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Lisbon foodie guide

As a continuation of my Summer in Lisbon, comes today’s post. In July I stayed in Lisbon so I have a chance to get to know the city pretty well.

Undoubtedly, a big part of travelling is tasting diverse cuisines!

Portuguese food is one of my favorite. It is based on high quality produce, local ingredients fruits, vegetables, seafood, meet, cheese. Everything is here!

And… oh lord the coffee… I have never been a coffee person but it is hard not be a one when you travel here. I can definitely say that coffee here is better than Italian! (Sorry my Italian friends 😉 )

Below I list you some great places for quick bite / food /drink ! Hopefully, you will have an opportunity to check them when you travel to Lisbon!

1) Leitaria

Located close to my neighborhood I stay. It is a very nice coffee place, yogurteria and bakery. The bread is baked just there. You can try many kinds of fresh bread and buns, accompanied with tasty salads. This is a very nice place for quick lunch during the week or brunch and meet friends there during the weekend.
On top of this, the place runs on their freshly made yogurts. Fresh yogurt with seasonal fruits there is definitely a must!
And coffee… oh la la. Very good, very tasty. Any kind espresso, caffe latte, cappucino, they have them all!

Where: Avenida da, R. Artilharia 1 87, 1250-096 Lisboa
Prices: $

2) Le petite prince

I found this place accidentally and it was fantastic! Real Le Petite Prince in Portugal! Great interior, comfy seats, yummy lemonade. You will be welcomed by very friendly owner who has book Le Petite Prince almost in every language and listens to Polish music over there!
That is him who told be about his Polish friend who is a chef of Miramar in the South of Costa de Caparica.

Where: R. Cecílio de Sousa 1a, 1200-098 Lisboa
Prices: $$

3) Cafe Tehran

Real Persian experience in Lisbon! Beautifully located restaurant, close to the quiet garden in Baixa Chiado. The service and menu is superb. I have eaten great soup with meat balls and finished with lovely cake. Amazing place for lunch/dinner with outdoor seating as well as some work as they have quiet corners inside.

Where: Praça das Flores 40, 1200-192 Lisboa
Prices: $$


Surfing, coffee, concept store and tasty bites in one? Boutik has it all! Really cool place with young vibes inside, great interior and design inspired by Ocean and surfing! If you want to seat or real hammock and drink something while your buddies are shopping, that is the place, where you should go to!

Where: R. de São Bento 106D, 1200-820 Lisboa
Prices: $$

5) Sea Me

This is an exceptional place! I went there with friend of mine to celebrate one of my little success (I will share it with you in few weeks 😎 ). It was definitely one of the most unforgettable dinners. Once you walk in and get seated apart from tasty manu you an choose your dinner directly – from the LADA and talk to the waiter about way to prepare your seafood. Raw (with sushi / sashimi ) , grilled or cooked ? In whatever combination you dream of, you can get your food prepared the way you will never forget.

Where: Rua do Loreto 21, 1200-086 Lisboa
Prices: $$$

6) O Cantinho do Alfredo

Typical local restaurant where you can feel like at home. Very simple typical Portuguese cuisine with incredibly low prices and great value of food! Either you eat fish or meat, you will find something for you. Lunch + wine + coffee for 7 euro. That is what you get there 🙂

Where: R. Gen. Taborda 44, 1070-271 Lisboa
Prices:  $

7) Nivà Cremeria Lisboa

What Summer time would it be without scoop of gelato (ice-cream)?! I discovered this gelateria very first evening when I arrived to Lisbon now and I must say that their custom made ice creams are incredible! Smooth, delicious and full of flavor! My pistachio and coffee ice cream that night definitely made my day!

Where: R. da Escola Politécnica 41, 1250-099 Lisboa
Prices: $

8) Quiosque

Portuguese people love being outside! Hence that the idea of Quiosque(‘s) come along! Basically this is a concept of little bars/cafeterias located very close to cute parks/squares where you can enjoy coffee/happy hour drink/light bite. Being outdoors and accompanied with live music as well. Could it be any better?

