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After spending over 10 days in Chile already, I am able to write a little bit about my first experience here in Santiago de Chile.


It took me over 26 hours door-to-door from my home town (Lodz) to get here to Santiago. My trip included: train from Lodz do Warsaw, fight Warsaw-Paris and second leg Paris-Santiago, which was over 14 hours long! It was the longest flight in my life. Surprisingly the flight went faster than I expected, and those 14 hours did not feel that long!

If you are curious about this travel, I encourage you to watch -> this episode on my youtube channel 😊


People are very, very nice! Open-minded and friendly. Also, the fact that Chile is a Spanish-speaking country, makes me to love people even more here. 😎


Santiago de Chile…

…is SUPER BUSY Since it is one of the largest cities in South America with over 7 millions population! It is visible especially during rush-hours. Whoever complains about traffic in Europe, probably has not experienced the REAL traffic here!

…is a VERY MIXED city. Modern, laid-back, gray, green, poor and rich… Santiago has it all! There are many neighborhoods (barrios) that differ a lot between each other. BELLAVISTA – is very easy going, pleasant area with lots of art, murals, beautiful houses, small bars and stores.

SANHATTAN – (yes, Santiago has its own MANHATTAN 😉 ) is a very modern district, with sky scrapers, high buildings and lots of white-collars people walking around.

PLAZA DE ARMAS – one of the main plazas in the city, Surrounding the square are some historic buildings, including the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago, Central Post Office Building. It is full of tourists, locals, restaurants, shops as well.

…has wonderful urban park – called PARQUEMET. It is placed in the north part of the city. Within Parquemet area is located the second highest hill of Santiago called Cerro San Cristóbal (San Cristobal Hill), Japanese Garden, numerous routes for runners/hikers/cyclists. You can discover the parc from the higher perspective – taking a cable car that links the base of the hill with the top.

…has the craziest street market! MERCADO DE LA VEGA is a huge market located in the heart of Santiago. You can find everything there, food, fruits, vegetables for much lower prices than in average supermarkets, as well as, textiles, bars, restaurants. Its vibe is totally uncomparable, you must watch my vlog from my visit there last week

…has amazing WEATHER. I am lucky to be there now at the end of the Summer and beginning of Autumn. The weather is fantastic. Fresh, chilly mornings (with average 12-14 Celsius) and 26-28 degrees during the day, without humidity and wind, this simply makes a perfect time of the year to visit Santiago!


To my surprise, it is not that cheap as I expected. The prices are rather high and like in some European cities such as Milan/Berlin/Barcelona

Local currency is Chilean pesos. 1 American Dollar = +/- 660 Chilean Pesos

To have a better understanding, here is a list of some basic grocery and bar prices:

1.5l of water – 800 pesos
1kg of bread – 1,500 pesos
1kg of cheese – 6,000 pesos
Lunch at restaurant 5,000-9,000 pesos
Espresso at bar – 1,200 pesos


Santiago has a lot of cute outdoors bars which are perfect for study/work

By walking around the city, I discovered few coffee bars / local restaurants that I would definitely recommend to anyone who visits Santiago: café Beppo – located close to the Shopping Mall in quiet street of nearby residential area. Has a lovely patio and smart menu with reasonable prices.

La Maison Nice – I discovered it by accident, on my way to casting, it is a colorful bar/restaurant with mosaic tables and shadowy area, perfect for drink/lunch/weekend brunch.

Espeacio Diana – this is really a jaw-dropping place! One of the most atmospherical restaurants I have seen in my life. This place is a must if you want to experience a magical evening! It is located on the backyards of the old church. Its interior and design amazes, “the mess” and “disorganization” makes such a charm here, there is everything mirrors, old staircase, rustic beds in the dining areas…. And vine… yes do not forget about Chilean vine! It is simply the best 😊



  • If you are sensitive to change of water and different bacterial flora, you may suffer due to Traveler’s Diarrhea. Unfortunately, ☹ I was unlucky to get poisoned from the ice cubes from the fresh juice I ordered during 2nd day of my arrival here…. Afterwards I spent 40 hours in bad, poisoned, with fever as well… I did not expect it may happen to me here but it did. (Similarly like in Turkey/ Israel) Be prepared and take some medicines with you, electrolytes in powder to dissolve in water. In local pharmacies look for DIAREN (this drug helped me to recover!)
  • Drivers are crazy 😉The like too (over)use their car horns. With or without any reason, simply be careful when you are crossing the street, especially in the city center!

I hope that this guide will help you to get to know Santiago a little bit. More posts are coming soon but in case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to help you. 🙂

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Every time I start to write some posts to sum up things I cannot believe how fast time goes… and now happens the same.

September is finishing, Summer officially ended, and we are already in Fall. Yes, today is the first day of Fall! For me it is hard to realize that it has been almost 5 months I have spent in Milan, in Italy.

