Meet me on Broadway!

I guess everyone knows Broadway and is aware that this one of the most famous streets in New York City. It is the oldest north–south main thoroughfare in NY! Broadway in Manhattan is known widely as the heart of the American theatre industry. The biggest and the most famous musicals are performed right here in large venues, such as big-budget Broadway.

Did you know what The Great White Way

is a nickname for a section of Broadway in the Midtown section of New York City, specifically the portion that encompasses the Theatre District, between 42nd and 53rd Streets?
Nearly a mile of Broadway was illuminated in 1880 by Brush arc lamps, making it among the first electrically lighted streets in the United States. The headline “Found on the Great White Way” appeared in the February 3, 1902, edition of the New York Evening Telegram. That concept was inspired by the millions of lights on theatre marquees and billboard advertisements that illuminate the area, especially around Times Square.


Last Saturday I had the opportunity to visit one of the theatre’s over there, Lunt-Fontanne and see my very first musical ever – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Tempted with the ‘chocolate’ in the title and image of Willy Wonka played by Johnny Depp in the movie, I was really keen on seeing this play live.

Lunt-Fontanne theatre is located at 205 West 46th Street in midtown-Manhattan. Living in New York City I avoid spending time in rush hours close to Times Square as the crowd is insane. And the same it was that day! Streets packed with cars, people, tourists taking pictures and visitors heading to the numerous shops, venues and theatres. Real SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER! 🙂

Theatre itself is a very nice place. It was prepared and decorated with typical Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory gadgets for all viewers.

Most of them were children. As Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is definitely focused on the younger ones. Seats packed with families and kids, snacking and waiting for the play to start.

The story is about Willy Wonka who is opening his marvelous and mysterious chocolate factory…to a lucky few. That includes Charlie Bucket, whose bland life is about to sweeten with color and confection beyond his wildest dreams. He and four other golden ticket winners will embark on a mesmerizing joyride through a world of pure imagination…

I won’t describe the whole plot and story of the musical as you must just watch it yourself ;). (According to the general rules the recording is prohibited so I was not allowed to make little video to show you some preview)

I was really amazed how the scenography and decorations were installed. Great quality,  lighting and music made a huge impression on me. However, to recap it I might tell you that the play is 2,5 hours long with one 10-15mins break. Even though my friends didn’t like the play and the plot itself, I really enjoyed it. It was a great experience for me to see and watch real musical live.

OK, there is ONE thing I would definitely change, why don’t everyone get a chocolate from Willy Wonka’s factory after the end of the show?!






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