Where: All round the city! For example: Nearby Principe Real or Banana Cafe
Prices: $

I might write more and more about such a places, as Lisboa has very wide offer of gastronomy, bars and restaurants. I hope the examples above will mark you up an idea of some places where to go and encourage to look for similar places on your own as well 🙂

Have a great day! Ciao!


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Lisbon Summer

Hello folks!

Hope you are doing well and enjoying Summer time!

Whoever follows me on Instagram / FB might have realized that I am in Portugal now
It has been almost 3 weeks now, since I arrived in Lisbon.

This is not my first time here,
I have been here 2 years ago, exactly the same time in July. You can read the posts from that period here.

Between castings, jobs and running (of course 😉 ). I had a little bit of free time when I could explore beaches nearby Lisbon and I want to share with you this experience.

If you look, at the map, you can see that Lisbon is not located at the ocean, as some people thinks wrongly, the water you can see on pictures from Lisbon is Tagus River. Luckily, city is located very close to the real beaches and Ocean.
Have you heard that Portuguese beaches have been awarded for being the best ones in Europe?! 🙂

Let me tell you about the seaside villages I have explored so far:

1) Cascais

This is a little gem located 30 kms away from Western Lisbon. It is very easy to get there – all you need is to take a train from Cais de Sodre to Cascais. I bet you will not miss a correct platform as there are always so many tourists around

*** My advice is to buy the ticket, either the day before or upload your ticket/metro card before you go to Cascais, as the line to the ticket machine can be very long! Very first time I was going to Cascais, I did not know about it and I spent almost an hour at Cais de Sodre :O ***
Ticket is 2.50 euro per person (if you buy a ticket card, or if you have it  you can upload it for 2.25 euro per trip)

Once you have your ticket, you can travel straight to Cascais. The train stops locally on every little village on its way. So you can choose and get off a bit earlier if you want to explore another places. This map below shows you a route of the train.

If you head directly to Cascais, you can explore there its local beaches. I always end up at Praia Rainha. This is one of the smallest beaches, located literally 3 minutes’ walk from the train station ;).

Obviously, it is little packed (now in the high season), but it is a little beach, with calm corners and rocks where you can lay down/hide.

The other beach is Praia da Conceição  which is much bigger but also much more commercialized (with bars/beach beds/umbrellas). So, you can choose what you like more.

If you get hungry I can recommend you a lovely cafeteria – Restaurante Paixao. In my opinion Portugal serves one of the best coffee in Europe and this place ain’t any different. I can bet that you will love coffee latte (Galão) the same as I did over there!

After afternoon drink/snack it is a good idea as well to walk along the seaside through the sidewalk and enjoy the view.

I highly recommend the stroll towards Lisbon, from Cascais to Monte Estoril, Estoril and even further, especially during ‘golden hour’ when you can feel a lovely breeze and take fantastic pictures!

2) Costa de Caparica

Located across the riverside from Lisbon, Costa de Caparica, maybe is not the most beautiful seaside resort but it is a good start point to touch an Ocean and move to the South toward Paisagem Protegida da Arriba Fóssil da Costa de Caparica (Nature Reserve).

To get to Costa de Caparica, you can take local bus TST from Lisbon that goes frequently now in July and August. (you can check their timetable and the most suitable busstop for you at movitapp.  ) it takes around 30 minutes to get there and you can be just at the Ocean and ready to dive into water… surf… or… rent a bike! That is what I did 😉

I rent a bike at local rental store. (It costed me 9 euro for all day… not the cheapest, especially that my bike was not in good condition at all… rusty and making funny noise from the very beginning of my trip. ) But I really wanted to make a bike tour that day so I was ready for an adventure!