I remember my very first day when I arrived here in May, my travel to apartment, my visit at agency. Everything seemed to be new and fresh I was excited and thrilled what the city will bring me following weeks (months!). I asked myself who am I going to meet, how is it going to be with jobs.

Even though I had been in Milan earlier, 4 years ago, the city has changed a lot. It seemed to be a difference place for me – buzzing and with lots of noticeable changes. I was shocked with its recent progress!

In terms of running, I needed to take easy and first week of May was not training as I suffered for peroneal tendonitis (tendinitis) [inflammation of the peroneal tendons located on the outside of ankle] so I needed to slow down with workouts. Not only my injury but also the memory from past of running in Milan put me off a bit, I was skeptic if I would manage to have good days for running. I had the picture of crowded city, with not many parks and areas to run…

But, luckily soon I got recovered and second week I was able to start first training in Milan. Pain and injury was gone, so I decided to begin new chapter and find my own way to like it here. Now I can say,
I succeeded, you can run and enjoy it in Milan, definitely!

I found new places, new routes also participated in 2 races here! One for 10 km and another half-marathon (in Monza – located 30km Northeast of Milan)

Below you can see some of the places and areas I discovered that I can recommend for running:

  • Porta Genova and Parco Sempione 
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Porta Genova has changed a lot since I was here last time 4 years ago! Now it is important landmark on the map of Milan, new and modern, looks great during the day, but for me even better during the night or early mornings when it is still dark, but it is lighten up with lights 😉

Parco Sempione is obviously a must to visit not only for runners but also for everyone who visits Milan. I think It is the most famous spot in the city for outdoors activities, many runner, cyclists love this place. (Just be careful with bloody mosquitoes which can ruin pleasure during summer nights 😉

  • Porta Genova – Duomo – Parco Sempione 
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I discovered this route myself and I think it is one of the best way to sightsee the city, cruising through the city center, almost without any traffic (especially in the mornings!). Simply, run to Porta Genova, take an overpass to Porto Nuova and continue underneath little bridge, you will be able to run through beautiful street San Marco that brings you to legendary Brera district, La Scala and Duomo. From there you should pass by PIAZZA MERCATO and head towards Castello Sempione (and make another loop around the Park)!

Simply great route to begin your day, with lots of history included! 😊

Are you looking for another long run destination? I needed to find some ‘BIG, GREEN, SPOT’ on the map – that was my thought when I was searching on map new area for long weekend runs. And I got it!

Parco Nord – as name suggests is located in North Milan. There is lots of space to discover and get lost between numerous paths. There are also little hills, and streams, so you should not get bored. On top of this I spotted quite enough water fountains in park, so you do not need to worry about carrying extra bottles of water.

I found it accidentally looking at Google Maps and I would really recommend it for speed trainings. This is the area I made most of my interval workouts. This is a pedestrian path running for almost 24 miles along the Naviglio Maresana (river), connecting Milan with the Adda river. One can certainly do any portion of the 24 miles, especially since the path starts in central Milan. It Is also very popular among the runners training for Marathons in Milan. Note that the Naviglio Martesana runs parallel to the M2 line, which makes it easy to run one way and hop the train back.

On top of this I managed to run not only in Milan but also in other cities, thanks to my job and travels.

  • ROMA – Always pretty and stunning (city 😉 )  
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  • CARPI – little town in mid Italy
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    (typo with bike/run 😉 )
  • MARCHE – beautiful landscapes and valleys
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  • UMBRIA – hills and tiny streets make it lovely and hard! 😉 
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  • TOSKANY – not the longest run but at least I marked it with my running shoe! 
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  • VENICE – morning jog around canals, and watching sunrise over the bridge will stay in my memory 😉
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  • CALABRIA – one of the best experience for me, I think it was time I really needed this calm, Italian villages surrounded with hills and nothing else, literally NOTHING endomondowp type=’workout’ workout_id=’1190564705′ ]

Whoops! Seems like I can write and write about running all the time…
In the next post you will get know about my races I participated while I was here – 10km and half-marathon… Both successful with PB’s! 😉

#happy weekend

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As a continuation of my traveler guide #part 1 today I will talk about one of my must-have item that I always carry with me – LACROSSE BALL

Living nowadays is very fast and stressful for most of us. We have some many things to do during the day that we almost forget about ourselves and our bodies. It is challenging to fit everything in our daily schedule. Especially when we have our work, duties, travels, studies it is difficult to find time for family and friends. Exercising and training regularly are also time-consuming. But we all know that day has only 24 hours(!) and we need to prioritize our stuff and cut off some things.

For example, how many times have you skipped stretching in your training? To make your answer simpler – I will tell you, that me I SKIP IT often ! (:O) Yes, I am honest with you, sometimes, unfortunately, there is no time to do it…

And how many times have you tried to spend a bit more time at gym and do self-massage?

