

I want to say about the race in a little shortcut:

I have signed for the race only 2 weeks ago while I was at home for Easter. After my 15K Ted Corbitt race last year in NY, I really wanted to take part in half marathon this Spring. On Wednesday I went to Central Park (where the race was supposed to happen) and did 1,5 loop over (around 13k) around the Park following the course map and picked up my race number from NYRR Hub.

That day has come!

Waking up at 5.50 am to prepare myself for the race and having pre-race breakfast (power-pancakes “the recipe is coming soon!). I arrived to Central Park just after 7 a.m. on a beautiful Sunday morning, as almost 7,000 women lined up at the 14th annual SHAPE Women’s Half-Marathon. #WomenRunTheWorld! With a 14-year tradition of empowering women of all ages and abilities, this race—one of the largest women’s half-marathons in the country!

I was lined up in the zone B (as NYRR remembered my last score from Ted Corbitt race) so was just in the front of the whole group of other runners!

Just before the race, I was not stressed a lot. I would describe my state more as a focused and determined. The only thing I knew was ‘Take a normal pace for the first loop ~10k (the group automatically will make you run faster during the race!), and try to speed up for the second part of the race (negative split technique)’. The most important for me was to enjoy the moment and place of the race, I wanted to treat it as a special long-distance run during the weekend keeping in mind to make is in the best possible way.

The moment has come! At 8 a.m. we started the race! I must admit that in the first phase of the race ( for the first 2 miles (3kilometers)) a big wave of speedy women have passed me, but I was aware that this was just their euphoric miles and I must have kept the strength and power for whole distance 13.1miles (21k) not only first kilometers.

After the 2nd mile the pace got normal and slowly I have started to take advantage of my ‘slower’ start so I was actually taking over speedy women who crossed me before. Kilometer by kilometer in steady pace I have been passing by other women in front of me also I managed to chase up the pacemaker of 1:40.

The race course was not easy as Central Park is a hilly one, and its north part needs lots of mental work from runner to deal with it. Especially the 5th and 15th kilometer, there was the uphill for 1 kilometer long. Luckily I wasn’t tired after passing is on the first loop, then beating other small hills I have made the first loop around Central Park (Around 10km) full of energy.

Between 12-13 I got a really good feeling and believed to think that this was really my day and I could make it easily. However, I didn’t want to make it too crazy and speed up too much because as I had read before in preparation, during half-marathon sometimes the ‘physical’ and ‘mental’ ‘wall’  may occur during +/- 15th kilometer of the race, so having this in mind I just took a little bit faster pace.

Luckily once it came to this moment of 15-16 kilometer and the uphill in the north part of the course, ‘the wall’ didn’t grab me it wasn’t strenuous for me, actually quite easy! Trying to get a bit faster after passing it, I have slowly started to speed up to hit the finish line as soon as possible. Keeping face pace till the 19th kilometer and finishing 2nd loop of the Central Park there were only 2 kilometers to the end! I began to think that “I am almost there, almost made it, only 2000 meters and I will do it”. So I have started to chasing up whoever was in front of me.

On the last 500meters before the end, I needed to cross the big group that was just beginning the 2nd part of the race, and I was just about to finish it such a great thing! Then only last turn left in the 72nd street and seeing the finish line I have run as much as possible crossing this magical line after 21,097 meters of run!

The final result 1:31:16 !
Yes, I have made it! So happy and (maybe it sounds crazy) not so tired! 😀

Later on, after checking my result it turned out my time was 23rd out of 6973 finishers! How good is it! Polish blood rocks! 🙂

At the same time I want to congrats national marathon and half-marathon record holder and Olympic medalist Deena Kastor racked up her fourth win at this race, crossing the finish line in 1:16:17.

On top of it, after posting a picture on my IG I got the feedback from NYRR manager Roberto Mandje as they offered me to join their organization and Training Groups for sessions… Such an honor and pleasure! It couldn’t be a better day for me! It seems like I am gonna spend even more time in Central Park ;). The first Training with NYRR is planned on Tuesday, next week.

