2 weeks ago I set a challenge to myself and decided to work on my flexibility and practice yoga.
Luckily, week ago on Tuesday, I had an opportunity to try yoga class at Lyons Den Power Yoga studio.

From they official website:

In November 2013 husband and wife team, John Murray and Bethany Lyons, opened Lyons Den Power Yoga in the Tribeca neighborhood – Manhattan’s first and only Baptiste Power Yoga studio. The idea: create a yoga community that was welcoming, classes that were as empowering as they were challenging, and a place full of vibrant individuals up to big things.

It was my first experience with Hot Yoga (performed under hot and humid conditions) and I really liked it!
The class was run by studio’s founder John Murray, truly amazing person.
What I really liked in this class, was the fact that during the session there apart from the teacher, there was also another instructor who was fixing the poses and helping throughout the whole workout.

This 1 hour of class was intense for me. I finished it totally sweaty but definitely stronger. The additional tips regarding some poses that I got from John later helped me to understand the movement of my body.

I totally agree with this statement:

Lyons Den Power Yoga has become a force in New York City and has pushed past the city’s limits to become known worldwide. Even with its global recognition, the community and environment are warm, welcoming, and feel like home base to anyone who visits. Lyons Den Power Yoga is a place where people can get connected, create friendships, and find transformation in ways and places they didn’t know were possible

I highly recommend this place for people who want to practice Power Yoga in a friendly and professional environment.

Thank you, John! Thank you, Lyons Den Power Yoga. It was great!

Many thanks to @NoliYoga for the outfit and to @onemanagement for the possibility to participate in this classes!

Pictures taken by @paulsta_ x @infinitycre@ive


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