Never? Once per 2 weeks? It is not good. Believe me, I understand you, as me also I usually have very tight chart during the week, and that’s why I try to keep up with and make up for my missed self-message sessions with LACROSSE BALL.

No matter if you are an athlete or not, I want to recommend it to EVERYONE, as this simple tool is just a real wonder for our muscles and tendons. For these who sit all day at the office and for those who train a lot!


In my post about foam roller – you could see that it is great for improving range of motion and reducing muscle soreness. But you can also use a small, hard ball, like a lacrosse ball, to practice self-myofascial release and work out muscle kinks and soreness. On top of this, it is a simple tool, small and strong, so it can get into areas a foam roller can’t. It also happens to be super inexpensive! (I bought mine for around 7$ 🙂

So are you ready?!


To use a lacrosse ball correctly, place it under a part of your body (like your shoulders, hamstrings, or butt), and let your body weight push down on the ball. Roll around while you sit or lay on it until you find a spot that feels a little uncomfortable. Stop there and breathe in for four seconds. Then clench the muscle where the ball is and hold for four seconds. Finally, relax the muscle and exhale for eight seconds. Repeat this breathing technique until the area has softened up and then move on to the next spot.


  1. Set Aside 10 Minutes

While it might not seem like much, setting aside 10 minutes while you are on train/plane to massage your feet. Or try to massage before bed and roll out your legs, shoulder, back. That’s long enough to make a difference but not so long that you overdo it. Plus, soft tissue work can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply ;).

  1. Remember To Breathe

When you’re working on easing tension—targeting tough spots and pushing through the soreness—maintaining a steady breath may take a backseat. It shouldn’t. In fact, your breath should play a big role in the process and help to relax your mind and body at the same time.

  1. Target One Area At A Time

Don’t think of lacrosse-ball release as a full-body workout. This is one case where less is more. Instead of going from head to toe, spend one night working on your legs and the next on your upper back. Each time, move your focus to a different muscle group with the goal of hitting all major body parts by end of week.

The one thing to remember: Make sure to hit both sides. If you do your right leg, do your left leg the same night!

Need some inspiration for where to target? Put the ball under a spot you feel stiff.
If you have pain somewhere, think about targeting the surrounding areas. For instance, if your knee kurts, lie down and put the ball under the quads over the knee.

  1. Stop If It Hurts

Discomfort, especially at first, is nothing to worry about, but if you feel sharp pain, stop! If it hurts bad enough that you can’t take a full, deep breath, you need to back off the pressure by supporting your weight with your hands.

Everyone can use lacrosse ball to ease stiffness, reduce pain, and ultimately help body positioning and performance. After all, teasing out muscle kinks and working connective tissue, ligaments, and fascia takes effort. But it’s time well spent. For me this is real life-saver and easy to use when I travel and my body, especially legs need extra release and care. It makes my life better as a runner, model and traveler to keep me ready to go!

Inconspicuous friend for sore legs 😉
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Florence City Guide

Usually city tours are planned for stay in the city 24/48 hours. In my case it is gonna be different. My city guide is about how to use efficiently 3 HOURS  (exactly 180 minutes) in Florence. Are you ready? 😉

Just to make it clear, why my stay in capital of Tuscany was that short? It is not that I did not want to be there longer, as believe me, I really wanted! The reason is that this trip was very unexpected. Last week I was working on Sunday and Monday in little town – Barberino di Mugello – out of Florence. I expected to be there full 2 days but fortunately, we (I mean me and other models who were working for @RIFFLEjeans) finished our job on Monday earlier – just before the lunchtime.

But! It would be naive thinking ‘oh, that’s cool, I can have more time for myself!’. The truth was… not really, we needed to wait over 2 hours for the bus to take us back to Florence and take the train back to Milan.

I thought I was so close to this city and I would regret not seeing it even for a bit! Especially that for last two days, during job, photographer & assistant talked a lot about Florence and how nice is it, giving some tips what to see, where to go there. I really wanted to see it myself! One other friend (who I just met at job) tempted by those hints, thought the same, we decided that we would go back to Milan a bit later that evening so we could have at least few hours in Florence.
And that is what we did!

When the bus finally picked us up to Florence, in the meanwhile we marked some places on the map that would be nice to see. We split with the rest of the group who was chasing the train at 5PM, having on our mind that now we had 3 hours to see as much as possible.

(Below you can see map marked with our walk – now, looking at this in perspective of time, seems like that we made quite solid distance 😉 )

We started from Firenze Train Station (S. M. Novella) which is located just next to Basilica Si Santa Maria Novella.

Then we headed towards Pallazo Medici Riccardi and little Basilica di San Lorenzo . Which unfortunately was already closed, we missed 10 minutes(!).

