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This post is a continuation of Running Routes Series (#RRS)
The first part you can read here -> RUNNING IN MILAN
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Today I will share with you my experience as a runner from London.
We all know that London is a really BIG city! Its population is estimated of over 8000000 (8 milions!) people. Yes, that is a lot. Obviously, the city is huge and there are many areas for running. 🙂 Including the bank along The River Thames, well-known Hyde Park, modern Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and much, much more.

I have spent whole October this year in London so I had a bit time to get familiar with the city, check the list prepared for you below and choose the destination upon your next visit in London 🙂

  • Hyde Park
    I believe this is the place number one on the runner’s list in London. Hyde Park is popular and well-known among all tourist heading to UK. I am sure that once you think ‘London’, you picture in your mind The Buckingham Palace and The Queen, Big Ben and… Hyde Park. And it totally understandable, as Hyde Park has all what you need! Ponds, beautiful gardens, cute bridges, lovely alleys and great routes for cyclists and runners!

    Yes, I have cycled in Hyde Park as well 😉

    I have run a few times in Hyde Park and there are so many paths you can choose from that it is almost impossible to cover them all 🙂
    This is a really great place to run around and explore. It is great for easy long runs as well as interval trainings since there are many flat and straight lanes. What makes Hyde Park awesome is the fact it is really calm  and thanks to its size (it covers an area of 350 acres) once you are there you can really dive into it and forget about the surrounding crazy city 😉

    Just one loop around Hyde Park is 6 kilometers long!

    Here is the log from one of my long runs I had in London (as you can Hyde Park was just a part of that training)

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    I attach below link to the map of Hyde Park from its official website. 

  • The River Thames and bridges
    This is one of the most fun route in London that you can run through. Being a tourist and runner at the same time, who does not like it?:)
    The River Thames, its banks and multiple bridges crossing over make it right! You really cannot get bored around there. In one single run you can see many landmarks, including: Big Ben, London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Borough Market and Tower of London across the side! And guess what? It is not over! Make it even more fun and not only pass but also cross all the bridges linking both sides of The Thames at any combination you want!
    Let me list some of them, starting from the west side you can tick: Westminster Bridge (linking Westminster on the west side and Lambeth on the east side), Golden Jubilee Bridges (which are pedestrian footbridges) which flank Hungerford Bridge (linking Charring Cross from the north end and Waterloo Station at the south end),  Waterloo Bridge (which views from are widely held to be one the finest in London at ground level – you can spot London Eye, Westminster, Canary Wharf and much much more!), the next is Blackfriars Bridge (located just a step away from Tate Modern gallery art), Millenium Bridge (which is a steel suspension bridge for pedestrians, beautifully lighted by night and also its northern end has great view for City of London School below St Paul’s Cathedral), Southwark Bridge (always busy with buses, cars, pedestrians, cyclist….), London Bridge, often mistaken with the following one – the last but not the least Tower Bridge (it is a suspension bridge that crosses the River Thames close to the Tower of London and has become an iconic symbol of London)…

    The map above is a little snap from my jog along The Thames – excuse the endomondo GPS map issues 🙂

    Whoops that is a lot like only for ONE run! Isn’t it ;)?
    I really enjoyed this run but make sure to go for it either in the early morning or on the weekends, otherwise you will get stucked with all the traffic 😛

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  • Regent’s Park
    Regent’s Park is one of the Royal Parks of London (as Hyde Park). It lies within north-west London. It surrounds Regent’s University London and the London Zoo. I was lucky to live quite close to that park so it became my ‘second’ home and partner (in crime) for many workouts.
    The park is very well maintained and apart from numerous alleys has two distinguishing rings – the Outer Circle (4.45 km) and an inner ring road called the Inner Circle (1 km).
    But the runners are may watch out all the bikes around there! The Outer Circle is used by road cyclists. Many of  amateur cycling clubs meet there regularly to complete laps of the Outer Circle. So be careful when you are there 😉
    Apart from the asphalt circle roads inside the park, you can jog around pond, beautiful alleys and finish the workout with fresh coffee at one of the cute cafeterias or visit Zoo? 🙂