Guys, see you soon! 😉


race report (link)

Kobiecy Półmaraton SHAPE 2017

Ostatnia niedziela (30 kwietnia) była dla mnie ważnym dniem ponieważ w końcu udało mi się wziąć udział w moich pierwszy zawodach biegowych na dystansie półmaratonu podczas SHAPE Women’s Half-Marathon organizowanego przez NYRR (New York Road Runners – amerykańską organizację biegaczy non-profit z siedzibą w Nowym Jorku, której misją jest inspirowanie ludzi poprzez bieganie. Została ona założona w 1958 roku przez Ted’a Corbitt’a wraz z 47 członkami. W chwilii obecnej zrzesza ona ponad 60,000 biegaczy! )

Był to mój trzeci start na zawodach biegowych, drugi w Nowym Jorku, a pierwszy na dystansie 21 kilometrów. Mojego debiutu na półmaratonie nie mogłam wymarzyć sobie lepiej, ukończyłam bieg z wynikiem 1g31min16sek, zajmując 23 miejsce spośród 6973 osób, któe ukończyło bieg, zaś 4 w mojej kategorii wiekowej! Muszę przyznać, że jest to wspaniałe uczucie i niezwykle motywujące do dalszych treningów i zawodów 😉

Poniżej chciałabym pokrótce podzielić się relacją z wyścigu:

Zapisałam się na ten półmaraton 2 tygodnie temu będąc w domu na Wielkanoc po jednym z moich dłuższych pobytó za granicą (w Australii). Myśl o starcie w półmaratonie pojawiła się zaraz po ukończeniu zeszłorocznego biegu na dystanie 15 kilometrów, podczas startu w Nowym Jorku w grudniu, na zawodach na cześć Ted’a Corbitt’a.

W minioną środę po powrocie do Nowego Jorku wybrałam się do Central Parku by raz jeszcze przebiec się wokół parku zgodnie z trasą, która czekała na mnie w niedzielę (oczywiście zamiast pełnego dystansu – tj. 2,5 okrążenia, pokonałam 1,5 – około 13 kilometrów) oraz odebrałam pakiet sportowy z koszulką i numerem w siedzibie NYRR.

Nadszedł ten magiczny dzień!
Wstałam o 5:50 rano, aby naszykować się przed biegiem oraz zjeść śniadanie (moje ‘placki-mocy’, których to przepis pojawi się już niebawem ;)). Dotarłam do Central Parku tuż po godzinie 7. Idealna pogoda około 14 stopni, niemal bezwietrznie i bezsłonecznie zapowiadała idealny dzień do biegu! Tego dnia ja, wraz z niemal 7000 innych kobiet byłyśmy gotowe zmierzyć się z corocznym 14-stym już Kobiecym Półmaratonem SHAPE 2017 #WomenRunTheWorld 🙂

Przydzielona do grupy B (trafiłam tam automatycznie, ze względu na wynik z grudniowego wyścigu, który został zapamiętany w rejestrze organizatora) znajdowałam się przy samej linii startu, z przodu kilkutysięcznego tłumu!

Tuż przed startem nie czułam dużego stresu, byłam jednak bardziej skupiona i skoncentrowana.  Moja głowa była kompletnie pusta i bez jakichkolwiek myśli – starałam się nie ‘nakręcać’ i nie myśleć o zawodach a potraktować je jako moje długie weekendowe wybieganie, które postaram się pobiec jak najszybciej, ciesząc się chwilą i miejscem, gdzie przyszło mi biegać.

W końcu o godzinie 8:00 wystartowałyśmy! Bieg rozpoczęłam spokojnie, przez co zostałam wyprzodzona przez ‘falę’ szybkich biegaczek. Wiedziałam, że sił musi mi wystarczyć na całe 21 kilometrów, a nie jedynie szybki start więc nie dałam się ponieść euforii pierwszych kilometrów.

Po około 3 kilometrach tempo biegu się ustatkowało i każdy zaczął biec swoją stałą prędkością. Powoli zaczęłam czerpać korzyści z mojego ‘wolnego’ startu i metr po metrze udawało mi się doganiać kolejne zawodniczki i wyprzedzać je systematycznie. Udało mi się też prześcignąć pacemaker’a z czasem 1g40 minut.

