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Here we are! It has been over 2 weeks since I arrived in NYC. It was busy due to the Fashion Week that finished last Thursday.

But apart from my modelling duties and very busy time I managed to reunite with my mates at NYRR.

Today we had already 3rd session of this season. I want to summarize the trainings we did so far together during Group Training.

1) First training, September 5th. After my summer break and not doing any proper interval workouts during July and August, I was a bit anxious how I am gonna deal with this interval. This wast based on 400m splits and 200m recovery. (8 times)

Unexpectedly I did it pretty well!

The last one I run with time 74s!

I remember that my very first 400m interval training I did in Spring I ran with a result of 83 seconds! Obviously, I was completely new and a bit insecure that time, but running with such an improvement was a really nice surprise, especially after a break!

2) 2nd week, September 12th, 800m.

Training based on 5 repetitions of 800m with my final results as follow: 3:01 2:57 2:58 2:57 2:54.


3) And today was the workout I really liked when we did it in Spring. It was based on time and effort. The result was shown by the distance. With 1-2-3-4-3-2-1 mins of sprint run and the same time of recovery in the meanwhile.

My pace at each segment: 3:56 4:02 4:02 3:58 3:47 3:56 (unlucky Pier! more info below) 3:36

Pretty good run! The first 3 mins seemed to be lasting forever but after running the middle segment (4 minutes peak) I totally had fun! [ I wish that pier would not finish (unexpectedly) in the last seconds of the second-last 2 min workout so I could flyyyy (I mean run) and accelarate more   😉 ]

Additionally, this time we went for our workout all the way to the most western side of 59th street just along the Hudson River. Great spot for morning run at dawn!

After training, I managed to pick up my race number and t-shirt for upcoming Bronx 10 miles race. I was supposed to run it this Sunday, September 24th but I am gonna be away so I can’t make it. I wish I could teleport! I wish good luck to every runners who participate in this race. Zoom zoom!

I will be back to NYC shortly. Now I am at the airport waiting for boarding as I am flying tonight to Paris. I am excited about this trip as it has been a while since I was there last time. Especially I am going there now with the new agency – Metropolitan Management. I can’t wait to meet them! Ready for new adventure ahead of me. Parison Fashion Week is calling 🙂

I’II keep you posted!

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