Traveler Guide #1

It’s been already 2 months while I am in Milan (time flies!)

I have been working and traveling a lot here in Italy, not only in Milan but also in bunch of another cities. Sometimes traveling only for 1 day, sometimes for a bit longer so I slept in hotels and was able to see a bit more than only hotel room and photo studio (magic of running [!] 😉 more info below).

Early call times and many hours of work are part of my job. I spend also a lot of time waiting, having my make-up done, traveling, so there is ‘empty’ time I can use for myself! I am not saying it is easy, because sometimes it is just not as I am tired, but if you organize and motivate yourself you can do what you really want and use this time efficiently.

Today I will tell and share with you what I carry in my travel bag to make my life easier when I travel and work.

RUNNING GEAR (shoes, Garmin watch, earphones and running clothes) – this is definitely FIRST thing I pack to my backpack. Once I know I will spend and sleep at least one night in hotel in another city I put them immediately. Also, when I fly somewhere further, I always put my running gear in carry-on luggage, NEVER in checked-in one, as if there is possibility of losing my luggage at least I would be always running-ready 😉

You may think I am crazy, but to be honest I cannot imagine travelling without my running gear. I know myself and I have learnt that setting up my alarm clock 1 hour earlier in the morning so I can go for run works THE BEST for me and wakes me up way better than any extra 30, 40 minutes of sleep early in the morning. For instance, if I know my call time is at 8 am, I setup my alarm clock at 6 am (Of course I try to go to sleep earlier the night before, I realized that 6 hours of sleep now in Summer time for me is the minimum, but preferably I try to get this 7h30m of sleep). When I wake up, there is time for quick bathroom, pre-workout snack and putting my running clothes on. Then, I leave hotel room at 6.15. (I always try to run at least 10kms in the new city where I am so I can add this place to my ‘running list’ 😉).

Always ready for run 😉 -> ROME – POLAND – MILAN

It takes me about 45 minutes, sometimes 1 hour if I decide and feel I want to run more. Then by 7.15 am the latest I am back to hotel room REBORN, FRESH (ok, sweaty 😊 ) and READY for new day and work. Later I do quick 5-10 minutes stretching session (I do more while I am at gym during my cross-training sessions). After this, I have another 15-20 minutes for shower and get ready. And around 7.40-7.45 I am at restaurant having my breakfast. 15 minutes for coffee, brekkie is just perfect and that way I am ready to go at 8am sharp 😉!

-SNACKS & FOOD – Yes! I love food, this you should realize already! But I like GOOD, HEALTHY, REAL food as this is the fuel for my bod to have energy all day. Sometimes it is not easy to have access to it on trains/plans, during shootings I need to depend on client and studio (or location!) where I work. I know also that if I get hungry I am immediately angry (HANGRY state of mind…) and that is dangerous for another people😉 So I always have in my bag little food that can kill my first hunger and keep me quite for a bit. Such as nuts/almonds, cherry tomatoes (I love them!), bananas, dark chocolate, crispy veggies, cooked eggs (lol, it is truth. But trust me this is the best lunch-alternative I have not found any better substitution so far :D) etc. //My next post will be about food to go that I eat when I travel.//

Homemade lunchbox for unexpected hunger! 😉

-WATER – remember, hydration first! I drink lot of water. I think that now during summer and hot days, when I work out, it is about 3l of water daily. I always have one bottle with me, preferably high in minerals and sparkling 😊

Hydration first 😉

-MOBILE PHONE & POWER BANK (+chargers)– these days this is a must. Unfortunately, mobile phone loses battery very fast and I need it almost 24/7. It is my tool for work and I always must have it charged and stand-by. Not only for phone calls, messages, emails from my agency but also to be in touch with my family and friends. Also, I need its build in camera to be able to photograph moments during my day to share it later with others.

Keep charged!

-LAPTOP – I use it for work, study and leisure. My laptop is light and easy to carry but still is another piece in my bag. I always have it with me, as for example now while I am sitting on the train I am blogging and writing this post so you can read it later 😉. Also it is also necessary for my school and study and leisure, extra stuff – such as video editing and vlogging (check my You Tube channel!).

-FAVORITE MAGAZINE – I always have one of them in my bag. Since they are good for quick read and work perfectly to kill time while I waiting on castings or having my hair done during preparation for shoot. I am crazy about National Geographic Traveler and Runner’s World.

Good lecture 🙂

-CALENDAR – short moment on train/plane is the best to fill my calendar with all notes such as jobs, castings, workout summery, travels. I forget to make it daily, usually I try to update it at least once per week on the go.

-MINI COSMETIC BAG – I am not fan of hotel’s cosmetics. I always have my own that I trust and like. Such as natural and organic shampoo and hair conditioner (this is a must! My hair after shoot need extra treatment!), comb (I am weird, yes… I use all my life comb instead of brush for my hair…), tooth paste and tooth brush (do not need to explain you why I guess), good and moisturizing face cream (to hydrate and moisten my skin), aun deodorant (there is nothing better than this deodorant! 100% natural, lasts for long and does have no smell!), razors, hygienic pads and last but not the least… sponge! (Yes, you can laugh but I cannot live without it. Having shower without using a sponge does not make sense for me, I just need it in the morning to feel clean! )

-LACROSEE  BALL – this is my life saver. I run a lot, walk a lot, spend many hours with high-heels and my feet needs extra care. Not only mine but yours also, trust me!

Lacrosse ball is a miracle!

This ball is great, when I am on plane or train this is the best time to make some self-massage and relax stressed feet. You probably do not know how tight can be your feet. I did not know it either for long time. But once I started to use it, I felt such a relief and difference. I would highly recommend it to any of you. It is just great when we travel, spend many hours at computer. (I will cover more about lacrosse ball in separate post soon)


I always wonder why my bag is bigger than other models, but when I pack all these things, you gotta understand it! Right now, I know what I need to pack by heart. Whenever I try to limit or I simply miss any of them, there is a moment during the day when I need exactly this what I am luck of so I usually pack all of these above.

In the part 2 I will tell you what I eat during when I travel. Sive you example of snacks and food which are perfect for me and kill unexpected hunger.

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