From Costa de Caparica, first 3-4 kilometers you can enjoy riding through a promenade and enjoying a lovely Ocean view to your right. After a sidewalk is finished, you need to turn a bit towards the main road and cycle through the outskirts of Caparica. I did not notice many cyclist on my route that day, in fact maybe just a few… then at around 6th-7th kilometer of your ride you will notice a slight uphill (odcinek) [that I honestly I walked with my bike on the side as I did not want to break a chain…] after that you should turn right into dirt road.

Do not worry, this is an absolutely safe and actually a good quality road! Perfect for cycling (with a proper bike I guess it would be even better 😊).

From there you will have around another 3 kilometers that goes slightly down towards little fisherman/hippie village called Aroeira.

Once you cycle through this laid back town you can feel that the time has (almost) stopped there.

I has my lunch stop at place called Petite Miramar that was recommended to me by the owner of small coffee place (Le Petit Prince – I will write about it in the next post) I had been 2 days before my cycling trip. He told me that friend of his, Polish girl, runs Miramar and I should definitely check it out. Which was a indirect/ reason and goal of my cycle trip.

Joja (chef of Miramar) served me really yummy and fresh lunch, with a local fish for the main course, which are very easy to get as most of the locals there are fishermen!

What would this cycle trip be without a dive into the Ocean?!

The water around there is absolutely fantastic! It is not warm but very refreshing and surrounded with super wide beach with almost no people!

I would recommend you to check this route and villages below Costa de Caparica whenever you have a possibility!

After this beautiful afternoon, I needed to cycle back to Costa de Caparica. I needed to walk again my bike for a few times when I felt that sand and hill might be too hardcore for my “too cool for school” bike but overall I was extremely proud and happy when I arrived back to the rental shop. ith  I would not expect from my ferrari these a little bit more than 20kms at the beginning of the day 😎

Hope you will find this post useful and you will be able to get to one if this places once you are in Lisbon. There is no doubt you will like them! Sandy, clean, wide with lots of sunshine!


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Hopefully everyone is fine, as I believe that everybody got back to work after long holiday and Christmas break 😉

So did I.
I flew on Sunday night from Warsaw to Portugal as I was working yesterday for @salsaofficial

I spent two short nights in little town Vila Nova de Famalicão (northern-east direction of Porto) that I managed to discover only early morning on Monday while I was running around (yes, another city on my running map! 🙂 ) before my job.

After 10 hours of work I didn’t see much as it was raining and nasty outside, also everything was closed… 🙁

Today I had day off and moved from Famalicão to Porto.
I arrived to beautiful Sao Bento train station just before 1 pm, and exactly at 1 pm I checked-in to my hotel and left my luggage.
High time to walk around the city, luckily it stopped raining when I arrived to Porto (lucky me! 🙂 )

I looove this city. I have been here several times, first time in October 2013. I remember it well also from last summer as I spent whole July in Portugal and I was lucky to travel and work in Porto several times. Today, I could explore the city in different (not so warm. autumn/fall) conditions.

But it didn’t disappoint me. Actually proved its magical vibe and mysterious atmosphere that I would never get bored with.
Food is the same amazing. Fresh, simple, so good and cheap. After ordering my lunch (dourada grelhada 6 €!) the owner of little bar in Mercado do Bolhão went straight to the fishmonger next door and got my fish, grilled and served. How good is that!

(Ok, I was still hungry later and I ate also Pastéis de bacalhau (1 €!), traditional Portuguese Cod Fish Fritter 😉 )

After lunch, I was walking around the city and got lost (literally 😉 ). Not following any particular route I had amazing walk around the city, strolling along Douro River. I managed also to cross the river and explore Vila Nova de Gaia, another city located on the other side of Douro River [It is also well known for its cellars (locally known as “caves”) where the world-famous port wine is stored and aged.]

Ceramic tiles, steep steps, hanging laundry off the windows and numerous tenements, churches and narrow streets are incredible here. Porto is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

I have managed to take some pictures to capture this moments on camera.