    Regent’s Park is definitely a great place for any kind of training – longrun, interval, tempo, fartlek it is just up to you what you feel like doing.
    As you can see, this park has a big potential 🙂

    The link below is a great map of running routes in Regent’s Park taken from the official website.
  • Primrose Hill
    This small park lays very close to the Regent’s Park, on its north side. As it name suggests, it is HILLY ;). Oh boy… I remember the day when I did hill workout there, it was… tough! The good part of this is the fact that you won’t be alone. There are many other dare-devils going up against those hills. But, in the end, if you are lucky with the whether, on the summit of you can find a solace in a panorama view of central London.
  • Regent’s Canal to Little Venice
    Are you looking for some scenic path along canal? Then you should try and go to Regent’s Canal. It is probably the only traffic-free way to move from east to the west (or from west to the east 😉 ) side of London. Regent’s Canal connects Lime House and Little Venice. It is possible to walk/cyclle/run along this route almost non-stop for 15 km! Totally free of traffic and in the heart of city! Sounds crazy? Maybe 😉 But you should go and check it. I have experienced a great run starting off at Regent’s Park, where I hop into the Canal (but you can start anywhere else) and run towards Little Venice (which is another lovely neighbourhood in London with narrowboats and scenic villas)
    I would not recommend this route by night, it can be slippery and really dark. I have tried once to go there in the evening and I must have given up and returned after 1 km…

    C stands for the route along Regent’s Canal, R stands for the Regent’s Park
  • Clapham Common Park
    This is a large triangular urban park in Clapham, south London. It is a busy park with a big range of  sporting facilities, including a running track, bowling green, cricket, football, rugby, a skateboard venue and much more. I have run there only once but it is definitely a good spot for training if you stay in South London.

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  • Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
    The last, but not the least spot in London I need to include here is Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. I have not visited it this time but I have been there 2 years ago during my very first race debut at 10k. I need to mention about it as I have good memories from this place. (I remember I was very stressed on that race day and had no clue how to perfom it. Eventually I ended up being 3rd among women and that was a day when I felt so many emotiones during the run. From the complete hesitation, fear, thrill of anticipation at a start line and an overdose of endorphines and happiness :))) (yes, yes, maybe I am crazy but that is exactly how I felt that day 🙂
    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, this Park is really impressive and has many sport facilites including the Aquatics Centre, Velopark.
    It is worth to go there, explore and feel just a little bit as a champion and Olympian during your training 🙂

    My 10k race debut – 41m53s – May 2016

    I hope you will find this guide as a handy one.
    And remember that running means freedom so do not limit yourself and try your own routes to dicover the city. As seen below 🙂

    Sometimes I am surprised with the shapes of my running maps 😛


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Polish summer | Polskie lato

This is the end. The holidays are over. Children go back to school tomorrow, and we adults, go back to work and office.

I spent whole August at home in Poland. It was really good time for me. I recharged my batteries, spent time with my family and friends, experienced great adventures and moments. Summer time in Poland is great and I want to recommend everyone having holidays here. I am proud of my beautiful country.

Here is the list of the places I have been to during this month so hopefully you will find them interesting as well.


The capital of Poland. Every single time I am here I notice something new and I am shocked how many things change. Great city for meeting your friends. You can have fun exploring Old Town and local restaurants. There are many places to visit and choose from! I really like to eat at Hala Koszyki, Słodki&Słony by Magda Gessler, Znajomi Znajomych, Król Zieminiak.

The capital of Poland. Every single time I am here I notice something new and I am shocked how many things change. Great city for meeting your friends. You can have fun exploring Old Town and local restaurants. There are many places to visit and choose from! I really like to eat at Hala Koszyki, Słodki&Słony by Magda Gessler, Znajomi Znajomych, Król Zieminiak.

Runners won’t be disappointed also, as you can see on my running logs the area is perfect for it! 😉


Located in Dolny Slask. I have not discovered it as much as I wished due to my work duties. Renovated main Train Station is truly welcoming. I remember this city from my trip down there last year. Old Town, numerous bridges and hidden dwarfs are fun!

