Make 2019 your best year yet!

Few days ago I posted and summarized my running accomplishements in 2018.

Today we are having first weekend of New Year. After spoiling ourselves during Christmas Holidays, New Year’s Eve party, spending lots of time with family & friends, having our inner batteries charged, it is worth to set up a new plan and make new year’s resolutions.

I have never done and believed in them as much before. This year I am really into it. My mindset has changed a lot since last year and I really want to make 2019 best year ever, I want you to do so as well!

My list of resolutions is almost completed. I want you to try to make your own and stick with it. While I was making my list, I thought about this guide below that should help me and you in achiving our goals:

  1. Keep calm and… be honest with yourself
    Go somewhere where you can stay on your own, go for a walk/run, go to some new coffee place and write down all your thoughts and feelings.
    Be honest. Do not worry, we all have our weak and strong sides. You do not need to lie to yourself. Put down everything you think about. Ask yourself what do you want to improve in your life? What should you change? What should you limit/eliminate? What can you do for others? What do you dream of? What do you want to achieve?
    There are many questions and dimensions you can dive into and ask yourself.
  2. Make a REAL list and carry it everywhere!
    Write down everything you want to do this year. Whatever is written, gets more important and memorized by your brain.
    Keep this list always with you. Either on your laptop (if you made a digital list) or on a separate paper that you put inside your calendar.
    Put it in the place where you can always reach to and check it whenever you are confused or bored. It helps you to track your daily progress.
  3. Visualise yourself in January 2020
    The power of visualization is underestimated. It is imporant to set a plan and stick with it. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the next 365 days. What person can you see?
  4. Small steps and patience
    This is one of the most important element of the whole process and self-developement. You must understand that nothing happens at once. Everything takes time, it is important to be aware of it and to work toward your goals gradually, step by step. Small activity, little change of the habits everyday, makes a difference within a week, month, quarter and year!
  5. Limit the ’empty’ time to the minimum
    Try to limit the time spent on social media. Spend more time with people around you when you are in company. Talk to them. Do not just stare at your mobile. When you wait in the queues/at the airpot/sit in the metro, make the time the most effective for youself – read a book/listen to the podcast/write down few words for your resume/blog, make pictures you can share later, learn few new words of the foreign language you have always wanted to study.
    When you count those ’empty’ minutes during the day altogether, you will realize how much time you have wasted. Try to avoid it and use your time effecitvely.
  6. Do not panic and be responsible for your trips
    Nobody is perfect, not everyday we can solve all the problems and tasks of our list. It is ok when sometimes something goes wrong – it is part of learning and a way to develop new skills. Before going to sleep make a honest summary what have you done that day. What have you accomplished? What could you have done better? Do not worry. Tomorrow is another day and new possibilities!
    Stick to your plan and do not give up!
  1. I hope that this list will make you think more clearly and contribute to make best version of youself this year!
    If you haven’t written down your resolutions yet, do not worry it is only January 5th today so you can still keep up with and perform.Relax, sit down, write it down and keep track of your daily progress!
    Are you in?!
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2 weeks ago I set a challenge to myself and decided to work on my flexibility and practice yoga.
Luckily, week ago on Tuesday, I had an opportunity to try yoga class at Lyons Den Power Yoga studio.

From they official website:

In November 2013 husband and wife team, John Murray and Bethany Lyons, opened Lyons Den Power Yoga in the Tribeca neighborhood – Manhattan’s first and only Baptiste Power Yoga studio. The idea: create a yoga community that was welcoming, classes that were as empowering as they were challenging, and a place full of vibrant individuals up to big things.

It was my first experience with Hot Yoga (performed under hot and humid conditions) and I really liked it!
The class was run by studio’s founder John Murray, truly amazing person.
What I really liked in this class, was the fact that during the session there apart from the teacher, there was also another instructor who was fixing the poses and helping throughout the whole workout.

This 1 hour of class was intense for me. I finished it totally sweaty but definitely stronger. The additional tips regarding some poses that I got from John later helped me to understand the movement of my body.

I totally agree with this statement:

Lyons Den Power Yoga has become a force in New York City and has pushed past the city’s limits to become known worldwide. Even with its global recognition, the community and environment are warm, welcoming, and feel like home base to anyone who visits. Lyons Den Power Yoga is a place where people can get connected, create friendships, and find transformation in ways and places they didn’t know were possible

I highly recommend this place for people who want to practice Power Yoga in a friendly and professional environment.

Thank you, John! Thank you, Lyons Den Power Yoga. It was great!