Time has definitely stopped here, especially now when it is not a tourist season and there are not many people on the streets. There is something magical in this place. It changes its appearance and look every time with each season/time/day during the year. Bright and happy covered with sunshine, free and youthful with summer-breeze at the ocean and magical & ‘scary’ underneath misty and foggy sky. Porto is definitely a thrilling city and amazing experience all-year long <3

Tonight is my last night in Portugal, tomorrow I am heading to… PARIS! Next travel, next adventures are waiting!

Take care!


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Lisbon Coastline | Lizbońskie Wybrzeże

Last Sunday I was finally ready to discover Lisbon coastline. I was really driven to see this area by the latest issue of National Geographic devoted to Portugal and lots of feedbacka I heard from people I met since I arrived here. And I must say that was definitely worth it!

The return ticket from Lisbon to Cascais (last stop on the coastline) costs 4,40 euro. When I got to Cais de Sodre (train station) at midday on Sundaytotally totalny packed! So it is much better to have you ticket bought the other day as the queue to the ticket machines could be very long! Luckily, I have managed to join the line in front them, buy the tciket and jump into the first train leaving in 2 minutes! But you do not need to be that sneaky ;), the train departures regularly every 20 minutes.

The rail road leads in the beginning along the Tagus River and than along the coastline. It is stunning and is lined with picturesque beaches and charming Portuguese resort towns (Oeiras, Carcavelos, Estoril, Cascais.). The beaches are characterised by golden sands, clean waters and great tourist facilities, making them suitable for the majority of visitors including families and older visitors.

Getting off at Cascais (the last stop on this train), as I did, you have many facilities to enjoy there. Sea Museum, Fish Market where you can buy fresh seafood, numerous beaches to lay down and get the tan or just walk via Frederico Aurora Street.

Me, I decided to rent a bike (I had read the other day that it was for free, but the man at the rental stadion told me that since last year it is paid (unfortunately). I paid 3,90 euro for the bike I could use it for all day long. There are also cheaper deals (1 euro for 30 minutes and 2 euro for 1 hour ride). My goal was to get to Praia de Guincho by the popular cycle route. (There is a bus service from Cascais but it is difficult to reach the beach from Lisbon.)

Praia da Guincho is 8km to the north of Cascais that I had heard it is stunning so I needed to see it.

Leaving Cascais behine me and heading the West side I felt that the temeprature got cooler and wind got a bit stronger. The route is mainly flat and leads the coastline so you can see surrounding nature and few Little villages on the way there.

[All pictures and videos I made on the way back, so the description and order of them are regarding my way back FROM Praia da Guincho TO Cascais 😉 ]

Once I got to the Praia de Guincho it reminded me wild Australian beaches I have seen earlier this year. Wide, wild, sand,  great for watersports but…no sharks included ;).

The beach is situated in the Serra de Sintra national park so there is almost not tourist development, just massive sand dunes and steep cliffs. It faces a westerly direction and is pounded by massive Atlantic Ocean waves, ideal for experienced surfers.

I bagged guys at surfer school to keep the eye on the bike, I went down hill the sand dune to go to the shore and immerged my feet in the Ocean. Water was… chilly… I was not brave enough to dig in all the way yet.

Pictures, selfie time and I was ready to go back slowly to Cascais. I didn’t hurry up so I could record video for you and take even more pictures ;).

You can see on them several small, wild beaches.

There is also Little suburb called Gaia with well-manatined manor house, little market and restaurants with great view over the Ocean.

There is also one more place I need to highlight, it is The Boca do Inferno. This is an interesting cliff formation very close to Cascais, which has been given an overly dramatic name of Hell’s Mouth. The ceaseless pounding of the Atlantic Ocean on the cliffs chiseled out a small cave, which subsequently collapsed forming a small bay and natural arch. It is Said it looks the most beautiful during storms. You can get there also by walk as it lies only 1.5km to the west of Cascais.

When I returned the bike, it was high time to explore the city and get some sun on the beach! I went to The Praia da Rainha (it was the private beach of queen Dona Amelia, the last queen of Portugal), right in the Centre ofthe city. It is very pretty, small beach. It is surrounded by cliffs and overlooks the fishing harbor.