Szczawnica (Pieniny)

Resort town in Southern Poland, located in Pieniny (mountains range). It is a great place to come with friends or family and spend holidays in an active way.
Lots of mountains trails, including these to the highest summits: Three Crowns, Palenica. Less demanding but still very beautiful are surrounding valleys and gorges. For bike enthusiasts there are many picturesque bike paths (the nicest one is along Dunajec River to Red Monastery – located in Slovakia). It is possible also to spend all day on the water and organize rafting tours on Dunajec River.

Discovering the beauty and staying close to the nature is possible also from the chairlift perspective or sitting on the bench of the mountain stream and drink refreshing drinks ;).


The highest Polish mountains! There are numerous trails for people with different level of fitness. From beginner to advanced. One of the most challenging and beautiful one is the trail to Rysy Summit through Morskie Oko. You won’t be bored with the beauty of Tatras. Beautiful landscapes are guaranteed ;).

Baltic Sea and Hel Peninsula

Hel is the thinnest Polish Bay and exceptional in Europe! I have never been to Hel (Peninsula) before. I can’t believe it was my first time there! Maybe Polish Summer it is not the hottest but spending time at the seaside is definitely a great idea!

I am amazed by the beauty of Hel and its sandy bay. Lots of my friends recommended this area for kitesurfing and windsurfing before. Now I understand why! The location, sun, good wind make perfect conditions for water sports! What is more all surrounding little towns are connected with railway trail and cycle path. (You can get there by bus and car as well but in high season it can be very crowded!).

For example, in Chałupy you can meet lots of young, lively people. In Władysławowo is more family atmosphere.  You can stroll along its promenade, port, buy and eat very good fresh and/or smoked fish. Another little villages like Rozewie, Jastrzębie offer great accommodation, quiet beaches and little shops, bars, and restaurants.

Lighthouses are located in Hel, Jastrzębia Góra and Jastarnia. But there are 15 of them in total in Poland. Each of them is different and you can collect stickers from them J.


People who like bigger cities should visit Gdynia. Gdynia is a part of Tricity (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot). It is popular due to its beautiful port, where you can see and also buy a ticket for a cruise with some of the ships and sailing ships. Additionally, in Gdynia, there is very interesting oceanarium and Marine Museum.

Polish summer (but not only!) is beautiful and offers amazing, fresh food, beautiful landscapes around the country. It is perfect for cycling, running, hiking, swimming, sunbathing. We have it all ;)! I want to recommend visiting it to everybody (not only during the summer months 🙂 ).

Polskie lato

To już pewne. Wakacje się skończyły. Od jutra wszystkie dzieci wracają do szkoły, a my, dorośli wracamy do pracy.

Sierpień spędziłam w Polsce. To był naprawdę dobry czas w otoczeniu rodziny i najbliższych przyjaciół. W pełni zregenerowałam się i naładowałam baterie. Lato to naprawdę świetny czas w Polsce i chciałabym polecić urlop w naszym kraju każdemu!

Poniżej znajdziecie listę miejsc, które udało mi się zwiedzić podczas moich wakacji. Mam nadzieję, że uda mi się Was nimi zainteresować.


Stolica Polski. Za każdym razem kiedy tu jestem, doznaję szoku jak dużo się tu zmienia! Super miasto do spotkań z przyjaciółmi i ze znajomymi.

Można spędzić fajnie czas na Starówce, nad Wisłą, w okolicach Pałacu Kultury i Nauki oraz odkrywać liczne restuaracje porozsiewane dookoła miasta. Na mojej liście ulubionych knajpek znajdują się: Hala Koszyki, Znajomi Znajomych, Król Ziemniak oraz Słodki…Słony.

Biegacze odnajdą się tutaj jak ryba w wodzie. Stolica ma naprawdę fajne trasy, które potrafią wciągać 🙂


Stolica Dolnego Śląska. Tym razem nie miałam niestety wystarczająco dużo czasu by móc go zwiedzić, ze względu na pracę, jednak Główny Dworzec wywarł na mnie zdecydowanie pozytywne wrażenie :).

W ubiegłym roku byłam pierwszy raz we Wrocławiu i na pewno to miasto potrafi zachwycić! Mosty, Starówka, Krasnale porozsiewane w całym mieście zachęcają do odkrywania miasta.

