Hopefully everyone is fine, as I believe that everybody got back to work after long holiday and Christmas break 😉

So did I.
I flew on Sunday night from Warsaw to Portugal as I was working yesterday for @salsaofficial

I spent two short nights in little town Vila Nova de Famalicão (northern-east direction of Porto) that I managed to discover only early morning on Monday while I was running around (yes, another city on my running map! 🙂 ) before my job.

After 10 hours of work I didn’t see much as it was raining and nasty outside, also everything was closed… 🙁

Today I had day off and moved from Famalicão to Porto.
I arrived to beautiful Sao Bento train station just before 1 pm, and exactly at 1 pm I checked-in to my hotel and left my luggage.
High time to walk around the city, luckily it stopped raining when I arrived to Porto (lucky me! 🙂 )

I looove this city. I have been here several times, first time in October 2013. I remember it well also from last summer as I spent whole July in Portugal and I was lucky to travel and work in Porto several times. Today, I could explore the city in different (not so warm. autumn/fall) conditions.

But it didn’t disappoint me. Actually proved its magical vibe and mysterious atmosphere that I would never get bored with.
Food is the same amazing. Fresh, simple, so good and cheap. After ordering my lunch (dourada grelhada 6 €!) the owner of little bar in Mercado do Bolhão went straight to the fishmonger next door and got my fish, grilled and served. How good is that!

(Ok, I was still hungry later and I ate also Pastéis de bacalhau (1 €!), traditional Portuguese Cod Fish Fritter 😉 )

After lunch, I was walking around the city and got lost (literally 😉 ). Not following any particular route I had amazing walk around the city, strolling along Douro River. I managed also to cross the river and explore Vila Nova de Gaia, another city located on the other side of Douro River [It is also well known for its cellars (locally known as “caves”) where the world-famous port wine is stored and aged.]

Ceramic tiles, steep steps, hanging laundry off the windows and numerous tenements, churches and narrow streets are incredible here. Porto is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

I have managed to take some pictures to capture this moments on camera.

Time has definitely stopped here, especially now when it is not a tourist season and there are not many people on the streets. There is something magical in this place. It changes its appearance and look every time with each season/time/day during the year. Bright and happy covered with sunshine, free and youthful with summer-breeze at the ocean and magical & ‘scary’ underneath misty and foggy sky. Porto is definitely a thrilling city and amazing experience all-year long <3

Tonight is my last night in Portugal, tomorrow I am heading to… PARIS! Next travel, next adventures are waiting!

Take care!


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