Leaving my stuff under the rock, I was tempted by calm surface of water and ready for a good swim! (Temperature here, in the city was much higher than on the western Praia de Guincho). The splash was a cherry on the cake that day :).

Later on, my sunbathing and eating was shortened by the high tide that flooded my area and pushed me away from the beach.

However, I didn’t want to go home, so I decided to walk from Cascais along the coastline on a pretty promenade. Strolling by this lovely esplanade you can find bars, pubs and charming restaurants serving fresh seafood and delicious Portuguese food.

The promenade leads even way further but I ended up in Estoril. (This is a stylish and fashionable Portuguese beach resort. The town boasts fine restaurants, world-class hotels and the largest casino of the Iberian Peninsula, all of which provide Estoril with a prosperous atmosphere and a reputation for exclusivity.), located 2 kilometers away from Cascais.

I took the train from the station in Estoril and headed towards Libon, grateful to experience another lovely, sunny day in Portugal. That I wish to all of us as often as possible :)!.

Lizbońskie Wybrzeże

Po sobotnim zwiedzaniu Alfamy (o której napiszę w kolejnym poście), przyszedł czas na plażowanie na Lizbońskim Wybrzeżu. Zachęcona artykułem w najnowszym numerze National Geographic (którego lipcowy numer był akurat poświęcony Portugalii) oraz wieloma radami spotkanych tu osób, musiałam zobaczyć to miejsce i naprawdę było warto!

Z Lizbony do Cascais prowadzi lokalna kolejka, za który bilet w obie strony należy zapłacić 4,40 euro. W niedzielne południe, kiedy dotarłam do Stacji Cais de Sodre, spotkałam się z dużo kolejką do biletomatów (warto zatem kupić bilety z wyprzedzeniem, bo w godzinach szczytu w weekendy należy liczyć się z długim czekaniem). Szczęśliwie, korzystając z zamieszania przy jednej z maszyn, udało mi się wcisnąć (niestety bycie cwaniakiem w takich sytuacjach czasem popłaca ;)) i kupić bilet na pociąg, który odjeżdżał za 2 minuty. Niemniej jednak, wy nie musicie kombinować tak jak ja, pociągi jeżdżą często, średnio co 20 minut.

Trasa z Lizbony wiedzie wzdłuż Tagu, a później wzdłuż wybrzeża oceanu. Pociąg po drodze zatrzymuje się w małych miejscowościach. Ostatnią stacją jest Cascais – klimatyczny kurort, gdzie można zwiedzać Muzeum Morskie, kupić świeże owoce morza na targu rybnym, przejść się ulicą Frederico Arouca lub opalać się i kąpać na jednej z plaż. Ja jednak zdecydowałam się wypożyczyć rower (który powinien być darmowy, dostępny dla każdego po ukazaniu swojego ID, jednak po dotarciu do stacji – nieopodal dworca kolejowego, okazało się, że od zeszłego roku za rower należy zapłacić. Planowałam pojechać na plażę Praia de Gaucho, zatem wypożyczyłam rower na cały dzień (opłata 3,90 euro) [można też wypożyczyć na pół godziny, bądź godzinę].

Z Cascais prowadzi tam piękna droga, połączona ze ścieżką rowerową. Bardzo dobrze przygotowana i gotowa na rowerowe szaleństwa. Szlak wiedzie wzdłuż oceanu dzięki czemu można podziwiać wspaniałe widoki. Tego dnia nie było bardzo gorąco, posuwając się coraz bardziej na zachód czuć było, że temperatura się obniża. Jednak na pewno podczas upałów, słońce może dać we znaki, bo trasa pomimo, że jest łatwa i płaska, jest w zupełności odsłonięta na promienie słoneczne.