Later, we turned right and walked down the street where on our left appeared one of the most beautiful Cathedral I have ever seen in my life – Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

Astonishing facade, jaw-dropping with its colorful marble. This 1200s cathedral known for its red-tiled dome. We had walk around it, trying to find the way to walk inside, but this idea quickly blurred after seeing the queue to the entrance… (Hopefully next time!)

Walking down Via dei Calzaiuoli we walked towards Piazza della Republicca and found Fontana del Porcellino. I did not know by then, but apparently rubbing the snout of this iconic bronze fountain of a boar will ensure your return to Florence 😊.

From there we walked to Piazza deggli Uffii where is located Gallery which is a prominent art museum. One of the most important Italian museums, and the most visited, it is also one of the largest and best known in the world, and holds a collection of priceless works, particularly from the period of the Italian Renaissance.

This is placed just few steps from the bank of Arno River where we enjoyed picturesque view of the city over the water.

At this point we walked a bit more to the east side of the city to see Basilica di Santa Croce di Firenze.

That was  a turning point of our trip and started to walk towards train station. We came back to the riverside and crossed it through Ponte alle Grazie (from there I spotted hill with Piazza Michelangelo on top but we had no time to climb over there – later I googled this place and this is apparently the best place to see panorama of the city – according to Wikipedia that it is 19th-century piazza with a bronze replica of Michelangelo’s David & panoramic views over the city]”).

Southern part of Arno River was definitely more chilled and peaceful than its northern part which was full of traffic. I really enjoyed it, we walked towards Ponte Vecchio. Picturesque medieval arched river bridge with Roman origins, lined with jewelry & souvenir shops.

This is probably one of the nicest and romantic part of the city. (And I am saying this – the one who is not romantic at all 😀 ).

From Ponte Vecchio we walked a bit more further up the river.. We had 1 hour before the departure of our train. So we decided to look for some nice bar to rest and eat after our [quite] intense tour.

Primarly we wanted to try Lampredotto. This is one of those historical, common folk dishes from Florence’s medieval period. It is a sandwich made with thinly sliced tripe (intestines) that’s been boiled in broth, seasoned, and served either on a plate or in a sandwich. You can order it with spicy red sauce or herbal green sauce, or even bagnato (with wet bread, and little bit of gravy) from outdoor markets or street vendors around the city)… but the bar was already closed so we walked across the river once again, googling local restaurants so we would be closer to the train station and have more time to relax.

We ended up at Trattoria da Giorgio (Via Palazzuolo 100r). Where we expected to have good, home-made food – judging from reviews on Internet.

We ordered our food at 7.30 and it was served in few minutes. But we had almost no time to enjoy it… We were eating literally as it was a competition. Paying for it with mouth still full of food. Eventually, we left the restaurant at 7.48 and run towards train station to catch the train at 8 pm…

I do not need to tell how mad I was when I saw when I saw on the screen that our train had 30mins delay… ‘We could have at least some coffee at the restaurant and eat as a human!’ – thought to myself…. I felt so sorry for my friend who I was rushing up with eating. On the other hand, we had extra time to get some gelato on the station!

Our delay eventually turned into 45 minutes and then we got out train to Milan, where we arrived at 11 PM.

I was very tired when we got off at Milano Centrale as that were two intense days, also Sunday and Monday I needed to wake up at 5 am, but I was also happy about having seen Florence at least for a bit!

I walked (or rather crawled) very slowly – like a zombie to my apartment. All I needed was having a shower and going to bed.
While I was falling asleep I had real brainstorm on my mind and flashbacks from this what I has seen that day, as everything was happening so fast and still I could not believe I was there…

And, you know what?! The legend about rubbing Porcellino is actually truth! As I go back to Florence for job next week! 😉

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New work for 👚👢 @jitroisparis 😇🙏
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Hello Guys!🖐
New vlog has arrived!💥💥💥
Today I am bringing back memories from NYC and taking you for trip around #downtown #Manhattan!
We gonna explore together
🔹️NoHo and lovely @dosaroyale
🔹️NoLiTa and cool @chachamatcha
🔹️Little Italy
🔹️Canal Street
Yes  all of these in ONE vlog! As NYC amazes with its diversity and multicultural mix!
Watch the full video on my youtube channel:

Enjoy! 💜💛💚💙


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In previous post you could read about Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week that I experienced as a model. Here you can see how I discovered city in the meanwhile as a runner and traveler. There was not much free time but you should already know, that I good organisation is a key 8-). And if you can you can do it.


I must say that coming back to Barcelona was personal as it was the city and place where I started my journey and adventure as a runner. Yes! Exactly here in fall 2015 I started making my first steps as a runner. This coming back there was refreshing and reenergizing!