Many thanks to @NoliYoga for the outfit and to @onemanagement for the possibility to participate in this classes!

Pictures taken by @paulsta_ x @infinitycre@ive


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Do not give up and… run! | Nie daj się i… biegaj!


This is one of the most popular sports, I am sure that most of you have tried at least once in your life to ‘get fit’ and the most common idea was thus running.
‘I will be sporty, fast and slim’ – usually, this is our goal. ‘Running, this can’t be difficult!’
OK, the decision has been made.

The first day, you put your sneakers on (very often inappropriate), go outside and the danger is already awaiting for you:
THE WEATHER… You start to think:
“Oh… it’s too cold”
“Damn… too hot”
“Maybe tomorrow…”

In this case:
1) Some of you go back home, leave the shoes in the far corner (and forgetting about them for the next couple of days/weeks), sit down next to the computer or TV snacking another package of favorite cookies.

2) A little bit stronger ones don’t give up and despite the weather start to run. However, after 2 mins the first thought appears “such a boredom”, after 5 mins “I am running so long and it’s been not even 1km!”, after 10 mins “I am done, I can barely breathe and my knees hurt”.These guys come back home unsatisfied, angry and frustrated looking for another activity ‘ making believe that running is not for them…

3) The strongest ones despite not the easiest beginning start to ‘get the vibe’ and understand the whole idea of running ;). Although they get tired and run with slow pace, they try to go 100, 500, 1000 meters more. They discover their neighbourhood, explore nearby little streets they haven’t seen before, listening to the world (either singing birds or traffic jams), their thoughts or favourite music in the earphones. Whatever it is, minute by minute, they get more and more excited and they come back home with huge excitement and smile, endorphines and serotine made their job and encourage these people for more trainings to run more, faster, further!
This group is the most likely to become a great, true runners.

Who is a real runner?
For me this a person who is able to motivate him/herself (and others also!), regardless daily the circumstances, the weather, is able to go out for run and enjoy it. He truly likes it and doesn’t do it because of the constraints, he likes to explore new places and routes, isn’t afraid to put new goals on his running list. He understands that not every run can be equal, there are days better and worse for running, he knows and get the real joy just from the fact of running itself. He is aware also that there are some days and situations when there is simply no possibility for run, also after a long break he feels that ‘something’ is missing, and then he realizes this something are these magical 30-60 minutes when Mr. Smith becomes a true hero on his running trail.
In my opinion, this is exactly what running is about. You create your own world, leave all your problems behind, you start to think smarter, see the solutions for everyday problems… And just after having your training done you come back home stronger physically and mentally.

Do you think I am crazy? Maybe, but you should give yourself a chance and try to run. Then read this post one more time. Believe in yourself, everyone can do it and have a big satisfaction out of it. I am not kidding ;).


W rankingach jest to jeden z najbardziej popularnych sportów, wielu z Was na pewno próbowało nieraz ‘wziac sie’ za siebie i najczestszym pomyslem, ktory pojawil sie bylo, właśnie bieganie.
‘Bede zwinny, szybki i szczuply’ taki cel stawiamy sobie zazwyczaj. ‘Bieganie, To takie proste!’

Ok, decyzja zapadla, pierwszego dnia po ochoczym zalozeniu adidasow (najczesciej nieodpowiednich) i wyjsciu na dwor czycha juz pierwsze niebezpieczenstwo:

Pogoda “ojej za zimno”
“Ojej za goraco”
“Moze jednak jutro”..

W tej sytuacji:

1)Część z ludzi zawraca do domu, porzucając buty w kąt, (o których najprawdopodobniej zapomina przez najbliższe kilka dni, tygodni do czasu kolejnej próby.), siadając przy komputerze lub telewizorze z paczką ulubionych ciasteczek.

2)Nieco ‘mocniejsi’ zawodnicy nie poddają się i pomimo pogody zaczynają biec, jednak już po 2 minutach myślą ‘ale nuda’, po 5 ‘tyle czasu już biegnę, a to nawet nie kilometr!’,  po 10 ‘mam dość ledwo dyszę i do tego bolą mnie kolana’…
Wracają do domu… zniechęceni, zniesmaczeni i poszukując nowych zajęć dla poprawy kondycji WMAWIAJĄC sobie ‘bieganie nie jest dla mnie’

3)Najsilniejsi zaś, wbrew pogodzie i trudnym początkom zaczynają ‘łapać’ o co w tym bieganiu tak naprawdę chodzi ;). Pomimo zmęczenia i nienajszybszego (zazwyczaj) tempa próbują przebiec dodatkowe 100, 500, 1000m. Odkrywają okoliczne uliczki, w swojej dzielnicy, o których wcześniej nie słyszeli, wsłuchują się w otaczający świat (niezależnie czy jest to cichy park, ruchliwa droga w centrum miasta) lub swoje myśli (słuchając muzyki), minuta po minucie coraz bardziej zakręceni wracają do domu szczęśliwi, jakby na ‘chaju’, endorfiny i serotonina zaczynają działać i motywują do kolejnych treningów, aby przebiec szybciej, dalej…!
Ludzie z tej grupy mają największe prawdopodobieństwo zostania prawdziwym biegaczem.