[Wszelkie zdjęcia i materiały wideo zaczęłam dopiero robić w momencie dotarcia do plaży Guincho, stąd ich kolejność będzie taka jak podczas mojej trasy powrotnej ;)]

Do Guincho jest około 10 kilometrów. Fajna wycieczka z pięknymi widokami i jeszcze lepszym finiszem. Plaża jest szeroka… bardzo szeroka! Przypomina mi dzikie, australijskie plaże, które odwiedziłam wcześniej w tym roku. Znajduje się również na skraju Parku Narodowego Sitra, gdzie można udać się na wycieczkę po wydmach.  Wybrzeże to raj dla surferów, widać wielu śmiałków walczących ochoczo z falami. (Druga Australia, w dodatku bez… rekinów! 😉 ).

Będąc ograniczona posiadaniem wypożyczonego roweru, którego za prośbą przechowałam w surferskiej budce. Na plażę Guincho zeszłam jedynie, aby porobić parę zdjęć i zanurzyć nogi w wodzie.

W drodze powrotnej udało mi się nakręcić materiał wideo, który pokazuje Wam wybrzeże ciągnące się na schyłku Portugalii. Poprzestając w kilku miejscach, oglądając okolicę udało mi się również poprosić innych rowerzystów o zdjęcia na otaczającym mnie tle.

Między Praia de Guincho a Cascais, znajduje się również kilka innych plaż oraz tych dzikich, gdzie wczasowicze korzystają z uroków przyrody.

Mija się również inne miejsca, takie jak Gaia: bardzo ładnie zagospodarowana miejscowość z uroczym dworkiem, niewielkim targiem oraz restauracjami serwującymi świeże owoce morza z widokiem na ocean.

Nieopodal Cascais znajduje się również Boca de Inferno (wrota Piekieł)  – miejsce z klifowymi skałami, gdzie fale rozbijają się  z wielką siłą. Najpiękniej jest podobno podczas sztormów. Łatwo dostać się w to miejsce również pieszo z Cascais, ponieważ znajduje się ono około 3 kilometry od centrum miasteczka.

Wracaąc do miasta i oddając rower, zaszyłam się na jednej z malutkich plaż znajdującej się nieopodal. Zrzuciłam szybko ciuchy i zostawiłam rzeczy pod pobliską skałą, aby za chwilę ochłodzić się (w mieście było zdecydowanie goręcej niż 10 km dalej w Guincho). Spokojna tafla oceanu i piaszczyste zejście kusiło by do niego wskoczyć. Woda… orzeźwiająca! Mogłaby być ciut cieplejsza, ale i tak o wystarczającej temperatura, aby popływać.

Po chwili plażowania i jedzeniu, nadchodzący przypływ dawał mi we znaki, że pora przenieść się nieco wyżej na brzegu plaży, a ostatecznie z niej wyjść.

Nie chcąc jednak wracać od razu z Cascais do Lizbony przeszłam wzdłuż promenady do kolejnej miejscowości Estoril. Dwukilometrowy deptak położony jest tuż nad wybrzeżem i kolejnymi plażami pełnych turystów. Przy promenadzie znajduje się również wiele barów i restauracji, gdzie można zjeść świeże ryby i portugalskie przysmaki.

Można nią iść jeszcze dalej, ale ja zdecydowałam się wsiąść w pociąg do Lizbony w Estoril, który jest bardzo ekskluzywnym kurortem o największym kasynie na Półwyspie Iberyjskim i posiadającym hotele i restauracje o najwyższych standardach.

Wsiadając do pociągu i kierując się do stolicy byłam przeszczęśliwa, że udało mi się spędzić kolejny piękny, słoneczny dzień w Portugalii. Życzę więcej takich dni każdemu z nas! 🙂

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Lisbon makes you happy! | Lizbona uszczęśliwia!

After whole Spring spent in NYC and having my school exams passed in Warsaw last week, I arrived in Lisbon, in Portugal. I will stay here all July with my Portugese agency We Are Models.