Early call times and late end of shows made me well organised in order to sleep and recover enough after work and still being able to run. For most of people early mornings are hard but I am glad I made it and do not regret any minute and any kilometer I spent on running instead of sleeping. They totally woke me up better than any coffee (even this good one here in Spain ;))

Sunday – Hola, Barcelona!
My first run in the morning after arrival to Barcelona.
Route: Pl. Espana – W Hotel – Barceloneta – Casino – Sagrada Familia – Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes – Pl. Espana

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Sagrada Familia on Sunday run

Tuesday – Jog&hike on Montujic Castle and Olympics Stadium
Route: Pl. Espana – Montjuic Hill – Castel de Montjuic – Mirador del Migdia – Olympic Stadium – Museum of Catalunian Art – Pl. Espana

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View from Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

Thursday – Intervals at Barceloneta Beach
Route: Pl. Espana – Barceloneta Beach – Pl. Espana

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Training inspired by NYRR workout: 1 mile(1.6km) – 2x800m – 6x400m
It was good training but not the greatest. It is hard to make GOOD intervals on your own especially when you still control watch and tracking distance. I was quite happy with my 1 mile repetition, 800 meters should be faster, first 400 meter was good, the rest I could puch more but I needed to avoid traffic and so on. My only excuse can be only the fact that it was first interval since 2 weeks.

Saturday – Weekend long run
Route: Pl. Espana – Barceloneta – Forum – Parc de la Ciutadella – Arc Triumph (Arc de Triomf) – Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes  – Pl. Espana

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Arc de Triomf


Sant Jordi + Casa Battló

Sant Jordi, or Saint George’s Day is much more than a simple feast day in Barcelona. It is the Catalan equivalent to Valentine’s Day and love is in the air!
I was lucky to have that day free (April 23) so I could explore this special day in Barcelona.
The basic idea for Sant Jordi is that men give women roses and women give men books. And it can be anybody, not necessarily your partner or somebody who you have taken a liking to. Also, in today’s forward thinking society the rules are no longer set regarding who gets what. A girl is just as likely to receive a book and vice versa.

The streets and squares of Barcelona are filled with stalls selling books and roses. It is a picturesque sight in the Spring sunshine. Couples walk hand in hand clutching roses.

The story of Sant Jordi is the same as the one that is known worldwide. Saint George was a hero – he saved a beautiful Princess who was about to come to a sticky end at the hands of a dragon who had been terrorising a village. There are various versions of the story but these facts always remain the same. Sant Jordi is the Patron Saint of Catalunya and his tale is well-known throughout the city.

Casa Battló

On that special day, you should also see Casa Batlló – one of the building and treasure left in Barcelona by its truly amazing architect Antoni Gaudi, who worked there and lived. Gaudi was one of the greatest innovators of his time. Casa Battló is one of the example of his greatness.
The building itself symbolizes the legend about Saint George with its design, inside and outside the building.
On Sant Jordi building is specially decorated with roses that appeals and brings many tourist to come.

Casa Batlló is located at number 43 on Paseo de Gracia, a street that, in the past, connected the city to Villa de Gracia.

Sant Pau

I was lucky to explore this place during Rosa Clara show that took place over there. This location is truly jaw-dropping!

Sant Pau

The Modernista Sant Pau Complex was built between 1905 and 1930 and designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner as a garden city for nursing the sick. After being used as a public hospital for a century, its newly refurbished pavilions shine again in all their splendour. A visit to this exceptional architectural ensemble is a unique experience.

Sant Pau

By the late 19th century, the old Hospital de la Santa Creu in Barcelona’s Raval neighbourhood needed to be relocated because it had become obsolete and too small. The result was an ambitious project inspired by the breakthroughs in health and hygiene at the time. This is Europe’s foremost art-nouveau complex and an icon among Barcelona’s dazzling array of landmarks which embodies the city’s innovative spirit. It was awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO in 1997.

Parc Guell

Unique and pictoresque garden designed by Antoni Gaudi for his patron, the industrialist Eusebi Güell, acquired the terrain on a mountain ridge, with a fantastic view of Barcelona in last years of XIX century. In 1984, the park was included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage.

Alley inside Parc Guell

From the park you have a great view of the city all the way to the sea. In the Monumental Zone you will find landmarks of Barcelona with the friendly dragon, the market hall and the winding bank. With Park Güell you will experience a fantastic park that is fun and in which you can discover a lot.

View from hill at Parc Guell

About 95% of the park area is accessible free of charge, only the monumental zone isn’t. This zone covers the entrance area with the dragon, the curved bench and the market hall.

Bottom of Parc Guell and its famous steps

All I can say now, is that I love Barcelona and every time I come there I am falling in love more and more…
City of Gaudi will be always on top of my list of cities I could live in, whenever I would be able to settle down (finally) 😀
¡Hasta pronto!