Kim jest prawdziwy biegacz?

Potrafi biegać bez względu na pogodę, potrafi się zmotywować, stawia sobie nowe cele, PO PROSTU LUBI BIEGAĆ i nie robi tego z przymusu, lubi odkrywać nowe miejsca i nie boi się wyzwań, potrafi zrozumieć, że nie każdy bieg jest równie udany, czasem pogoda nie dopisuje lub ciało jest zmęczona i wie, że tego dnia nie pobije czasu z ostatniego tygodnia, mimo to lubi czerpie z tego radość, a kiedy trafi się dłuższa przerwa zwyczajnie czuje, że ‘czegoś’ mu brak, okazuje się, że tym czymś tym jest te magiczne 30, 60 minut kiedy ze zwykłego kowalskiego staje się super bohaterem.

Bo o to tak naprawdę w tym chodzi, według mnie biegając tworzysz swój własny świat, pozostawiasz wszelkie troski za sobą, zaczynasz myśleć bystrzej, rozwiązujesz problemy tworzysz nowe rozwiązania do wcielenia w życie zada po skończeniu biegania a, wracając do domu stajesz się silniejszy zarówno fizycznie jak i psychicznie :).

Brzmi szalenie? Byc może, ale spróbujcie i uwierzcie w siebie, każdy może biegać i czerpać z tego satysfakcję.

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10 reasons to (not) run | 10 powodów by (nie) biegać ;)

10 reasons to (not) run:

  1. ‘It’s so early… and it’s only dawning outside’
    -‘Cool! Great chance to see the sunrise!’
  2. ‘Oh no… it’s raining’
    -‘Rain is great, a little shower is always refreshing’
  3. ‘It’s hot!!!… Also this sun is annoying me’
    ‘I need some dosage of Vitamin D3’
  4. ‘I want to sleep, I need a coffee…’
    I guarantee you that after the run you will be 10 times more energized then after the strongest coffee ever
  5. ‘I want chocolate’
    Good news! Chocolate after training tastes even better!
  6. ‘It’s sooo windy!’
    The resistance training strengthens body and soul
  7. ‘Damn… it’s again uphill’
    But later on, it’s downhill!
  8. ‘Oh, no! Stray dogs! :O’
    ‘Running speed workout – it’s a good one! 8-)’
  9. ‘It’s too late already’
    But another hour on computer won’t be a problem?
  10. ‘I can’t do it today, I will go for run tomorrow’
    Why not? You can do it today AND tomorrow 😉

Which ones of them are yours?

Blue Concrete Pavement With 100m Sprint Paint

10 powodów by (nie) biegać:

  1. ‘Jest tak wcześnie, a za oknem dopiero świta…’
    – ‘Super! Okazja by zobaczyć wschód słońca!’
  2. ‘O nie… pada’
    – ‘Nie ma to jak deszcz, mały prysznic to jest to’
  3. ‘Gorąco…  i do tego to słońce…’
    ‘Dawka Witaminy D3 mi się przyda’
  4. ‘Chce mi się spać, potrzebuję kawy…’
    Gwarantuję, że po biegu będziesz 10x bardziej pobudzony niż po najmocniejszej kawie
  5. ‘Mam ochotę na czekoladę’
    A wiesz, że po treningu smakuje jeszcze bardziej? 🙂
  6. ‘Ale wieje….’
    Trening oporowy wzmacnia ciało i umysł
  7. ‘Kurczę znów pod górę…’
    Ale potem z górki 🙂
  8. ‘O nie! Bezpańskie psy!’
    ‘Trening szybkości to jest to 8-)’
  9. ‘Już za późno…’
    A godzinka na siedzenie przy komputerze się znajdzie? ;>
  10. ‘Dzisiaj nie dam rady, pobiegam jutro…’
    A co masz lepszego do roboty? Dasz radę i dziś, i jutro 🙂

Które z nich to Twoje?