It’s been one week since I am here and I can honestly say this city is the place that I needed. I realized it only after arrival here. Do you wonder why? Here in the answer:


I am lucky, I love Summer, but can’t handle the tropical temperature. So far, only the first day, on Monday was super hot here, and indeed it was not easy to stay focused on my job. But apart from that day every morning when I wake up it is around 18 degrees outside, it gets warmer during the day up to 25-26 degrees maximum, fresh, dry air. That’s the weather and climate I could live forever 🙂


I would always say that Latin people are the ones who are always happy and they make me happy too 🙂 Probably I have a weakness for them and their culture. Because whenever I am surrounded by them I smile from ear to ear. Their language, way of life, music and attitude makes you smile about the simplest thing in you life.


During this week I have walked and run maaany kilometers around the city. I have seen so many places and still more are waiting! I have been here before but now I have more time to explore the city. My impression about Lisbon so far is that is a very clean city and tidy. All the paving stones (which are numerous here) and shiny and you can notice that residents take care about their possessions.
Walking around the city is simply a feast for your eyes. I have seen already many places in Lisbon, such as: Barrio Alto, Martim Moniz, Comercio Square, Miradouro de Santa Catarina, Elevador de Santa Justa, Avenida de Liberdade. But not only the major spots are impressive, almost everywhere around the city you can find little streets where you really want to get lost…


I am amazed by Portuguese food. I have been to Portugal before, but now I have realized how great the food and its quality is here. The cuisine is very simple but also very diverse. The incredibly fresh food you can find in each restaurant and not spending a fortune. Lots of seafood and fishes are served everywhere.
Very fresh and tasty fruits, vegetables are easy to buy in local stores sparse all around the city. I have not eaten more juicy and yummy cherries or strawberries in my entire life…


Yes, Portuguese people drink a lot of coffee. And is the same (or even better) than in Italy. Cup of espresso costs around 0,50 cents! (out of the main, touristic places) and you can be sure you will get smooth, tasty cup of freshly brewed caffeine drink 🙂


And… sooo cheap! It is true! Going to the supermarket and buying cheap, good quality wine here is not a problem at all. The selection is very big… I do not drink much alcohol but I like wine. There is no other way to not have a glass of wine in the evening as for +/- 2 euro you can purchase a bottle of good wine… 😉

Simple things makes you a happy person. Let’s be always thankful for them! No matter where are we, we should always find the positive side of our life.

Happy Monday!

Lizbona uszczęśliwia

Całą wiosnę spędziłam w Nowym Jorku. Dwa tygodnie temu wróciłam do Polski na chiwlę i byłam w Warszawie ze względu na wykłady i egzaminy na uczelni (pomyślnie zdane ;)). Po zaliczeniu mojego 3-ciego już (czas leci!) roku studiów przyszedł czas na Lizbonę. Spędzę tutaj cały miesiąc z agencją We Are Models.

Jestem tutaj już tydzień i po spędzeniu tych 7 dnich tutaj, mogę szczerze powiedzieć, że takiego miejsca było mi trzeba. Zdałam sobie z tego dopiero sprawę po przylocie tutaj. Zastanwiacie się dlaczego? Odpowiedź znajdziecie ponieżej:


Lubię lato, jednak nie znoszę tropikalncyh temperatur. Od kiedy przyjechałam pogoda jest idealna. O poranku około 18 stopni, w ciągu dnia temeratura rośnie do około 25 stopni. Jedynie w poniedziałek, pierwszego dnia mojego pobytu było naprawdę gorąco i ciężko było się skupić w pracy… Póki co zabójcze upały mnie omijają, których nie brakało tuż przez moim przyjazdem. Obecną pogodę oraz taki klimat, ciepłe i suche powietrze mogłabym mieć przed 365 dni w roku.


Według mnie latynosi oraz mieszkańcy południowej Europy są zawsze szczęśliwi i zadowoleni z życia, a ich radość udziela się mnie samej. Gdziekolwiek byłam, w Hiszpani, we Włoszech, w Portugalii tam zawsze jest gwarno i hałaśliwie. Bardzo mi to pasuje. Prawodopodobnie mam osobistą słabość do nich i ich kultury. Kiedykolwiek jestem nimi otoczona, po prostu uśmiecham się od ucha do ucha. Ich język, sposób bycia, muzyka oraz zachowanie zawsze sprawią, że jestem poztywynie nastawiona :).


