2018 Year Summary

Here we are again…
Hard to believe but New Year’s Eve is around the corner! 2018 is over!
We are all getting one more year older, that’s for sure.
Stronger? Smarter? Better? I hope that this as well…

Before listing down and diving into New Year’s resolutions it is good to sit down, preferably alone and focused, take a piece of paper and write down our achivements of last year.
What have we done? What haven’t we? What can we learn from our failures? Remember, life consists of good and bad experiences, successes and failures, we learn everyday and we should uninterruptedly evolve and improve ourselves.

To the point,
I have made my list of running accomplishments in 2018:

  1. 5k sub 20 minutes
    In May I have raced in my hometown and broke 20minutes at distance of 5k!
    It was my debut at such a short distance.
  2. 10k sub 40 minutes
    In 2018 I have raced twice at 10k, in Milan – final time 39m:22s (in May) and in Barcelona – final time 39m18s (in December)
    After 2 years of consecutive running I have broken ‘magical’ line of 40minutes at this distance.

    2nd place in Barcelona

    Sub 40 minutes happiness
  3. Half Marathon sub 90 minutes
    Another border has been broken.
    I have raced in 3 half-marathons this year. In Paris (in March) – final time 1h28m12s, two weeks later in New York – final time 1h30m36s and in Monza (close to Milan) – final time 1h28m08s (in September).

    On the run – FitBit Semi de Paris 😉
  4. Debut at MARATHON
    That was probably the biggest accomplishment in terms of racing in 2108. I had finally courage to face with this MIRACLE distance. 42,195k beaten in 3 hours 16 minutes 55 seconds -> UNFORGETABLE RACE

    PZU Marathon in Warsaw (at around 23 km)

    Overall, I participated in 7 different races, in 5 countries. I set personal best at every distance.
    Now, looking at my BIPs and medal I can really see that my morning trainings and hard work really paid off.

    Tomorrow, I am racing my very last race of this year. 10k cross-trail race in the nearby forest Lagiewniki-Park.
    It will be very muddy and fun race :)). After it, it is time to celebrate and set up plan for 2019. To be better and stronger person (and athlete) then ever before 🙂

    New Year’s Eve 10k Race year ago

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