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Hopefully everyone is fine, as I believe that everybody got back to work after long holiday and Christmas break 😉

So did I.
I flew on Sunday night from Warsaw to Portugal as I was working yesterday for @salsaofficial

I spent two short nights in little town Vila Nova de Famalicão (northern-east direction of Porto) that I managed to discover only early morning on Monday while I was running around (yes, another city on my running map! 🙂 ) before my job.

After 10 hours of work I didn’t see much as it was raining and nasty outside, also everything was closed… 🙁

Today I had day off and moved from Famalicão to Porto.
I arrived to beautiful Sao Bento train station just before 1 pm, and exactly at 1 pm I checked-in to my hotel and left my luggage.
High time to walk around the city, luckily it stopped raining when I arrived to Porto (lucky me! 🙂 )

I looove this city. I have been here several times, first time in October 2013. I remember it well also from last summer as I spent whole July in Portugal and I was lucky to travel and work in Porto several times. Today, I could explore the city in different (not so warm. autumn/fall) conditions.

But it didn’t disappoint me. Actually proved its magical vibe and mysterious atmosphere that I would never get bored with.
Food is the same amazing. Fresh, simple, so good and cheap. After ordering my lunch (dourada grelhada 6 €!) the owner of little bar in Mercado do Bolhão went straight to the fishmonger next door and got my fish, grilled and served. How good is that!

(Ok, I was still hungry later and I ate also Pastéis de bacalhau (1 €!), traditional Portuguese Cod Fish Fritter 😉 )

After lunch, I was walking around the city and got lost (literally 😉 ). Not following any particular route I had amazing walk around the city, strolling along Douro River. I managed also to cross the river and explore Vila Nova de Gaia, another city located on the other side of Douro River [It is also well known for its cellars (locally known as “caves”) where the world-famous port wine is stored and aged.]

Ceramic tiles, steep steps, hanging laundry off the windows and numerous tenements, churches and narrow streets are incredible here. Porto is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

I have managed to take some pictures to capture this moments on camera.

Time has definitely stopped here, especially now when it is not a tourist season and there are not many people on the streets. There is something magical in this place. It changes its appearance and look every time with each season/time/day during the year. Bright and happy covered with sunshine, free and youthful with summer-breeze at the ocean and magical & ‘scary’ underneath misty and foggy sky. Porto is definitely a thrilling city and amazing experience all-year long <3

Tonight is my last night in Portugal, tomorrow I am heading to… PARIS! Next travel, next adventures are waiting!

Take care!


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O mundo fantástico da Sardinha Portuguesa

Yes, this is not a joke! You are Reading correctly, this post will be dedicated to the funny place called O MUNDO FANTASTICO DE SARDINHA PORTUGUESE, that I visited during my stay in Lisbon last month. This is a shop, wonderland, gallery, tourist attraction, it is very difficult for me to describe and call it with one proper word. The place is located in the Centre of Lisob, nearby ‘Rossio’ metro station, on the side of Praça de D. Pedro IV. Its colorful window screens and music playing cheerfully out of the doors attract tourist and me! You won’t have Any difficulties to find it!

ZATEm, THIS IS a store dedicated fully to SARDINES! Yes, Sardines ;). Portuguese eat a lot of seafood, fish and sardine. Both, fresh and Cannes ones. Hence it all they decided to open such a place in order to contribute them.

Inside the store you find shelves full of colorful Cannes of sardines. However, the packagings are not usual and simple! Each of them Has printed date on top of and listed 2 the most import ant events and birthday date of famous people who were born that year. Each of us can but personalized can of sardines for yourself, family or friends!

Inside is arranged very colorfully and BARWNY. Moving ceiling, mirrors in the floor, throne of QUEEN SARDINE, music that brings back to my mind circus.
Ok, I agree, overall you can feel a little bit of kitsch in this place (luckily no smell of fish!) but we should take it with a pinch of salt and smile. But it is a very creative place and cute idea. You should really visit it, take pictures and tempt yourself to buy a can of sardines as a souvenir or a gift.

The official website you will find here


Tak, to nie żart! 😉 Dobrze czytacie, ten post będzie na temat miejsca o pociesznej nazwie O MUNDO FANTASTICO DE SARDINHA PORTUGUESA, które miałam okazję odwiedzić podczas mojego pobytu w Lizbonie. Jest to sklep, świat fantazji, galeria, atrakcja turystyczna, ciężko mi nazwać je jednym, adekwatnym słowem. Znajduje się ono w samym centrum Lizbony, niedaleko stacji Rossio na Placu króla Piotra IV. Jego kolorowa fasada oraz muzyka rozbrzmiewająca z jego drzwi na ulicy przyciągają turystów oraz mnie ;). Nie będziecie mieli problemów jego znalezieniem!

