Run, run… and no run…

Yep… unfortunately this is a post we all runners hate to write but I am injured..
After the kinda smooth Wings For Life I run in the beginning of May, I have run only twice because I started to feel bad my shin.
It has been exactly 4 weeks since I run the last time. This Monday I tried to jog and check how it feels but that was a false-start
I can still feel tenderness and fatigue in my shin.
During my off weeks, I have seen physio already 3 times.
I am in good hands, he reassures that IT AINT stress fracture BUT This injury is very difficult to distinguish and identify between shin plints/MTSS…
I visited orthopedic to see my leg and muscle, and it turned out that I have torn my soleus and there is a little calcification that makes this ache…
It fades away that slow that I am getting crazy.
The good part of the injury is that we found with physio a real issue of the injury -> that are my tight and weak hips, especially glutes medius so I gotta plenty of time to focus on strengthening this muscle group. I must say that all exercises make me feel embarrassed as I realized HOW WEAK in those areas I am…
Whops.. all I need to do is to be patient and believe everything will sort out and heal. It is not easy as there is probably no more impatient group of people than runners…
I am cross-training and cycling to keep my heartbeat going, but I am really missing the running routine. I hope it is the last time I got injured.
I must be strong mentally to go through it. I hope it is going to be better soon, since I was planning to join Running Camp with @warszawskibiegacz in July.
Let’s see what the upcoming week will bring me and clarify if can I slowly come back to training.
Will be good

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