Trasa biegu zakładała przebiegnięcie 2 pełnych okrążeń wokół Central Parku oraz ostatnie 2 kilometry w dolnej części parku. Central Park ma wiele wniesień, przez co nie należy do najłatwiejszych i najszybszych tras. Panuje ogólne przekonanie, że jest północna część potrafi dać wycisk niejednemu atlecie (zarówno biegaczom jak i rowerzystom). Najcięższy, 1 kilometrowy podbieg przypadał na trasie na 5-tym i 15-tym kilometrze. Na szczęście trzymając tę samą intensywność biegu co na płaskiej drodze udało mi się pokonać go bezproblemowo. Później biegnąc dalej w południową stronę parku udało mi się ukończyć pierwsze okrążenie, 10 kilometrów, z dużym zapasem sił,wyprzedzając kolejnego pacemakera 1g35min i apetytem na więcej (przybiłam nawet 5tkę kilku dopingującym co dodatkowo podbudowało mnie mentalnie :)).

Kontynuując bieg na 12-13 kilometrze czułam się nadal w dobrej formie, zaczęłam sobie uświadamiać, że to naprawdę może być mój dzień i jestem coraz bliżej linii mety. Przyspieszając nieco, próbując pokonywać kolejne wniesienia w szybkim tempie przyszedł czas na wcześniej wspomniany kilometrowy podbieg w okolicach 15 kilometra, wbrew pozorom przebiegłam go czująć naprawdę moc w nogach. Nie dopadła mnie również ‘ściana’, która często potrafi złapać półmaratończyków między 15-16 kilometrem. Z zapasem sił do mety zostało mi już tylko 5 kilometrów.

Przyspieszając jeszcze bardziej, lecz wciąż trzymając siły udało mi się ukończyć 2gie okrążenie. Mając 19 kilometrów za sobą i perspektywę jedynie 2 ostatnich kilometrów w mojej głowie pojawiła się myśl, że już tak niewiele pozostało i pora przekroczyć linię mety jak najszybciej. W tym momencie goniąc wszystkich przede mną (również ogon grupy, która zaczynała dopiero swoje drugie okrążenie).

Na ostatnich 500 metrach, slalomem, niczym szalona omijałam wszystkich i skręciłam w lewo na wysokości 72 ulicy, gdzie widziałam już linię mety. Widok ten zmotywował mnie jeszcze bardziej i z szaloną prędkością (jak później się okazało 16 km/h) przekroczyłam ją i ukończyłam magiczne 21,097 metrów.

Wynik końcowy? 1g31min16s! Wow! Super! Udało się! Niezmiernie szczęśliwa i (co zabrzmi szalenie) niemal niezmęczona ! :))))


Później, po sprawdzeniu oficjalnych wyników, mój czas zagwarantował mi 23 miejsce na 6973 osób, które ukończyło bieg. Polska krew rządzi!

Korzystając  z okazji chciałabym w tym miejscu pogratulować zwyciężczyni zawodów, multimedialistki oraz Amerykańskiej Olimpijki Deena Kastor, z którą miałam zaszczyt startować ramię w ramię na początku biegu! Zawodniczka ukończyła bieg, zwyciężając już 4ty raz te zawody z wynikiem 1:16:17!

Dodatkowo, oprócz medalu, niebywałą niespodzianką i nagrodą był komentarz pod zdjęciem z zawodów opublikowanym na moim IG, od manager’a wyżej wspomnianego zrzeszenia NYRR – Roberto Mandje, z oficjalnymi gratulacjami i propozycją dołączenia i wspólnych treningów. Jest to jedna z najbardziej elitarnej organizacji biegaczy na świecie.

Spotkał mnie niebywały zaszczyt i szczęście. Wszystko wskazuje na to, że będę jeszcze częstszym gościem w Central Parku. Najbliższa sesja treningowa z NYRR już w następny wtorek! Nie mogę się doczekać!

Do zobaczenia wkrótce! 🙂