Jak się okazuje jest to sklep poświęcony w całości SARDYNKOM! Tak, sardynkom ;), Portugalczycy jedzą bardzo dużo owoców morza, ryb oraz sardynek, zarówno świeżych, jak i tych w puszcze. Zatem postanowili stworzyć owe miejsce na ich cześć.

W sklepie znajdziecie na półkach zapakowane w kolorowe puszki sardynki, nie są jednak to zwykłe puszki! Każda z nich ma nadrukowaną inną datę, a obok niej wypisane są 2 najważniejsze wydarzenia, oraz daty urodzin znanych osób z danego roku. Każdy z Was może kupić ‘spersonalizowaną’ puszkę sardynek, dla siebie, rodziny lub przyjaciół.

Całość jest zaaranżowana w bardzo barwny sposób. Ruszający się sufit, lustrzana podłoga, tron z Królową Sardynką (?), muzyka przypominająca wesołe miasteczko.  Przyznaję, miejsce trąci trochę kiczem (rybą na szczęście nie! 😉 ) i należy traktować je z przymrużeniem oka oraz uśmiechem, ale jest naprawdę pomysłowe i urocze na swój sposób. Warto do niego zajrzeć, porobić zdjęcia i może też skusić się na puszkę oryginalnych sardynek na pamiątkę lub w prezencie.

Oficjalny link znajdziecie tutaj


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Lisbon makes you happy! | Lizbona uszczęśliwia!

After whole Spring spent in NYC and having my school exams passed in Warsaw last week, I arrived in Lisbon, in Portugal. I will stay here all July with my Portugese agency We Are Models.

It’s been one week since I am here and I can honestly say this city is the place that I needed. I realized it only after arrival here. Do you wonder why? Here in the answer:


I am lucky, I love Summer, but can’t handle the tropical temperature. So far, only the first day, on Monday was super hot here, and indeed it was not easy to stay focused on my job. But apart from that day every morning when I wake up it is around 18 degrees outside, it gets warmer during the day up to 25-26 degrees maximum, fresh, dry air. That’s the weather and climate I could live forever 🙂


I would always say that Latin people are the ones who are always happy and they make me happy too 🙂 Probably I have a weakness for them and their culture. Because whenever I am surrounded by them I smile from ear to ear. Their language, way of life, music and attitude makes you smile about the simplest thing in you life.


During this week I have walked and run maaany kilometers around the city. I have seen so many places and still more are waiting! I have been here before but now I have more time to explore the city. My impression about Lisbon so far is that is a very clean city and tidy. All the paving stones (which are numerous here) and shiny and you can notice that residents take care about their possessions.
Walking around the city is simply a feast for your eyes. I have seen already many places in Lisbon, such as: Barrio Alto, Martim Moniz, Comercio Square, Miradouro de Santa Catarina, Elevador de Santa Justa, Avenida de Liberdade. But not only the major spots are impressive, almost everywhere around the city you can find little streets where you really want to get lost…


I am amazed by Portuguese food. I have been to Portugal before, but now I have realized how great the food and its quality is here. The cuisine is very simple but also very diverse. The incredibly fresh food you can find in each restaurant and not spending a fortune. Lots of seafood and fishes are served everywhere.
Very fresh and tasty fruits, vegetables are easy to buy in local stores sparse all around the city. I have not eaten more juicy and yummy cherries or strawberries in my entire life…


Yes, Portuguese people drink a lot of coffee. And is the same (or even better) than in Italy. Cup of espresso costs around 0,50 cents! (out of the main, touristic places) and you can be sure you will get smooth, tasty cup of freshly brewed caffeine drink 🙂


And… sooo cheap! It is true! Going to the supermarket and buying cheap, good quality wine here is not a problem at all. The selection is very big… I do not drink much alcohol but I like wine. There is no other way to not have a glass of wine in the evening as for +/- 2 euro you can purchase a bottle of good wine… 😉

Simple things makes you a happy person. Let’s be always thankful for them! No matter where are we, we should always find the positive side of our life.

Happy Monday!

Lizbona uszczęśliwia

Całą wiosnę spędziłam w Nowym Jorku. Dwa tygodnie temu wróciłam do Polski na chiwlę i byłam w Warszawie ze względu na wykłady i egzaminy na uczelni (pomyślnie zdane ;)). Po zaliczeniu mojego 3-ciego już (czas leci!) roku studiów przyszedł czas na Lizbonę. Spędzę tutaj cały miesiąc z agencją We Are Models.