Przez ostatni tydzień przeszłam i przebiegłam baaardzo dużo kilometrów po Lizbonie. Uwielbiam odkrywać nowe miasta chodząc po nich (ile wlezie!). Pomiędzy castingami nie ma lepszej rozrywki niż spacery. Każdego dnia można zobaczyć coś nowego, niezwykłego. Nie dotyczy się to jedynie znanych atrakcji turystycznych, których jest wiele, ale również innych malutkich uliczek, które przewodniki omijają. Czuję się wtedy jak odkrywca i napajam widokami. Lizbona jest cudowna, niezwykłe miasto o bogatej historii, którą widać na każdym kroku. Byłam już w niej 2 lata temu, jednak teraz staram się zwiedzić ją dokłądniej. Uliczki są urocze, mieszkańcy dbają o swoje posiadłości, a wszechobecna kostka brukowa oraz kafelki na ścianach budynków są wyczyszczone na błysk.

Do tej pory udało mi się zobaczyć takie miejsca jak Barrio Alto (centralna dzielnica miasta), Praça do Comércio – plac znajdujący się w Lizbonie, w Portugalii. Usytuowany na brzegu rzeki Tag, w osi reprezentacyjnego dziś deptaka Lizbony – Rua Augusta, Miradoure de Santa Catarina (taras z pięknym widokiem na rzekę, port i dzielnicę Baixa), Elevador de Santa Justa (zabytkowa winda w dzielnicy Santa Justa, w historycznym centrum Lizbony, położona na końcu Rua de Santa Justa. Łączy niższe ulice Baixa z wyżej położonym Largo do Carmo), Avenida de Liberdade (ważna aleja w centrum Lizbony, w Portugalii. jest to bulwar o szerokości 90 metrów i 1100 m długości, z dziesięcioma torami podzielona przez chodniki dla pieszych ozdobione ogrodami)
A dużo jeszcze przede mną!…


Jestem zdumiona portugalskim jedzeniem. Byłam już w Portugalii kilkukrotnie, ale dopiero teraz zdałam sobie sprawę jak dobre jest jedzenie oraz jego jakość. Kuchnia jest prosta, jednak bardzo zróżniocowana. Niesamowicie świeże potrawy możecie znaleźć we wszechobecnych restauracjach. Świeże owoce morza oraz ryby są serwowane wszędzie.

Niezwkykle smaczne oraz świeże owoce i warzywa można z łatwością kupić w mini-marketach rozsianych po całym mieście.
Przyrzekam, że nie jadłam smaczniejszych czereśni oraz truskawek przez całe moje życie. Jak mawiają babcie, doprawdy przedwojenne! 😉


Tak, Portugalczycy piją dużo kawy. Jest ona tak samo dobra, a może nawet i lepsza niż ta we Włoszech. Filiżanka espresso kosztuje około 50 centów (poza turystycznymi miejscami) i można być pewnym, że dostanie się niezwykle aromatyczną, świeżo zaparzoną kawę.


I… TANIE! To prawda, pójście tutaj do supermarketu i kupienie dobrego wina za niewiele, to nie problem. I jest naprawdę w czym wybierać… Nie piję dużo alkoholu, ale kieliszek wina, (którego butelka potrafi kosztować 2 euro w sklepie), wieczorową porą smakuje naprawdę dobrze!

Wydaje się, że z pozoru tak banalne rzeczy potrafią sprawić, że czuję się szczęśliwa. Powinniśmy być zawsze wdzięczni za te drobne rzeczy, które nas spotykają każdego dnia. Nie ważne gdzie jesteśmy, warto zawsze patrzeć na tę pozytywną stronę naszego życia.