Szczawnica (Pieniny)

Turystyczne miasteczko na południu Polski, w Pieninach. Świetne miejsce do spędzenia wakacji i urlopu z rodziną i ze znajomymi w otoczeniu natury. Okolica oferuje wiele możliwości do aktywnego spędzania czasu. Możliwe są wspinaczki górskie po trasach prowadzących zarówno na szczyty (Trzy Korony, Palenica) jak i w niższe partie, do dolin i wąwozów.
Entuzjaści kolarstwa znajdą tutaj mnóstwo świetnych tras rowerowych. Jedną z fajniejszych jest z pewnością ta prowadząca wzdłuż Dunajca do Czerwonego Klasztoru (położonego na Słowacji).
Możliwe jest również spędzenie całego dnia na wodzie na spływie malowniczym przełomem Dunajca.
Lub bieganie wzdłuż niego o poranku 😉

Dodatkowo można podziwiać okolicę z perspektywy czynnego wyciągu kolei linowej, jak i znad brzegu górskiego potoku sącząc napoje chłodzące :).


Najwyższe polskie góry. Znajduje się tam mnóstwo ścieżek górskich o różnym poziomie trudności. Zarówno początkujący, jak i zaawansowani wspinacze znajdą coś dla siebie. Jednym z najbardziej malowniczym i najtrudniejszym szlakiem jest trasa prowadząca na Rysy z Morskiego Oka. Piękno Tatr nigdy się nie znudzi. Cudowne widoki i krajobrazy gwarantowane :).

Wybrzeże bałtyckie i półwysep helski

Aż wstyd się przyznać, ale to był mój dopiero pierwszy wypad na Hel. Półwysep helski, jest wyjątkowyi jedyny w swoim rodzaju w całej Europie. Wielu moich znajomych polecało mi te okolice. Teraz rozumiem w zupełności dlaczego. Piękna plaża, przy dobrej pogodzie i odpowiednim wietrze tworzą jedne z lepszych warunków do uprawiania sporów wodnych, takich jak kitesurfing. W tym roku nie miałąm okazji tego spróbwać, ale już sobie obiecałam, że specjalnie po to tam wrócę!
Na Helu jest wiele miasteczek, które są położone blisko siebie i jest bardzo wygodnie przemieszczać się między nimi pociągiem, bądź rowerem, dzięki świetnej trasie rowerowej.

Znajdziecie tu dużo miasteczek na urlop – Chałupy, Jastarnia, Jurata, Hel…

Na zachód od półwyspu helskiego znajduje się większe miasto – Władysławowo. Z portem oraz promenadą. To tu również znajduje się Ośrodek Przygotowań Olimpijskich – Cetniewo.
Nieco dalej położone jest Rozewie, Jastrzębia Góra. Turystyczne miasteczka z super plażą oraz deptakiem, gdzie można zasmakować w naprawdę dobrej świeżej i/lub wędzonej rybie.

Dodatową atrakcją w tej okolicy są latarnie morskie (Rozewie, Hel, Jastarnia). Nad Bałtykiem jest 15 czynnych latarni. Można je zwiedzać i zbierać naklejki do kolekcji.


Ci, którzy lubią zwiedzać miasto powinni udać się do Gdyni. Jest to jedno z miast wchodzących w skład Trójmiasta. Popularne ze zwględu na swój port, w którym znajduje się wiele statków oraz okrętów marynarki wojennej, w tym ORP Błyskawica oraz trzyasztowy żaglowiec Dar Pomorza. Możliwe są także wycieczki mniejszymi statkami po Bałtyku. Tuż niedaleko portu znajduje się również duże oceanarium oraz Muzeum Marynarki Wojnnej.

W Polsce nie sposób się nudzić (nie tylko latem)! Mamy naprawdę dużo miejsc wartych odwiedzenia. Piękne krajobrazy nad morzem, w górach, nad jeziorami. Super miasta oraz wspaniali ludzie. Warto polecać wszystkim Polskę by się przekonali, jak piękny jest nasz kraj ;).