Jestem tutaj już tydzień i po spędzeniu tych 7 dnich tutaj, mogę szczerze powiedzieć, że takiego miejsca było mi trzeba. Zdałam sobie z tego dopiero sprawę po przylocie tutaj. Zastanwiacie się dlaczego? Odpowiedź znajdziecie ponieżej:


Lubię lato, jednak nie znoszę tropikalncyh temperatur. Od kiedy przyjechałam pogoda jest idealna. O poranku około 18 stopni, w ciągu dnia temeratura rośnie do około 25 stopni. Jedynie w poniedziałek, pierwszego dnia mojego pobytu było naprawdę gorąco i ciężko było się skupić w pracy… Póki co zabójcze upały mnie omijają, których nie brakało tuż przez moim przyjazdem. Obecną pogodę oraz taki klimat, ciepłe i suche powietrze mogłabym mieć przed 365 dni w roku.


Według mnie latynosi oraz mieszkańcy południowej Europy są zawsze szczęśliwi i zadowoleni z życia, a ich radość udziela się mnie samej. Gdziekolwiek byłam, w Hiszpani, we Włoszech, w Portugalii tam zawsze jest gwarno i hałaśliwie. Bardzo mi to pasuje. Prawodopodobnie mam osobistą słabość do nich i ich kultury. Kiedykolwiek jestem nimi otoczona, po prostu uśmiecham się od ucha do ucha. Ich język, sposób bycia, muzyka oraz zachowanie zawsze sprawią, że jestem poztywynie nastawiona :).


Przez ostatni tydzień przeszłam i przebiegłam baaardzo dużo kilometrów po Lizbonie. Uwielbiam odkrywać nowe miasta chodząc po nich (ile wlezie!). Pomiędzy castingami nie ma lepszej rozrywki niż spacery. Każdego dnia można zobaczyć coś nowego, niezwykłego. Nie dotyczy się to jedynie znanych atrakcji turystycznych, których jest wiele, ale również innych malutkich uliczek, które przewodniki omijają. Czuję się wtedy jak odkrywca i napajam widokami. Lizbona jest cudowna, niezwykłe miasto o bogatej historii, którą widać na każdym kroku. Byłam już w niej 2 lata temu, jednak teraz staram się zwiedzić ją dokłądniej. Uliczki są urocze, mieszkańcy dbają o swoje posiadłości, a wszechobecna kostka brukowa oraz kafelki na ścianach budynków są wyczyszczone na błysk.

Do tej pory udało mi się zobaczyć takie miejsca jak Barrio Alto (centralna dzielnica miasta), Praça do Comércio – plac znajdujący się w Lizbonie, w Portugalii. Usytuowany na brzegu rzeki Tag, w osi reprezentacyjnego dziś deptaka Lizbony – Rua Augusta, Miradoure de Santa Catarina (taras z pięknym widokiem na rzekę, port i dzielnicę Baixa), Elevador de Santa Justa (zabytkowa winda w dzielnicy Santa Justa, w historycznym centrum Lizbony, położona na końcu Rua de Santa Justa. Łączy niższe ulice Baixa z wyżej położonym Largo do Carmo), Avenida de Liberdade (ważna aleja w centrum Lizbony, w Portugalii. jest to bulwar o szerokości 90 metrów i 1100 m długości, z dziesięcioma torami podzielona przez chodniki dla pieszych ozdobione ogrodami)
A dużo jeszcze przede mną!…


Jestem zdumiona portugalskim jedzeniem. Byłam już w Portugalii kilkukrotnie, ale dopiero teraz zdałam sobie sprawę jak dobre jest jedzenie oraz jego jakość. Kuchnia jest prosta, jednak bardzo zróżniocowana. Niesamowicie świeże potrawy możecie znaleźć we wszechobecnych restauracjach. Świeże owoce morza oraz ryby są serwowane wszędzie.

Niezwkykle smaczne oraz świeże owoce i warzywa można z łatwością kupić w mini-marketach rozsianych po całym mieście.
Przyrzekam, że nie jadłam smaczniejszych czereśni oraz truskawek przez całe moje życie. Jak mawiają babcie, doprawdy przedwojenne! 😉


Tak, Portugalczycy piją dużo kawy. Jest ona tak samo dobra, a może nawet i lepsza niż ta we Włoszech. Filiżanka espresso kosztuje około 50 centów (poza turystycznymi miejscami) i można być pewnym, że dostanie się niezwykle aromatyczną, świeżo zaparzoną kawę.


I… TANIE! To prawda, pójście tutaj do supermarketu i kupienie dobrego wina za niewiele, to nie problem. I jest naprawdę w czym wybierać… Nie piję dużo alkoholu, ale kieliszek wina, (którego butelka potrafi kosztować 2 euro w sklepie), wieczorową porą smakuje naprawdę dobrze!

Wydaje się, że z pozoru tak banalne rzeczy potrafią sprawić, że czuję się szczęśliwa. Powinniśmy być zawsze wdzięczni za te drobne rzeczy, które nas spotykają każdego dnia. Nie ważne gdzie jesteśmy, warto zawsze patrzeć na tę pozytywną stronę naszego życia.